US: Nonwhite Births Outstrip Whites

July 1, 2105, was the date that the officially-registered number of nonwhite babies born in the United States started outnumbering white births, according to new figures from the US Census Bureau.

On that day, the figures said, just over half—50.2 percent—of babies younger than one year old were nonwhite.


In real numbers, there were 1,995,102 nonwhite babies compared with 1,982,936 “non-Hispanic white” infants, according to the Census Bureau.

The figures also show that the crossover started occurring in 2013, and that therefore the pattern is now established and increasing in tempo.

The confusion as to exactly when the crossover occurred is due to the notoriously inaccurate government’s racial classification system.

Firstly, the federal government has no scientific definition of race, and instead relies on “regions of origin” which classify anyone from North Africa and the Middle East as “Caucasian.”

Secondly, the racial classification boxes on census forms rely on self-classification, a measure which allows a great number of mestizos to claim “white” status.

Finally, many government divisions openly classify all Hispanics as white, especially in crime statistics, which causes a large number of additional distortions in official record-keeping.

As a result, the Census Bureau figures have swung back and forth on the number of nonwhites under the age of one since 2011.

In 2012, for example, the Census Bureau declared that in 2011 most children younger than age one were nonwhite. The bureau’s population estimates also indicated nonwhites were the majority among babies in 2012.

But when the bureau released its 2013 estimates, it revised those earlier estimates to indicate that, in all three years, newborn “non-Hispanic whites” still outnumbered nonwhites by a small margin.

The estimates released this year included revised 2013 estimates that now say there were about a thousand more nonwhite babies than non-Hispanic white babies that year.

In 2014, nonwhite babies outnumbered white babies by about 16,000, and in 2015 the difference was about 12,000, according to the agency’s estimates.

Another problem with the figures is that the Census Bureau relies in part on birth certificate information from the National Center for Health Statistics—and those figures are at least two years out of date.

Nonetheless, the pattern is clearly establishing itself: demographic change is increasing upward through the nation’s age groups, starting with the youngest ones.

For example, the bureau estimates indicate that 50.3 percent of children younger than 5 were nonwhite in 2015.

If these figures hold true, non-Hispanic whites will cease to be the majority group by 2044, according to Census Bureau projections.

Whatever the case, the facts are clear: without a halting and reversal of the Third World immigration invasion, the US is set to become a nonwhite nation within 30 years.

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  1. It’s also important to remember that the Jewish population is included in the White population numbers, even by the Census Bureau, so the numbers may be even further diminished when that is considered.

  2. Jackasses kennedy and johnson started this when they opened the gates to nonwhite racial dilution pollution back in 1963. With hundreds
    of thousands of vietnamese and from other parts of southeast asia. Then from south of the border and africa. They also forced Europe to accept them
    Also in my opinion they were like
    todays bezerkel merkel. They gave us
    odumma and the most idiotic president in US history. I’m afraid of whats going to happen when HELLary becomes president.

  3. Ah! It cuts both ways.

    What about the truly indigenous people of Europe?

    so then:

    “Indigenous people against criminal, low IQ brown racists.”

  4. That’s horrible. Soon it will probably happen in Canada as well. Thank God that in Europe there is nationalism on a rise. Yes, it’s going slowly but just think about all groups, all political parties in Europe standing up, it’s just a matter of time but in US or Canada ? There is nothing official there, nothing that could put pressure on politicians, nothing in that matter what would make politicians feel like if they don’t obey, they will be out. That’s sad, and sadly, I don’t think situation in US might change, not in a “legal” way at least.

  5. And always remember, the federal government is your minority baby’s daddy. That is until whites become the minority.

  6. Actually that date was somewhere in 2011. All American kids under the age of 5 are now mostly non-white. Next year it will be all kids 6 yrs and younger, etc.
    Several u.s. states are already non-white majority — Hawaii, California, new mexico, etc and the numbers of states turning into non-white majority will keep increasing with the flood of mass immigration.
    Not sure where you got your stats from.

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