US Taxpayer “Aid” Subsidizes Israeli Missile Systems Sold to India

The Israeli state owned “Israel Aerospace Industries” (IAI)—which receives millions in taxpayer “aid” from America—has clinched a $777 million deal to sell missile defense systems to India.

According to report in the Israeli Ynet news service, IAI has won an “additional $777 million contract to supply LRSAM air and missile defense systems to seven ships in the Indian navy.”

The LRSAM, part of the Barak 8 family, is an air and missile defense system used by Israel’s navy.

With this deal, sales of the Barak 8 over the past few years total over $6 billion, IAI said.

“IAI’s partnership with India dates many years back and has culminated in joint system development and production,” IAI Chief Executive Officer Nimrod Sheffer said.

“India is a major market for IAI and we plan to … reinforce our positioning in India, also in view of increasing competition.”

Last year, IAI struck a deal worth almost $2 billion to supply India’s army and navy with missile defense systems. This was followed by a $630 million contract with BEL to supply Barak 8 surface-to-air missile systems for four ships in the Indian navy.

The Barak 8 was developed by IAI in collaboration with Israel’s Defense Ministry, India’s Defense Research and Development Organization, the navies of both countries, Israel’s Rafael and local industries in India and Israel.

In August this year, the US Congress passed a bill giving Israel with $3.3 billion in military aid along with over $500 million for missile defense over the course of the next year.

Though this startling figure — which translates into $23,000 for every Jewish family living in Israel — was supposed to be the limit for U.S. military aid to Israel, the figure is actually set to be higher this year, given Congress’ recent passage of a massive $716 billion defense bill that provides an additional $550 million in U.S. aid for Israeli missile defense systems.

Over the past several years, U.S. military aid to Israel has ballooned, with U.S. funding of Israeli missile defense alone quadrupling since 2009.

Ironically, many of those missile defense systems, besides being clumsy and costly, frequently malfunction, including the “Iron Dome” defense system — jointly developed by Raytheon and Israeli defense company Rafael — and the “Arrow-3” system — jointly developed by IAI and Boeing.

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  1. And British Taxpayer “Aid” will subsidize India to buy it! “A review by the watchdog scrutinising taxpayer-funded UK aid said that the Department for International Development (DfID) had given the impression that all aid to India was being phased out.” But it is all a lie, because the Traitors infesting western governments just changed the name “aid” to “technical assistance”. It is just more treasonous “Marxist Re-distribution of Wealth”, from the West to Israel & its Third World puppets, bleeding us to death like leeches.

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