Violent Africans Storm Spanish Enclave of Ceuta in “WW Z” Type Zombie Attack

At least 300 Africans—out of a mob of thousands—on Monday broke through the border fence surrounding the Spanish enclave of Ceuta in North Africa, in an attack which mirrored the mass zombie attack portrayed in the Hollywood movie WW Z.”

The co-ordinated mass African attack started at 5 a.m. at the fence near Tarajalat. They stormed the fence en masse, nearly overwhelming the border guards.

Many were stopped, but around three hundred managed to break into the tiny enclave, which is located on the Moroccan coastline on the North African coast.

The invaders were remanded then to an immigration detention center where they submitted formal “asylum” requests, even though none of them come from countries which qualify in the slightest manner for “refugee” status.
Their intention is—as has previously been shown—to simply get to mainland Europe, where they quickly “vanish” while the race-denying liberals “consider” the “asylum” applications.
The African invaders were filmed celebrating their successful attack.
Last week, 73 African invaders used wire cutters to break through the razor-wire fencing to gain access to Ceuta. Spanish border police stopped another 180 invaders from entering through the hole.
Spain’s Interior Ministry estimated the number of invaders who had reached Spain via the border fence route had totaled 3,200 in 2016. So far in 2017, they say, that number has already doubled.
In February alone, about 850 African invaders pretending to be “refugees” stormed over the Ceuta border in a concentrated attack lasting four days.

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  1. They are masochistic gluttons for punishment, they cleave to us no matter how purely evil we are because they are such noble moral people who we need to learn from. The love they bear for us evil whites is so strong, that no matter how much terrible racism and slavery-like conditions they will likely face they come anyway because they know they have something to teach us – how to stop being capitalist pigs and share our wealth or allow them to redistribute it, as they clearly know better than we do what is right. We must allow them to show us the way, because they are just so much better than we are, and the truth is that if we would just face the truth, we were living in caves when they were building the pyramids and the great centers of learning at Timbuktu. No, it is not just a pile of clay – how dare you say that? Mud huts? That is your evil racism speaking. Can't you see how the simplicity of their lives is better for the planet? You waste tons of trees over a lifetime with your damn rolls of toilet paper, while these people who are close to Mother Earth just poop on the beach or in the jungle and wipe their butts with a banana leaf. GASP! WHAT? DID YOU SAYYY?? Savages? Who is the real savage, you Evil White Man. I know you need re-educating. See the Ministry of Truth first thing in the morning. Diversity IS OUR STREMF.

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