Violent Italian Homos Attack Heteros in Italy

An increasingly violent homosexual lobby in Italy has launched a series of violent attacks on peaceful pro-family demonstrators in that nation, local news reports have revealed.

At least one Italian priest and a woman have had to be admitted to hospital suffering from wounds inflicted by a homosexual mob who attacked one of a large number of peaceful and silent pro-family demonstrations up and down Italy over the past few weeks.

The heterosexual demonstrators—consisting of normal people from all walks of life—formed part of an increasingly popular movement in Italy known as the Standing Sentinels (“Sentinelle in Piedi”). They are so named because all they do is stand still in a public square in evenly spaced rows silently reading.


The movement emerged after the Italian parliament last year—under the leadership of its extremist leftist ruling party—introduced a law outlawing “discrimination on the grounds of homophobia”—in other words, making it illegal for anyone choosing not to associate themselves or their business with homosexuals.


The “Sentinelle in Piedi” demonstrations, often conducted in conjunction with and with the participation of the nationalist Forza Nuova party, have taken place in Bologna, Turin, Genoa, Aosta, and at least 100 other cities recently. An estimated 10,000 people participated in one day two weekends ago, when the first violent homosexual attacks took place.

According to reports, in the northern city of Rovereto, a mob of crazed homosexuals first destroyed the Sentinels’ publicity materials, screaming threats and throwing eggs, before physically attacking the demonstrators, punching, kicking and spitting on women and children alike.

It was at this meeting that the priest, Fr. Matteo Graziola, and a young woman who has not been identified, were injured. The homosexual mob then turned on the police—who arrived late on the scene—and attacked them as well.

In Bologna the scene was chaotic as Sentinel participants were forced to run a gauntlet of screaming, swearing, and shoving demonstrators barely held back by police in riot-gear. The homosexuals had been called out to demonstrate against the event by the organized homosexual lobby “Arcigay.”

A Sentinels spokesman told that the homosexuals were throwing bottles, spitting and screaming profanities, even though there were children in the group.

He said, “About eighty people were unable to reach the square for the chaos, while many families with children were forced to leave. A mother pushing a pram with a one year old baby was covered with insults and spitting: this is the fact that has saddened us most of all.”

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  1. Encouraging us for years to identify ourselves in separate groups of "pro – this" or "anti – that" by our governments we find not only was it being orchestrated but was being done for a reason.
    Each and every one of us has slowly but surely been lulled into a false sense of security until the time was right.
    That time is approaching as yet another piece of the New World Order jigsaw slots neatly into place.
    "In the game of divide and conquer we are merely pawns. They keep us busy fighting each other instead of fighting them." How very apt !!

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