Violent African Invaders Storm Ceuta

Thousands of violent Africans attempted to storm the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in Morocco on New Year’s Day, attacking Moroccan and Spanish police with such ferocity that ten officers were badly wounded and one lost an eye.

A mob estimated to be between one and three thousand strong tried to jump over the double fence which surrounds the enclave—Europe’s only land border with Africa. Thousands of Africans, fleeing their self-created economic disaster nations—regularly congregate around the enclaves in the hope of breaking in.

According to the central government’s representative office in Ceuta, a first group of at least 1,100 sub-Saharan Africans stormed the border fence just after 4 a.m. on New Year’s Day in an “extremely violent and organized” manner.

About 100 of the invaders managed to climb up the external fence and stayed on top for hours.

None however managed to get through, apart from two who were badly injured and taken to the hospital in Ceuta, the office said in a statement. A similar assault on December 9 saw more than 400 invaders smash their way into the tiny territory.

They tried “to force open some of the doors in the external fence, using iron bars, wire cutters, and large stones with which they assaulted Moroccan forces and (Spanish) Guardia Civil (police) agents,” it added.

Five Spanish policemen and 50 members of the Moroccan forces were injured, including one who lost an eye, it said.

A Moroccan interior ministry statement said that of those members of the security forces who were hurt, 10 were in a serious condition.

Ceuta and Melilla, another Spanish territory in North Africa, are two of the main invasion points for Africans seeking to parasite off the welfare systems of Europe.

Apart from trying to climb over the fence, the Africans also try to get into Ceuta by sea, or by hiding in vehicles crossing the border points.

Just recently, a North African with French nationality was arrested for trying to board a ferry out of Ceuta with a camper van where 12 Algerians were found hiding, police said.

The Moroccan Interior Ministry said in a statement afterward that “from now on, the authors of such [illegal immigration] attempts will be brought to justice which will deliver verdicts ranging from expulsion out of the Moroccan territory to more severe sentences depending on how serious their acts are.”

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  1. A Spanish policeman lost an eye–what a waste. Ever hear of rifles? They were designed to “reach out and touch someone” with reduced risk to life and limb. Perhaps an idea for which the time has come.

  2. If this doesn’t fit the description of the word ‘invasion’, I don’t know what does.
    Historically, nations have dealt with invasions by one particular way – which involves the use of armed force as the final resort. Believe it or not, that’s the reason why armies, navies, air forces, militias, ‘Defence Departments’ etc were founded and supposedly exist for.

    But, oh, I forgot!
    The European Union, and its bully-boys, prioritizes the invaders over the defenders!
    The EU must go.

  3. The Spanish should abandon Melilla and Ceuta.
    They have no use anymore – and their existence does nothing to bolster Spanish claims to Gibraltar.

  4. I actually understand these Africans, you jump over the fence and an Aladdin cave opens up for you: thousands of Euros, free houses, free meds, never need to work again, bring your wives, children and friends for the same benefits benefits, you can do whatever you want an Libtards will always lick your ass just because your are black or arab.

  5. time to get out of ceuta,give it back to the moslims retreat to Europe and fire on anyone trying to enter spain itself…problem solved….

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