US: Whites Blamed because Black Males “Don’t Become Medical Doctors”

Whites are to blame because not enough black men are becoming doctors, a committee appointed by the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine has announced.

The committee was appointed to study why “the proportion of black men pursuing such careers [medicine] is reaching historic lows.”

According to the report, in 1986, 57 percent of black medical-school graduates were men — but by 2015 that share had dropped to just 35 percent, even as the total number of black graduates had increased.

The reason for this decline, the committee concluded, was “racism and discrimination”—by whites, of course.

Committee chairman Cato Laurencin—a black surgeon-scientist at University of Connecticut in Farmington—said in an article in the journal Nature that “given the extent of racism and discrimination, it’s difficult for black males to be able to progress.”

The report, titled “An American Crisis: The Growing Absence of Black Men in Medicine and Science: Proceedings of a Joint Workshop” states in its summary that:

“Black men are increasingly underrepresented in medical schools and in the medical profession  . . . the growing absence of Black men in medicine is especially troubling, because their absence in medicine may have adverse consequences for health care access, quality, and outcomes among Black Americans and Americans overall.”

The claim that “white racism” is behind the absence of black males as medical doctors is immediately made nonsense by the report’s admission that there are in fact more blacks at medical schools today than ever before—and that that reason for the proportional decline in black males “is due to greater numbers of black women training to be physicians.”

Significantly, the article in Nature goes on to quote a US Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration and Bureau of Health Professions report titled “The Rationale for Diversity in the Health Professions: A Review of the Evidence (HHS, 2006),” which states that a “number of studies have shown that people from minority groups receive better care when their physicians have similar backgrounds”—in other words, blacks prefer to have black doctors, and, of course, whites prefer to have white doctors.

Liliana Garces, a Hispanic Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Austin—and pseicalist in “discrimination,” told Nature that “one promising strategy for increasing diversity in medical schools is reducing the admission process’s emphasis on standardized tests, which ‘don’t end up capturing the student’s potential, and only contribute to more racial inequities in the student body.’”

In other words, the “standard tests” of competence, intelligence and ability required to enter medical school are “racist” because nonwhites cannot meet them.

“To avoid this, Ross University School of Medicine in Portsmouth, Dominica, accepts students from under-represented minorities with lower standardized test scores and grade point averages than white applicants,” the Nature article goes on to boast.

“The university — which has campuses in Dominica and the United States — then places the students in a programme that provides educational support during the first semesters of medical school. It also connects them with a mentor from a similar background.”

Once again, whites are blamed for real and even made-up nonwhite failures, as in the cases outlined above. This attitude forms part of a systematic anti-white racism which is encouraged by the establishment and the controlled media, and which has now become the standard excuse to “explain” racial differences—“it’s all white peoples’ fault.”

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  1. I don’t know if I can buy this story. I’ve worked with countless physicians and surgeons for many years and when I’ve worked with black males, a couple stood out as having major attitude and chip-on-shoulder. That’s not to say that white and other non-white physicians are all easy to get along with – some of those I recall had an arrogance and vanity that was repulsive and totally uncalled for. But most were just good, caring people. Many physicians will cite their long hours of study and their harsh schedules during residency as having been responsible for their poor bedside manner or social skills, but that’s rubbish. The fact that most of them are as social and affable as anyone else is testimony that hard work doesn’t turn a person into a jerk. Plus, the harsh hours during residencies are more closely monitored since Libby Zion died in a NY ER in the 1980s. Her dad, Sidney Zion, a well-known journalist with influence made enough noise about why his daughter died – due to a tired ER resident’s poor decision-making – that there was a hearing and medical training sites had to stop using the residents as slaves and working them for 36 hours with no sleep. I have one main memory that stood out in my mind where a resident (probably second year resident, around 2002 in a major top-tier medical training hospital in NYC) put in an order in the middle of the night for an order of 20mEq IV KCl and 1 gram of Mg IV on a ventilated infant of 8 kg, which would have been a lethal dose. They are both common adult IV doses. I had to call him to let him know the baby had low chemistry levels and other skewed lab values so that he would put in the order in the first place. I figured he would put in the properly calculated doses according to the baby’s weight – that’s what they usually do. They will even ask you the baby’s weight on the phone – and then two people are checking the calculation – the doctor, nurse AND the pharmacist – three in total. Mistakes are rare. I called him to tell him that the orders he wrote were in error and if they slipped past the pharmacist, past myself the nurse, and had I hung the IV the baby would have died – and he was almost non-verbal with me and made guttural sounds that were probably supposed to indicate that he had heard me. I don’t think his English was the best, but it had to be good enough if he was in residency there. He came back to the ICU, re-wrote the order properly after I told him the proper dose, and made no mention of his mistake or even showed any understanding at all that he had made an error. We all make errors, but we admit them, fix them, and move on. So of course the next morning I spoke to the attending physician, not to be an tattle tale but I wanted him to know this resident and to seek out if this guy was just tired or if he was not up to par to in general be taking care of really sick patients. I know one thing – he would answer the questions of his attending, and look him in the eye when he was speaking. That guy was from the far south east – maybe Thailand or Vietnam from his name but I don’t know. I do recognize that physicians have long hours and work hard, but so do nurse practitioners and nurses — who mostly learn through years of experience. As far as racial breakdown, most of the black physicians I’ve met have been much more rare than white, Hispanic, or middle or far eastern.

    More and more discovery about IQ and the capability of brain power are coming out daily as DNA is examined among so much else. It’s a hush-hush topic at present but how long can it remain hidden that some racial groups are more intellectually capable than others? I do believe what I have read about in the racial intelligence hierarchy. IQ and the wealth of nations is a good one and we see it correspond to the truth all around us day after day. Why continue to lie about this topic? Even if you are in the group on the bottom, isn’t it better to know about it and be able to do something about it vs. complain and look for answers that are not there to lay at someone else’s feet? I know which I would choose. There are always going to be less intelligent people than me, and there will certainly always be far more intelligent people than me – and it’s the same in groups. It’s disgusting to lie to an entire group and tell them another group is doing things to them that are bad – and the things are not tangible, but hidden. So nobody can see. It’s “structural” racism, “systemic” racism – it’s in the pipes? Underground? Is it in the mist? Is it a spray? Such B.S. Show it to us. We want to see. I don’t buy it for a second.

    People who want to study or read will do so. Because it’s curiosity that causes reading and study in the first place, and I personally know many people who enter colleges with majors that end up needing too much commitment, or are too difficult, that they change to an easier major from STEM to humanities or something easier. And can’t blame anyone else these days. We live in an age where any woman can walk into an establishment and kill the life growing within her – an act that no other animal in evolutionary history would consider. Organisms exist to replicate. When we are sophisticated enough to talk ourselves into thinking this is normal, we are living in a world of extreme opportunity and advanced capability. There is no way that any institution would look at a black person and say – DARE TO SAY – “YOU are not welcome. YOU are not capable. YOU do no belong.” If anything, it is the opposite – they would offer them paid spots, money to help, and whatever else is solicitous enough for them to brag that they have this # or that # of black medical students. So that racism story is kind of worn out. Nobody believes it any more, so the PTB are trying new ones like “white privilege” and other stupid stuff. A few blacks are still buying into the racism argument since they are confused. Confused because people they trust are being compensated financially to lie to them. All the race hucksters will just die if black people start saying No, thank you, I can do this by myself so fuck off, Al Sharpton. They will just shrivel up and die.

    1. You haven’t understood the Jewish aspect. Most races are geographical – for many ages they adapted to the country they were in. But Jews and some others (e.g. gypsies) traveled and found themselves able to parasitise off other groups. Jews *want* incompetent doctors and lawyers etc, because they damage their hosts. They *want* wars between rival groups, to reduce their populations. They *want* dysfunctional families wrecking each other. They *want* huge unmanageable debt, because, the way things are now, Jews who control the Fed get more pay for more debt. They *want* immigration of violent crooks, to damage their hosts. Please do yourself a favor and look into this issue, which – very late in the day – is starting to become well-known. Please.

  2. The LAST thing you want to do is put yourself under the hand of a black physician who only got into medical school because they lowered the standards for him. YIKES. I have several police officers in my family who have said the entrance exam requirements for both police and firemen have been lowered at least TWICE just for blacks, and they STILL can’t get enough to qualify in order to meet “diversity” quotas. It’s bad enough when you dumb the standard down and put a gun in someone’s hand, but to place yourself on the operating room table or in the care of someone who couldn’t get into medical school is terrifying.

    Of course, they don’t tell readers that of all the applicants to achieve an average score on the MCAT entrance exam to medical school, blacks are admitted at a rate that’s 2.5 times greater than Whites. So, they’re clearly getting IN with LOTS of help at high rates. What they CAN’T do is graduate…and by some voodoo, it’s Whitey’s fault.

    “For those students applying to medical school with average GPAs (3.40 to 3.59) and average MCAT scores (27-29), black applicants were almost four times more likely to be admitted than Asian applicants (81.0% vs. 22.5%), and 2.44 times more likely than white applicants (81.0% vs. 33.2%).”

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