Europe Third World Invasion of Europe: Must Reads

Video Emerges of Nonwhite Invaders Shouting “F**k You” and “Allahu Akbar” while Running Amok in Budapest

Privately-shot video footage has emerged of thousands of nonwhite invaders swarming through the city center of Budapest chanting the Islamic war cry “Allahu Akbar” and shouting “F**k You” at Hungarian police.


The events, completely blacked out by the controlled media, reveal clearly the nature of the nonwhite invasion of Europe currently underway, and the enormity of the problem which the far left “leaders” of European nations have decided to import into the continent through their “open borders” policy.

The extent of the crowd and their city-wide rampage makes it physically impossible for the controlled media representatives not to have witnessed the carnage—but the events have been censored from all TV and newspaper coverage of the invasion.

Instead, the controlled media has deliberately covered up the full extent and meaning of the invasion, preferring instead to focus on the tiny number of females and children who have come with the invaders.

There is no excuse for this censorship: it is deliberate, malicious, and designed to hide the truth of what is happening: namely that Europe is being subjected to a mass invasion by nonwhites from all over the Third World, which can only have one end result: the extinction of Europe and the European people.

See the video below:

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  1. A little history lesson: Very relevant at this time I think.
    Japan started the Pacific war against the US and her allies by attacking Pearl Harbor in 1941.
    The Japanese military appointed Admiral Yamamoto to be in charge of the operation based on the fact that he had studied at the US prestigious West Point Military Academy. They reasoned that he would understand US Military thinking and be able to defeat them based on that knowledge.
    Being a true and loyal Japanese, he had to go along with orders, but he stated that by attacking the USA he feared that they would awaken a sleeping giant.
    His prophesy came true. The Industrial might of the US swung across to war production: the rest is history.
    This time it’s the Muslims turn. But they are not just provoking the US, but most of the western world.
    Muslims do not possess the mental, technological or moral fortitude needed for such a confrontation.
    They are willing to throw themselves on the sword, hoping for a quick and rewarding trip into their paradise.
    They do not have a “Snowflakes Chance in Hell” of taking over the world. They are on the road to self annihilation if they persist.

    1. The muslimes in our part of the UK must be a different breed… and breed they do at a rate of knots. They began arriving in the early 1960`s and they`ve stuck like sh*t to a blanket ever since and the spread of the blanket gets wider every year.
      Having Merkel and her commie cohorts leading the muslime invasion of Europe I wouldn`t be too sure they couldn`t take over the world. They`ve managed a damned fine job in the UK so far and Europe is following fast .

  2. If they are within a country’s borders acting like animals and disrespecting people police &millitary should shoot them they would straighten up.
    I wish I could find a country where the government actually cared about their people over other country’s I would go there as soon as the shit starts here


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