Video: The Face of London after 40 Years of Third World Immigration

This is the face of London, Britain, after 40 years of Third World immigration: a black thug armed with a jungle knife attacking a motorist in broad daylight in the suburb of West Croydon, as filmed yesterday by a passer-by:

The incident, which was filmed by an unknown person and then shared on WhatsApp among thousands of users, shows a vehicle accidentally knocking down a black male on a bicycle.

The unhurt black male leaps up, and draws the jungle knife from his jacket, and charges at the vehicle, which has now slowed down and stopped.

The black male attacks the vehicle with the knife in an attempt to smash the windows and open the doors, leaving the occupant terrified—and only just managing to escape by running away as the black attacker moves around to the other side of the vehicle in an attempt to gain access.

The unmanned vehicle then rolls back into the traffic.


According to a report in the London Evening Standard, there has of yet been no arrests in connection with the incident.

As London as become progressively nonwhite over the decades—directly as a result of the promotion of Third World immigration by successive governments since the 1950s—the metropolis has steadily filled up with nonwhites from all over the world.

Whites ceased to be a molarity in the city nearly eight years ago, and crime of all sorts has increased dramatically, with knife crime being given the most publicity, as black thugs of all ages kill each other and passerby at random.

As reported earlier, the Third World invasion of Britain—which turned London majority nonwhite seven years ago—has resulted in a massive crime increase, including a 20% rise in rapes, a 33% rise in murders, a 40% rise in robberies, and a 25% increase in knife crime over the last year alone, according to the latest statistics.

While race-denying liberals insist that nonwhite criminality—and violent criminality such as the incident above—the real reason for such behavior is found in the fact that blacks in particular have much higher rates of schizophrenia than do whites.

In addition, blacks have a genetic predisposition in the form of a preponderance of the 2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene which “confers an increased risk for shooting and stabbing behaviors,” according to a study in the Psychiatric Quarterly of September 2014.

Blacks and Schizophrenia as a Driver for Violent Crime:

According to a report by the UK’s Institute of Psychiatry, “African-Caribbean” people are “six times more likely than whites to be diagnosed as schizophrenic.” (Needless to say, that report blamed white “racism” for the higher black schizophrenia rates, even though it is an established fact that genetics plays the dominant role in that condition’s cause).

An official government report on the topic, named Aesop (“Aetiology and Ethnicity in Schizophrenia and other Psychoses”) conducted by psychiatrists and epidemiologists at the social psychiatry unit of the Institute of Psychiatry at the Maudsley hospital in south London found  that members of the African Caribbean community are nine times more likely to suffer from schizophrenia than people in the white community and described it as an “epidemic.”

A 2008 report in the British Journal of General Practice also stated that the incidence of schizophrenia in black Caribbeans living in the UK was substantially higher than in the white British population, but that it was even higher in second-generation black Caribbeans.

“The largest study to date has demonstrated a ninefold higher risk of schizophrenia in UK-resident black Caribbeans: findings that are of concern to black Caribbean communities, to their GPs, and to health service managers responsible for resource allocation,” that report stated.

The British Journal of General Practice article went on to report that these black schizophrenia patients are “more likely to be unemployed, to have a record of convictions, [and] to be resident in decaying inner-city areas.”

It is not only in Britain where this is to be found: according to a 2007 report in the International Journal of Epidemiology, blacks in the US are 200 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia than whites.

The journal also announced that the “data indicate[s] substantially elevated rates of schizophrenia among African Americans in comparison with whites in this birth cohort” and that this “variance” (from what, they do not say, although it is obvious what they mean) has also been noted in Britain.

Blacks and the MAOA “Violence” gene

According to a study titled “The 2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene confers an increased risk for shooting and stabbing behaviors” published in the Psychiatric Quarterly (2014 Sep;85(3):257-65. doi: 10.1007/s11126-013-9287-x), the “2-repeat allele of the MAOA gene confers an increased risk for shooting and stabbing behaviors.”

The study said that “2-repeat allele-may have effects on violence that are independent of the environment. The current study builds on this research and examines the association between the 2-repeat allele and shooting and stabbing behaviors in a sample of males drawn from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health.

“Analyses revealed that African-American males who carry the 2-repeat allele are significantly more likely than all other genotypes to engage in shooting and stabbing behaviors and to report having multiple shooting and stabbing victims.”

This then is the result of mass Third World immigration: the destruction of the white First World, and its replacement with a society typical of the images as seen above.

This will be the fate of all white nations unless Third World immigration is not only halted, but reversed—and time is rapidly running out for this to be achieved.

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