US Outdoors: “It’s a White Thing.”

Users of American’s outdoor national parks are overwhelmingly white, even in states where nonwhites form the majority of the population, new figures on national park usage have confirmed.

The fact that the majority of nonwhites do not like hiking, camping, or nature is, of course, being blamed on “white racism”—even though there is not the slightest evidence for this.

According to an article published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a “multi-million dollar push” is underway to achieve a “racially equitable use” of Minnesota’s parks.

According to the paper, the campaign aims to “break down barriers that are making Twin Cities parks and trails feel to some like white people’s preserves.”

However, no one is quite sure what exactly these “barriers” are, and the only initiative which the report specifically mentions consists of “a heightened focus on eliminating racial disparities” though the creation of “trail connections between racially diverse and white-dominated neighborhoods,”—as if that is going to magically persuade nonwhites to start using the parks.

The main evidence of park disparities in the Twin Cities metro area remains a 2008 survey of the racial and ethnic makeup of visitors to major regional parks and trails, such as the Chain of Lakes in Minneapolis or St. Paul’s Como Park.

While blacks make up nearly 7 percent of the metro area’s population, they account for less than 3 percent of regional park and trail users. Percentages for Hispanics look much the same.

“The Elm Creeks and Highlands, the gems of our system” feel to visiting minorities “very white upper class,” according to Anthony Taylor, a black member of the Met Council’s parks commission, the Star Tribune report said.

Ramsey County Commissioner Rafael Ortega told his colleagues not long ago: “The reality is, when I go to a regional park or a county park, unless there’s a special event by a group, the diversity is not there in terms of usage.”

The report goes on to confirm that the nonwhite dislike of the national park system is not limited to that state, saying that in Arizona, Tucson is 44 percent Latino, yet Saguaro National Park on its outskirts draws just 2 percent of its 650,000 annual visitors from that city.

According to a 2009 survey by the University of Wyoming and the National Park Service (NPS), whites accounted for 78 percent of the national parks’ visitors from 2008 to 2009; Hispanics, 9 percent; blacks, 7 percent; and Asians, 3 percent.

When compared with their share of the US population, white park visitors are overrepresented by 14 percentage points, whereas blacks were underrepresented by 6 percentage points.

In 2015, the New York Times ran an article titled “Why Are Our Parks So White”—and claimed that the US’s national parks attracted 292.8 million visitors in 2014—but that the “vast majority” where white.

As is usual for the New York Times, “white racism” was accorded the blame, with the article writer—a mixed race journalist with a Japanese mother—claiming that he and his friends used to joke at college about finding “whites only” signs at national parks or “being lynched or attacked while collecting firewood after the sun went down.”

The NYT article when on to say that the 2011 park service survey claimed that “nonwhites were more than three times as likely as whites to say that the parks provided poor service and were not safe to visit.”

Going further, the NYT also claimed that one of the reasons for this was that “80 percent of park service employees in 2014 were white,” and that the “parks’ official charity, the National Park Foundation, has four minority members on its 22-person board.”

In other words, the argument is that the mere presence of white people causes offence, and is the reason why nonwhites don’t want to go to national parks.

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  1. This says a lot about white people. That the easiest way to get money for something, be it funding for science or funding for forests, is to make the initiative sound like a civil rights issue, and the white people will fall over themselves to pay for the initiative. It’s brilliant marketing in a sense, few things make white people knee jerk to spend money, one of those the plight of blacks. The other is calling whites outright racist, they’ll trip over each other again, to pay reparations. To turn this dysfunction shit around whites need to jetison the religion of universalism and be reprogrammed to think in tribal terms. Which happening organically anyway in multicultural societies, but not fast enough.

  2. But..but there`s nothing to destroy, loot, burn or pillage in the wide open spaces of the great outdoors.
    Nothing to occupy the tiny minds of these `poor repressed` minorities.
    There now Parks authorities. Wasn`t too difficult to figure out was it ? Now go lie down in a darkened room and engage brain. `

  3. It is always the white folks to blame for everything, no matter where we all live. It’s staggering to understand that there are people who feel that laws should be made to stop us white folk from being who we are, and follow the activities we love. Before I joined the Forces I walked across the Brecon Beacons in South Wales quite a few times and even cycled through them. The world has gone mad when we are bending over backwards to accommodate such people, they chose to live where they are and nature was here a long time before them.

  4. Wouldn’t feel happy encountering a pack of dindus in the wilderness unless I was armed. Keep it as is.

  5. Excellent article as usual TNO! Three things struck me immediately: 1) I was shocked to my very core to read that (((The New York Times))) is inciting hatred of whites. 2) I was surprised that they didn’t include an interview with Smokey the Bear along the lines of: “And now we got all deez crackas running round up in here and day be burning shit. Man weez scared! We need sum mo’ financial resources in dis here community.” 3) We’re lynching Japs now?! What for? Cultural appropriation of our Pepe the Frog meme in their Origami?

  6. Does any white person truly want nonwhites in our national parks. Everything non whites touch turns to crap. Our national parks are treasures
    lets not destoy them.
    Racism is another government word used to punish because of likes or dislikes which is human nature.Humans
    are not born equal nor will they die equal. Stupidty of this chosenite government is mind bogling.

  7. First off, nobody gives an F about these statistics, absolutely worthless. Now lets get to the real issue here. This is nothing more than a liberal flunky politician generating an issue to create jobs for their cronies. Probably a brother, or niece, or uncle is a dead beat and won’t work. So they create another “crisis” in order to justify more useless bureaucratic jobs. Whoever the people are that gets these jobs will never do anything, they will probably “work from home” and collect a good paycheck. If the dark skinned people wanted to go to these parks nobody would stop them. There’s no “white only” signs posted anywhere. January 17th can’t get here fast enough!

  8. A “multi-million dollar push” is underway to achieve a “racially equitable use” of Minnesota’s parks. Whaat????? They must be a bunch of financially braindead lunatics to even consider wasting MULTI-millions on such a non starter of a project.
    Whoops – forgot ! ….. It`s only tax payers` hard-earned cash. There`s plenty more where that came from.

  9. What about a racially equitable teaching system. Jewish lecturers in fraud, psychopathy, lies, how to corrupt, reshaping the past etc?

  10. The grievance industry is on its last legs. Whites have had enough of minorities (predominantly black), whipped up by Lefty Scum, blaming them for everything that’s wrong with their pathetic lives. They can go f**k themselves! We don’t care about you miserable jerkoffs, and want you to zip it. If you don’t like living with whites, feel free to go back to your ancestral homeland in Africa, and enjoy the stifling heat and endless poverty. Bye, Bye!

    1. Don, They don’t have to go to Africa. We have Africa’s right here where the blacks rule: Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, D.C, and look what those cities have become. American Blacks, for the most part, can not exist without the White man, and hate the hands that feed them. However Blacks that have learned to take responsibility for their actions have made a success of their life, and have contributed greatly to America.

  11. “the majority of nonwhites do not like hiking, camping, or nature” makes whites racist? So if blacks don’t like something it makes me a racist? I hope someone can explain the tortured logic of this to me.

  12. Apologies if this is not truly acceptable but at the time the British PM, Tony Blair apologised for the slave trade, I made the comment:- “Without the slave trade, would Oprah Winfrey be a multi-millionaire?”

  13. It’s not just the outdoor parks. The Smithsonian’s are free and mostly located in the blackest city in America, Washington D.C. Imagine, the wonders of nature and mankind, just down the street, free and air conditioned and you’ve no interest in seeing them.

  14. I tell you why, because in nature and the great outdoors, black and middle easterns and africans know they don’t have the protection of the Social liberal Islamo Fascist Democrats and the police that work for them, to protect the non-whites from Mother Nature herself. They like only cities because in the cities they can do whatever they want because the Dems govt will protect them so they are free to rape, kill, a pillage to their hearts content. Also this article is a little misleading. I see more than plenty of Asians at National Parks, wich is great as they are kind and great people to be around. Let’s call it like it is and truthfully, this is about blacks, Africans, Middle Easterns and Muslims from same said areas. We don’t need the propoganda of non-whites. Asian people immigrate and assimulate to US great and are welcomed as they create mostly positives.

  15. You can rest assured that if all the whites in the US were to relocate to live in National Parks (suspend belief, and try to picture it for a second – just imagine it were possible), tomorrow, the day afterward all “people of color” would follow us there. What, you don’t think so? Haven’t they been doing just that for the past 70 years? No matter where we go, they follow us there and I surmise that it is because they know they can’t survive without us.

    1. You are right Jake. Wherever we have seen white flight in the US we have heard the howling of non-whites over the departing tax base they live so much better off of. Atlanta comes immediately to mind.

      1. Yes indeed! Now something new has been added to the mix. Just today I saw our first “Syrian family” arriving at a local obstetrics office. The couple had one small kid in tow and the other was in the gestating chamber due to arrive as one of our new “birthright” citizens. This is just the tip of the iceberg. So in the near future we will see such lovely multicultural additions as child rape and child sex grooming (like they are currently blessed with in England) as well as various forms of terrorist violence. And too, sooner or later the welfare system is going to implode with all this added parasitic trash cleaving onto the system. It is only a matter of time until utter chaos reigns.

  16. My city has these trails connecting the darker side of the city to parks and cultural centers. The ghetto garbage use these as highways into upscale neighborhoods for the purpose of crime.

    Stripped vehicles are found all the time in ecologically diverse and fragile trail areas, leaking oil and gas, and the owners are charged to clean up the mess.

    Cops aren’t allowed to motor-pursuit along the trails because of the ecology, while the thugs do whatever they want.

    Imagine a Ho Chi Mihn trail in reverse. Little Ghetto Pirates carrying everything you can think of out of the business and residential areas into their hood.

    No one except the thugs use these trails now. Too many rapes on them of white people.

    But these aren’t hate crimes, oh no…

  17. Just turn some of the green spaces around the urban ghetto cesspits into ‘national parks.’ Problem solved.

  18. Make the blacks visit the national/state parks and within 6 months the parks will be a trash dump. But after a lifetime of observation, working with and supervising people of different racial background, “I KNOW NOTHING.” Most blacks do not like the outdoors, total darkness, or things that go Hoot in the night. But I’m just a racist 75 year old white man, what do I know?

  19. As a person of pallor I am made to feel uncomfortable at the local basketball courts. This is racist, and must stop.

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