US: Whites Blamed for Black Infant Mortality

Ignorant “academics” at the University of Illinois have blamed white people for the higher American “black” infant mortality (IFM) rate—without any evidence at all, and in spite of rock-solid evidence showing that all mixed-race populations (including American blacks) around the world have higher IFMs.

According to an article on the National Public Radio (NPR) website, titled “How Racism May Cause Black Mothers To Suffer The Death Of Their Infants,” black babies in the US die at just over two times the rate of white babies in the first year of life—and the reason for this is “racism.”

According to the most recent data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, for every 1,000 live births, 4.8 white infants die in the first year of life. For black babies, that number is 11.7.

Most of those black infants that die are born premature, because black mothers have a higher risk of going into early labor.

The article says that scientists and doctors have spent “decades” trying to understand what makes black women so vulnerable to losing their babies.

The answer, they conclude, is that “racial discrimination experienced by black mothers during their lifetime makes them less likely to carry their babies to full term.”

There is of course zero evidence for this assertion, either in the article or anywhere else, but this does not stop the assumption from being made—because blaming white people for everything that happens to nonwhites is now the norm.

According to the article, Richard David, a neonatologist at the University of Illinois of Chicago, “has been studying this for decades. When he first began considering the problem in the 1980s, he says scientists thought the two main culprits were poverty and lack of education.

He and a colleague, James Collins at Northwestern University Medical School, found that even educated, middle-class black women were at a higher risk of having smaller, premature babies with a lower chance of survival.

In fact, today, a college-educated black woman is more likely to give birth prematurely than a white woman with a high school degree.

“That’s exactly the kind of case that makes us ask the question: What else is there?” says David. “What are we missing?”

David says that some had suggested that the Some people suggested that the root cause may be genetics.

But if genes are at play, then women from Africa would also have the same risks, the article, following David’s lead, continues.

So, David and his colleague, Collins, looked at the babies of immigrant women from West Africa. But as they reported in their 1997 study in The New England Journal of Medicine, those babies were more like white babies — they were bigger and more likely to be full term. So, it clearly isn’t genetics, says David.

“So, there was something about growing up black in the United States and then bearing a child that was associated with lower birth weight,” says David.

What is different about growing up black in America is discrimination, says David. “It’s hard to find any aspect of life that’s not impacted by racial discrimination,” he says. “Whether you’re talking about applying for a job, or purchasing a new car, finding housing, getting education … even given equal education, earning the same amount of money, that doesn’t happen. If you’re black, you tend to get less pay.”

This assumption is based on a crushing ignorance of race and genetics, an ignorance made more appalling by David’s so-called academic standing.

As anyone who has even the slightest understanding of race and genetics knows—and this does clearly not include David and his “colleagues”—American “blacks” are for the greatest part a mixed-race population, and not “African” in the absolute genetic sense of the word.

A study of the genetics of “blacks” in America from 2015 (“The Genetic Ancestry of African Americans, Latinos, and European Americans across the United States,” American Journal of Human Generics, 2015 Jan 8; 96(1): 37–53) found that the average “black” in the US only had around 74.8 percent African genes—in other words, they were at least 25 percent or more European or American Indian.

This fact is of course obvious to the naked eye, but apparently not to modern “academics” who do not know the first thing about race.

It is therefore completely invalid to compare American “blacks” to Africans in Africa. A far better comparison would be to compare American “blacks” to other large mixed-race populations.

Such a test is easily possible in South Africa, where the large mixed-race “Cape Coloured” population exists. The “Cape Coloureds” are concentrated in the Western Cape Province, and had their origin in the mixing of nonwhite slaves with a small number of European colonialists.

The proportion of European ancestry among the Cape Coloured population (21–28%) is in fact almost identical to that of American “blacks.”

A study of infant mortality rates in the Western Cape, published in the International Journal of Epidemiology (Vol. 25, No. 5), titled “Infant Mortality Rate Inequalities in the Western Cape Province of South Africa” found that the death rates for infants by racial group in that region are as follows:

Whites: 7.4 per 1,000.

Coloureds: 32.2 per 1,000.

Blacks:  20.0 per 1,000.

As can be seen from these figures, blacks do have a higher IFM than whites—but that the mixed race coloureds have an even higher IFM.

When compared to the American “black” population, therefore, the conclusion is obvious: a mixed-race population has a higher IFM rate than more racially homogenous groups—and it has nothing to do with “racism,” and certainly nothing to do with blaming whites.

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  1. Typical modern “science”, if we can’t find a genuine reason, it’s “racism”.

    At least they didn’t say “climate change”, wait, I’d better shut up before I give them ideas…

  2. Surprised no mention of potential proof of stupidty of multi-culturalism with obvious production of poor genetics when indulged in.

  3. Black women have “smaller” babies because their birth canal is narrower than Asian or White women in order to give birth to smaller brained babies. This has been known for a very long time. The infant mortality rate remains higher among black women because 1.) the overwhelming majority reside in Third World countries with malnutrition, massive pollution and rampant pathogens, and/or crime ridden areas areas that predispose them to associated factors that are dangerous to pregnant mothers, 2.) drug/alcohol usage and poor diet that are rampant among inner-city populations, 3.) blacks are much more R-selected on the species scale than Whites or Asians meaning their biological survival strategy is to have more babies in closer succession with less nurturing in order to offset their greater loss of life and 4.) it cannot be discounted that black women disproportionately abuse their children to an overwhelming degree (blacks openly admit this) often leading to death in infancy.

  4. Excellent observation about American blacks being mixed race. All mixed race populations have a higher infant morality rate than the rest of the population, most likely because of the genetic incongruity that results from miscegenation. We must also not fail to notice that the lead researcher for this anti-White project is (((Richard David))).

  5. What? Only a factor of 2.4 times? I was shooting for a full order of magnitude! Time to ramp-up the racism, whites–you’re hardly trying!

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