US Navy Also Now Shipping African Invaders to Europe: USNS Trenton Has 40 On Board

The US Navy has been revealed as a party to the ongoing mass African invasion of Europe via the Mediterranean Sea with the news that the USNS Trenton has tried to disembark 40 sub-Saharans it picked up onto one of the fake “charity” invasion ships in the region.

Sailors of the US Navy ship USNS Trenton pick up African invaders off the coast of Libya this week. They failed to get them transferred to a fake charity invasion ship in the area. (Image from the US Navy statement on the incident).

According to German media reports, the USNS Trenton—an expeditionary fast transport ship designed to support overseas US operations—failed in its bid to offload the African invaders after the German fake charity invasion ship the Sea-Watch 3 said it could not take them on board following the Italian government’s refusal to allow them landing rights.

The Sea-Watch 3 had been summoned to the US naval ship on Tuesday but advised the Americans that they were unable to help, leaving the Africans stuck on board the USNS Trenton.

The Sea Watch 3 announced that it had received a request at 12.36 local time from the US Navy to take on board 41 Africans about 20 nautical miles off the Libyan coast.

“Our vessel Sea-Watch 3 proceeded towards the given position as the only civil rescue asset left in the Mediterranean Sea at that moment,” their statement said.

The Sea Watch 3 added that it hoped that the US ship would be allowed to dock in Italy to offload the invaders.

An official statement from the US Navy confirmed the action, claiming that they were responding to a distress call from “mariners” at sea.

“On June 12, 2018 USNS Trenton, in accordance with its obligations under international law, rendered assistance to mariners in distress that it encountered while conducting routine operations in the Mediterranean Sea.

“Forty people have been recovered and are being provided food, water, and medical care on board Trenton.

“US authorities are coordinating with our international partners to determine their ultimate disposition.”

The USNS Trenton photographed from the fake charity invasion ship Sea Watch 3.

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  1. The Americans can keep them, why should Europe be forced to take these illiterates who are not refugees in the true sense of the word, they are economic scroungers looking to feed for life off the backs of hard working, tax paying Europeans, or anyone else who will permit them to invade. They are also 100% incompatible with our way of life, thats why they are not wanted and will never make any meaningful contribution to any nation that takes them in. They will then produce many millions more offspring that will also parasite off the host nation foolish enough to accept them. The other contribution will be horrendous crimes committed against our people including rape of our women and children. These predominately male invaders believe it is their right to abuse, rape and murder western females, it is deeply ingrained in their behaviour, they know no other way of life.

    Frankly they should be given an ultimatum, go home or else. We do not want them, they have no right to forcefully invade another region of the world, and there is no capacity to take them either. They are coming to western first world countries because they have destroyed their own nations, due to their lack of intelligence, knowledge, education and ability to work. There is no possibility of ever educating them to the standards required to survive in first world countries. Their IQ is between 50 and 80, which translates as “borderline deficient” or to put it in less kind words, they are all morons, and beyond help. They will always need to parasite off others to survive in first world countries, so for that reason they must be kept out. We also cannot take them because Europe does not have the capacity to take in billions of third world no hope scroungers. If we keep letting them in we ourselves will perish, so they must be sent back and left to face the fate that awaits them.

  2. They are the future army for when the chosen ones and their allies want the Western population exterminated. They are , fed , housed because they will be armed and rewarded for invading Europe.

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