US Midterm Elections: “No Change” in Political Direction, says Ron Paul

Former Texas Congressman and famous US patriot Ron Paul has—accurately—predicted that there will be only a change for the worse in American foreign policy along with the Republican Party victory.

Referring specifically to the neocon warmongers, Paul tweeted a comment predicting that the possibility of new foreign wars on behalf of the neocons would now increase:

Republican control of the Senate = expanded neocon wars in Syria and Iraq. Boots on the ground are coming! — Ron Paul (@RonPaul) November 5, 2014.


Paul then went on to point out that there was essentially little philosophical difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, tweeting:

Looks like big Republican win tonight. Power shift? Yes. Philosophy shift? No!

ronpaul-twitter-01Although he did not specify exactly to which political positions he was referring, those celebrating the Republican Party victory would do well to consider that party’s actual record on immigration—from which it will be seen that they are just as poisonous for America as the Democrats.

It should be remembered that the biggest proponent of the bipartisan Immigration Bill of 2013 in the Senate was Republican John McCain. He was part of a bipartisan “Gang of Eight”—a group of four Republicans and four Democrats who worked together to put forward “immigration reform” which would clear the way for millions of illegal invaders to acquire citizenship, and attract “immigrants” from “all over the world.”

The GOP platform in 2014 (“The Rule of Law: Legal Immigration”) claimed that the party supported a halt in illegal immigration, opposition to a blanket amnesty, and support for legal immigration.

Many people, taken in by this rhetoric, might have forgotten—or do not even known—that the last major comprehensive immigration reform bill to make it through Congress was signed into law by then-President Reagan in 1986.

President Reagan signs immigration reform bill at the White House, November 1986.
President Reagan signs immigration reform bill at the White House, November 1986.

The Immigration Reform and Control Act, Americans were told, was an immigration crackdown that simultaneously “preserves and enhances the nation’s heritage of legal immigration.” The Reagan law granted amnesty to more than 2.7 million illegal invaders, and, in an eerie replay of current pro-immigration reform efforts, those invaders who had lived in the US continuously since before 1982, and were able to pay a $185 fee, became eligible for a green card in an expedited process that in many cases took just months to complete.

The 1986 amnesty law set in motion the massive racial demographic shifts so evident today. When the law was passed, only 3 percent of Americans who voted in presidential elections were Latino. By 2014, a record 25.2 million Latinos were eligible to vote in the mid-term elections—a trend which is increasing in size each year, and which is directly the work of the Republican Party.

There is therefore little chance that the Republican majorities will do anything to change the current invasion of America by the Third World, especially not with such a large central and South American population already present—and voting—in the US.

And, as Paul has correctly pointed out, the Republican Party supports the hardline Israeli position with regard to foreign policy (as opposed to the more moderate, or Israeli Labor Party alignment of the US Democratic Party), so any changes in that regard are likely to be even worse than the bungling of the Obama administration.

Finally, it is clear that the Republican Party victories are a result of a slightly increased white voter turnout and a distortion brought about by the US peculiar electoral system.

The map of outcome of the elections (below) shows Republican victories (in red) and Democratic victories in blue.


From this map it is clear that the huge population centers—the large cities of the East and West coasts—and Mexican/Central American overrun states—have all stayed Democrat.

The Republican areas are all the (proportionally speaking) more sparsely populated areas of the country.

This means that at this stage, the Democrats will still win in outright numbers, if not in representation—but that as the white population continues its numerical decline—caused in part by Republican Party policies—the demographic switchover will come suddenly and quickly.

The future of US politics therefore remains solidly Democratic—as long as the constitutional republic still exists, which, given the nature of the people now flooding that nation, will not be that much longer.


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  1. I am always amazed that those liberals in support of Amnesty, and hence massive demographic change, are always gloating as if there is nothing whites can do but meekly expect their impending dispossession and extinction. One call always secede, it may should like a political oddity today but it is tomorrow’s reality. And to those who say it cannot happen I would add that neither the fall of the Soviet Union and the reunification of Germany was foreseen by the experts. It came upon them like a storm in the night. What is we need is a portion of the Red States, those who are still majority white with healthy instincts, to secede and incorporate themselves as an independent and sovereign white Republic.Five contiguous Red States is what is needed for a white nucleus and as the rest of America collapses watch it grow! Remember California has the tenth largest economy in the world so a future white nation, with sensible economic and immigration policies, can be an economic powerhouse. Such a nation, or course, would probably have to alley with Russia to protect us from the “leader of the free world” coming in to use force and bloodshed to keep its cash cow from leaving.Imagine what Russia would do in exchange for a lease on warm water ports in the new white Republic?

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