US Senate’s Immigration Bill is an Invitation to Invade and Overrun America

All people who have managed to illegally get into the United States of America before December 31, 2011, will be granted a “path to citizenship” (that is, an amnesty) in terms of the immigration reform bill passed yesterday by the US Senate—but, of course, as there is no way of legally determining when an illegal immigrant entered the country, this provision will effectively open the floodgates for a mass migration of Third Worlders to America starting now.


This is but one of the measures contained in the bill, passed by all Democratic senators and 14 of their Republican colleagues.

The bill as it stands means that the “estimated” 11 million illegal immigrants already present in the US could obtain “registered provisional immigrant status” six months after enactment of the bill as long as:

– The Homeland Security Department has developed border security and fencing plans, per the specifications set out in the bill.

– They arrived in the US prior to Dec. 31, 2011, and maintained continuous physical presence since then.

– They do not have a felony conviction or three or more misdemeanors.

– They pay a $500 fine.

People in “provisional legal status” will be able to work and travel in the US but would not be eligible for most federal benefits, including health care and welfare.

This “provisional legal status” lasts six years and is renewable for another six years for $500.

Illegal immigrants deported for “non-criminal reasons” (for breaking existing immigration laws, which are now suddenly no longer offences at all) can apply to re-enter in provisional status if they have a spouse or child who is a US citizen or permanent resident, or if they had been brought to the US as a child.

After 10 years in provisional status, illegal immigrants can seek a green card and lawful permanent resident status if they are current on their taxes and pay a $1,000 fine, have maintained continuous physical presence in the US, meet work requirements and learn English.

The children of illegal immigrants will be able to get green cards in five years, and citizenship immediately thereafter.

Also the border triggers must have been met, and all people waiting to immigrate through the legal system as of the date of enactment of the legislation must have been dealt with.

In addition, a new “W visa” would allow up to 200,000 low-skilled workers a year into the country for jobs in “construction, long-term care, hospitality and other industries.”

Also, a new “agriculture worker” visa program would be established. “Agriculture workers” already in the US illegally, who’ve worked in the industry at least two years, could qualify in another five years for green cards if they stay in the industry.

Finally, the bill would lift the bar on the numbers of spouses and children who can be sponsored by those with residence rights.

Quite apart from the fact that the bill represents a blanket amnesty—despite its proponents’ claims to the contrary—the reality is that the nature of illegal immigration makes it impossible to accurately fix any of these time frame stipulations.

Proof of this is that the authorities don’t actually even know how many illegal immigrants there are in the country, never mind when exactly they entered.

The Third World hordes will be acutely aware of this obvious break in logic, and nothing at all stops them from arriving in the US at any stage and claiming that they have been there working in the “black economy” from before the official cut-off date. The state will not have the ability, or the infrastructure, to investigate each case individually.

The bill is therefore, an open invitation to the Third World to invade and overrun America.

The bill claims that the mass amnesty for illegal immigrants is dependent upon a number of “border security” issues being addressed, mainly the beefing up of security measures.

Of course, all previous efforts at “beefing up” the border security system have somehow mysteriously “failed” and there is no reason to think that the new “proposals” will be any different. Border security is only half a matter of physical funding and infrastructure—the other half requires political will power to halt the invasion, but that willpower is completely lacking.

In fact, the “political will” in Washington DC is aimed at precisely the opposite goal: namely the overrunning of America. To think that after another decade of mass immigration, there will be any political will in Congress left to enforce “border security” as a precondition to granting amnesty, is delusion on a grand scale.

The Senate bill still has to get through Congress before it becomes law. Political commentators have suggested that it might fail in the House, but this is unpredictable.

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