Africans Brawl in Melbourne, Sydney

The city centers of Melbourne and Sydney, Australia, were last night turned into battlefields as gangs of nonwhites—Africans and Pacific Islanders—fought running battles with each other and the police in what one news outlet described as “mayhem on the streets.

The violence in Melbourne took place during the city’s famous Moomba Festival, which is normally a family-oriented affair, consisting of fun fairs, live music, eating, and merriment.


The city has of late seen a huge influx of African invaders, particularly from the Sudan, and they have organized themselves into several street gangs, bringing drugs, violence, and crime onto the formerly safe streets.

The Sudanese gang involved in last night’s mayhem was named by police as the “Apex.” This gang had sought out battle with a Pacific Islander gang named “Islanders 23” during the festival—and online before the event started.

Armed with knives and guns, about two hundred members of the Apex and Islander 23 gangs were heard chanting “f**k the police” before launching an all-out brawl that turned Federation Square and Swanston Street into a riot zone.

Melbourne-02 Melbourne-03

According to reports, police used batons and pepper spray to break up the nonwhite gangs as they punched and beat each other with the weapons they had brought along specifically for the clash. Their violent feud broke out at around 8 p.m. and shut down parts of the central business district and the tramline for up to two hours.

Terrified Moomba Festival-goers were forced to take cover as the nonwhites assaulted police and bystanders on the corner of Swanston and Flinders streets.

“Chairs were picked up and chairs were thrown from these gangs of people—there was glass being thrown; it was scary,” one witness told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

A number of people were treated for injuries in the city and taken to the hospital after the clash, Ambulance Victoria confirmed.

Police said they were investigating “a series of affrays” in Federation Square and surrounding areas, along with reports of four robberies and an assault which resulted in a man being rushed to the hospital.

In Sydney, another group of Africans—unconnected to the ones rioting in Melbourne—started a mass brawl outside the Metro Theatre well past midnight. The fighting spread into the surrounding streets and took police from three different stations an hour to disperse.

Sydney police inspector Stuart Leggat was quoted by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation as saying that the violence had stemmed from “a group of people from a particular ethnic background and they were arguing with one another and jostling one another….”

Two nonwhites, aged 24 and 18, were arrested and taken to Kings Cross Police Station where they were expected to be charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest.

Melbourne-04 Melbourne-05

The Apex gang has been getting increasingly violent as African numbers in Melbourne have grown, and in November last year, police in the city set up a special unit known as “Taskforce Tense” to monitor the nonwhites.

The Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police, Graham Ashton, told ABC that in light of the night’s violence, the task force “would now be given extra resources” because the “levels of violence exhibited by this group was an increase and escalation of violence that concerns us greatly.”

The Apex gang of nonwhites is best known for violent car thefts across Melbourne’s southeast suburbs. Earlier this year, one of its young members threatened to walk into a Melbourne police station and shoot an officer.

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    1. Moomba is merely good old slapstick family entertainment. Shame a few of these scum weren’t shot. They want to kill each other they should do it elsewhere preferably next to a burial pit, or landfill.

  1. They’re only having their traditional games. Why not leave them until there’s only one standing? Give hima necklace of beads and a bottle of whisky. Problem solved. Come to think of it, sell them weapons a la juivre.

  2. we all thought australia had the common sense..they are going the same way as europe,,…Deport this scum ,it will get worse if you do not..shoot the bstrds …they are scum..If you deport that will send the strongest message because they can put up with anything you do to them but are horrified at the thought of being deported..Come on Oz don,t be as cowardly as our leaders!!

    1. Deport them all….this is how they turned their countries into a dump and this cannot be tolerated in Australia. How did they get in australia in the first place. Who was that stupid! When will the world realise that over a century the blacks cannot fit in the european style of living. Never could and never will

  3. Africans – isn’t it supposed to be difficult to get into Australia. Africans in Australia, Canada, all through Europe – they ALL need to be taken back to their own country, they appear to be nothing but troublemakers, & worse.

    1. You just need to be an illiterate black for the liberals to embrace you and welcome you. Functionally literate white africans have far more stringent criteria to meet.

    1. Africa is the continent of black Africans. Clear your countries and send them back. In a few years from now you will look like Europe. They taking countries over that allows them into their countries. Send them back to Africa. Just good advice.

      1. No, Jesus. Don’t send them back here, rather send them to America or Mexico, we have enough of that here in South Africa.

        1. mexicans won’t put up with their crap. there are no living of benefits in MX so you don’t see that many of them. I live in mexico

  4. The Australian police have been victimised over the years for targeting African gangs – much like the police in Chicago. With leftie Bolshevik public pressure, the police have backed off the gangs who inhabit the outer suburbs in Melbourne’s south, east, and west. We are ringed by African, Asian, and Islander gangs. The blacks are the worst and have been stabbing and rioting for some time. Now the police are too afraid to do anything, and like Merkel, the government invites there ‘people’ to settle in Melbourne, increasing their numbers. Australia can’t deport them all as some have been born in Australia and their own countries won’t take them back anyway. Our gaols are full of Africans and Victoria is due to build another gaol to house more of these criminals. This is only the beginning.

  5. the problem is the Africans more than the islanders. The whole of Africa is a mess, they do not want to help themselves, and neither should you allow them in,

  6. Well now you know the sort of crap we as white South Africans are facing every day of our lives… BRING BACK THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!!

    1. We in the USA and Europe made our bed when we allowed the leftists to attack white South Africans and Israelis for defending themselves. The leftards have perfected the crybullying victim tactics now, and are using them to destroy their own countries.

  7. It’s coming back to bite you in your bums in aussie.REMEMBER how you’s hated us saffers in the 70’s and 80’s by saying we’re cruel.Now u see what we still have to deal with.Murders thats out of control by the non whites.

    1. well, the basic problem is the media is lock stock and barrel controlled by leftists and their wealthy elites behind the scenes. Awake Aussies are aware of SA’s descent into Marxist AA hellhole and who dunnit. We know what is coming down the pipe. All white majority Western countries have been under attack for decades now and the mask will come off when we are in minority and our treasuries bankrupted by the internationalists.

  8. Soon the “Africans” will lay claim to everything….welcome to the shit still to come! Hide your daughters and wifes, time to become security wise….
    When will the white man learn?
    There will be nowhere to run anymore.

  9. It looks like Australia is becoming more like South Africa by the day. Time for the authorities to show some backbone and nip this in the bud NOW before it spirals out of hand.

  10. People that allow themselves to be disarmed by their government, as the Australians have, deserve to have their streets erupt in violence. Run, Aussie, run.

  11. How lovely, the world was very quick to judge the white regime in South Africa for Apartheid an the “Cruel “Whiteman. You guys only recieved n knife point compared to the violence an torture we put up with every single day of our lives, having to watch silently how our children, woman ,elderly and farmers gets murder in the most unspeekable ways. Keep your ” non whites” keep on feeding and cloth them dont send them back we jave more than enough to deal with in South Africa.

    1. Its a pitty that this must happen to people and coutries in order for them to understand what South Africa had to deal with through its whole history – as this is only the beginning the world will understand one day u derstand why seperate development for S A was fhe better option than to e integrated with and governed by these people.

    2. Smart people learn from other’s mistakes. We have allowed leftards to castrate our ability to defend ourselves. I wish we could sell all the leftists to black South Africans and muslims, and take in whites and Christians as refugees.

  12. why do the elite whites have this fascination with bl-o-o-dy Africans and Africa always meddling bringing them to our shores we do not get a say they are the planets destroyers if I wanted to enrich my self with their culture I would move to Africa but I dont, I cant stand them god help us all.

    1. Hint, a society within a society and they only identifiy as white when moral relativism favours it. International bankers have wanted this for a long time. This group, its lesser echelons known politically as leftists, have studied communities and societies top to bottom for the pupose of control, exploitation and ultimately expansion of their power. In the 1960s they synchronously dismantled immigration legislation in all Anglophone countries which at the time favoured Europoids. Since then, they have advanced, with mass migration, initially legal, then with the heart strings of legitimate refugees and now openly, anyone, unfiltered, with the consequences of inviting rapists, thieves, terrorists, gangsters and murderers. This is a war on whites.

    2. My theory is that they are accustomed to deal with such people from a position of power. Lowlife people can be great ax-kissers to people in power, that is one of the ways useless people scam and rob their way thru life.

  13. WHAHAHAHAHA !!! and now what??? you got 200 people marching and causing mayhem (making it a ‘battlefield’) in your streets and your police can’t handle them…200 black people in the streets is like a kinder garden party… What will you do when 2000 or 10 000 black people ( uh ‘nonwhites’) goes to the streets causing mayhem, by burning cars, building, rioting shops throw petrol bombs at police/ shooting the police officers… what will you do then??? cause your’e not far from it now! welcome to our daily world in South Africa! ps we had a small group today in our town consisting of about 600 black people that caused some trouble…no worries 🙂

  14. Kharma is a bitch! Now perhaps the Aussie government will take note of all the comments from the South Africans, this sort of trouble is why we left our own beloved country, it wasn’t an easy decision to make, to leave all that you had built & worked for all your life, yes! It’s been the hardest thing to do. The wheel slowly turnes, Kharma has a way of coming through to teach us all a lesson. The truth will prevail, personally I belive in separate development it protects the different heritages & cultures.

    1. You`re right, Jean, but the only people allowed future separate development are the evil bastards who have been planning this nightmare for years….. the Jews gloating in totally impregnable Israel.
      Now is payback time for the rest of the world.
      Their hideous future One World Government has been set in motion.

  15. Refugees should not be given citizenship! They should be here on probation only. .. if they do not respect Australia, its laws and people then they should be deported.

  16. Soon your open houses will just be like in South Africa! Just like prisons! Wake up Australia before it is too late!

  17. Crush this nonsense straight away…forget about human rights. Sort the problem before it becomes unmanageable. Introduce emergency powers which will avoid the whole judicial system getting involved, arrest offenders (rioters) and if foreign deport them. YOU GET ONE CHANCE AT THIS..IF YOU ARE LIMP WRISTED THE SITUATION WILL MAGNIFY.

    1. this is the only way. show no weakness..the rabble will otherwise merely escalate the violence and laugh at the Law

  18. maybe next time the rest of the world will think a little further before judging the way we in africa have to handle our affairs. this is how africa works…welcome we hope you enjoy your stay.

  19. That is exactly why South Africa had the apartheid policies. We had none of that nonsense in the old regime. After the abolishment of the so called apartheid, is when all our trouble started, same like you have now. The world condemned us…. now we almost enjoy the world getting a taste of it… Whites in S.A. are now being killed like flies, worse than there, and yet hardly anybody in the rest of the world cares… Stop complaining. This you brought upon yourselves.

  20. How do these people get into OZ? I’m a hard working white woman living in an extremely violent country and I can’t get in.

    1. You answered your own question (you are white). The powers that be, want all whites gone from the world, either by way of breeding us out of existence as it is currently happening across the world, or by exterminating us out of existence, as is what is happening in South Africa.

  21. This is sad, that you guys had to experience that……but now you had a taste of what is really happening in SA!!

  22. When will people finally realize that all successful, productive cultures start with IQ. Show me a low IQ population I will either show you one that has collapsed, is running headlong toward collapse or has been subjugated by a higher IQ one. If you suffer fools then fools will destroy you. The intelligent thing is to test and expel as only the best can promote societal evolution as blanket immigration is dysgenic in nature.

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