Visegrad 4 Set Stage for Merkel Showdown

The leaders of the Visegrad Four (V4) nations—Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, along with representatives from Macedonia and Bulgaria—have set the stage for an explosive clash with Germany by setting March as a deadline for the nonwhite invasion to be stopped.


If a “final decision” in this regard is not taken by then, the group has said, they will ensure that the Bulgarian and Macedonian borders with Greece are closed, strangling the “Balkans route” being used by the invaders.

In a statement issued after their joint meeting on Monday in Prague, the Visegrad Four—Bohuslav Sobotka (Czech Republic), Beata Szydlová (Poland), Viktor Orbán (Hungary), Robert Fico (Slovakia), along with Gjorge Ivanov (Macedonian President), and  Boyko Borissov (Bulgarian Prime Minister)—released a statement saying the future of the European Union (EU) depended upon securing its external borders.

In their statement, the leaders demanded that the Macedonian and Bulgarian borders with Greece be closed “should the Greek and Turkish governments fail to meet their obligations” to halt the invasion.

Such a move would in effect create an EU buffer zone on Bulgaria’s and Macedonia’s borders, even though the latter is not a member of the EU and Bulgaria is not a member of Schengen. It would also cut off Greece—which is an EU member.

The reason why the V4 group has come up with this plan is because they obviously do not believe that German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s plans involving Turkey and Greece will bring results.

A final decision, the V4 group has said, must come in March, and if by then there are no signs of improvement—that is, if Turkey and Greece have not lived up to their promises—then they will take steps to shut the border.

The presence of the Macedonian President and Bulgarian Prime Minister at the V4 meeting means that they have already agreed to this plan—which clashes directly with Merkel’s “open borders” pro-invasion stance.

The official V4 statement said that “Unless we put the decisive steps rapidly into practice and thus improve the management of the most exposed parts of the European Union’s external borders and stem the migratory flow, the situation risks deteriorating beyond our control.

“Such a development would put the cornerstones of the European integration, especially Schengen and the principle of free movement, at risk. Stepping back in this area would question the very foundations of the European Union and would have strong negative economic, social, and symbolic impacts. Moreover, it would also produce harmful effects for the security and stability of the Balkans region.”

The V4 statement is likely to be hotly debated at the “EU summit on migration” due to begin on Thursday this week, with the majority of German newspapers already viewing the threat to shut the border with Greece as a “rebellion against the migration policies of Chancellor Merkel.”

Die Welt newspaper, for example, reported that the V4 meeting had “strongly objected to the German Chancellor’s refugee policy” and had also rejected outright any form of “refugee-sharing quota” among EU member states.

Die Welt pointed out that Slovakia and Hungary had already complained formally against the “refugee distribution mechanism,” while the Czech Republic had just refused to implement it. The Polish government, Die Welt added, had also changed course in the wake of that country’s recent elections.

“In essence, however, the four Eastern European countries are unanimous: They strictly reject Angela Merkel’s policy on refugees,” Die Welt said.

Furthermore, Die Welt said, the Czech Interior Minister Milan Chovanec had also threatened to refuse to pay his country’s share of the €3 billion promised to Turkey because that latter nation had done nothing to stop the flow of invaders.

“Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico rants every day against Berlin’s refugee policy, and as he is on the campaign trail, he uses the subject there to secure his re-election,” Die Welt said, referring to elections currently underway in the Slovak Republic.

The German newspaper also revealed that Czech and Slovak border guards are already in position at the Bulgarian and Macedonian borders, helping with protection of their frontiers.

This was confirmed by the Czech Prime Minister in an interview Sunday with Reuters, in which he said that the Central European leaders are ready to “help Balkan countries seal their borders with Greece to stem the flow of migrants across the continent.”

It would not take much for the V4 states to simply step up their presence, and help seal off the border with Greece completely.

“Already now policemen from V4 countries are helping on the Macedonian border; we are prepared to strengthen our aid if needed,” he said.

He said the European Union’s agreements with Turkey to reduce the flow of invaders to Greece from the Middle East and Africa had so far not yielded satisfactory results and time was running out.

“The current situation when up to 3,000 people come to Greece every day certainly is not what we had in mind,” he said. “The V4 realizes how important it is to focus on the west Balkan route and show solidarity with the west Balkan countries and help them with protection of their borders.”

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  1. Great thing to see some true leadership not afraid of public belief BS aka “liberal thought”. Now the rest of the brainless EU leaders need come to reality. Start pressuring Merkel to stop the destruction of germany and the rest of the European nations!

    Best of luck,
    Concerned American

    1. You’re right Ike, it’s great, however Merkel has already agreed with Erdogan that at a given signal another 500,000 will be let loose on Europe with the purpose of swamping us. Hopefully this coalition of mid/eastern Europeans will stop the mad bitch in her path, and she’ll get the justice which she is deserving of. Her, and the UN who are sponsoring her!

      1. The Zionists / Israel are the ones pushing the buttons re the non-stop influx of invaders and they also fund it.
        The UN is intent on advancing the “utopian dream” of One World Goverment which the majority of governmental leaders support and are now trying to implement by forcing us all to both accept and absorb floods of non-whites..

      2. Please use the link to sign the international declaration of support for Hungary and other eastern European countries who are offering resistance to the conquest & colonization of Europe, then SEND the link to others for their signatures. Results will go to the Washington embassies of all the countries mentioned in this article. Thanks! The link:

      3. I wouldn´t count on that. 64 millions citizens of V4 are unimportant for whole Europe. It doesen´t matter what they say, EU won´t listen to them. Merkel and supporting countries are always “you will do what we say, or you are no part of Europe”. It seams that democracy is dying in West. Even when Slovakia said that they have referendum that people do not want migrants, Germany said it is unimportant, we don´t ask our people, we do what is right. They even said that they would like milion of far easterner, than anybody from V4 bloc. And if they abandon all agreements and decency and cut off V4 from Europe, they will force their hands.

          1. Of course it is dictatorship. In Arabic countries is practically legal to rape a woman. If she complains, she is beheaded. And what happened in West, especially in Germany? When women are raped, or harassed, officials told them don´t wear skirts, don´t provoke them, don´t go after evening outside, avoid them always. So their rights are suppressed in Great West democracy.
            And media withhold information about all crime acts, it is as communist media during Soviet regime. West probably fight so hard with communism, that they became same as them, just with different ideology.
            Also hollow words like we need to work together as Europe. But together means do what we told you to do. V4 have that 30 years ago from different side of Europe. And nobody in V4 haven´t said that they don´t want help. Just that they will help by other ways. Money, items, people, hotspots. Not just V4, but France, Spain, many other countries have unemployment and many other problems so there is no reason to take other unemployment people and diminish rights of native Europeans by binding hands of police. There is nothing racist about it. Everyone have rights to choose who is he dating, with whom he is living and who he invites to his home. Otherwise we can submit all our rights to personal freedom.
            Disagreement with Mrs. chancellor isn´t xenophobia. If you have two different opinions, you try to find consensus, it is called democracy.

  2. At last! Thank God for the Eastern Europeans and more power to their leaders.

    The idiotic Die Welt seems to think tut-tutting will somehow ‘shame’ them into changing their stance. In yer dreams, morons. Having lived under the Soviets, the Eastern Europeans have been ‘vaccinated’ against PC.

  3. It’s a pity our pathetic PM couldn’t make a stand like the V4, instead he asks meekly for a few measly conditions to be implemented, about time the UK showed some balls, the EU need our money even more now so WHY is Cameron being such a wimp

    1. He`s in the big boys playground now so he`s just playing safe
      Our Dave`s clever!
      He watches; listens; and nods in the right places.
      Then told what he`s agreed to.
      And hey-ho! finds a few crumbs in his briefcase.

    2. Because Cameron will be rewarded for delivering Britain to the EU . He is a modern day Judas.
      Will be interesting to see what his thirty pieces of silver entails.

  4. As far as I can see, Greece seems to be completely impotent in this invasion. Once these savages land on Greek shores, what can Greece do,?
    They are practically bankrupt as a nation and it’s the ordinary people who are left to suffer.

    1. Sending boats to take invaders to Greece instead of returning them to the shores they set out from was a colossal mistake.
      It was obvious what the result would be.
      They sent a message to every foreign freeloader and trafficker that the EU was open for freebie business.
      The `humanitarian crisis` wouldn`t have developed as it has if politicians had used commonsense at the start.

  5. The Premier of Poland is Beata Sydło. The spelling that features in this article was probably taken from a non-Polish language website. Unlike English, names in Slavic languages (presumably Hungarian as well) actually change form depending on gender and syntax. Understandably, this can be confusing to an Anglophile. It is just another reason why politically correct pronouns and non-gendered phraseology is going to be impossible in Central Europe, and thank God for that!

  6. Is the Rome Statute of The International Criminal Court and Part 2 is the Jurisdiction, Admissibility, and Applicable Law.
    It looks like there will be situation where Angela will engage in public incitement (and be shielded from criminal responsibility by the EU) to force these people to accept the forceful acceptance of children from another group, rape, or any other form of sexual violence of comparative gravity, attacks directed against civilian populations, pillaging the public purse, aggression etc.

  7. It’s a pity that they cannot the Baltic states, Romania and Bulgaria on board.
    I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the Austrians instinctively want to align with the Visegrad group and only treasonous politicians are stopping this from happening.

    1. I think she’s already proved to be far more dangerous than Hitler, albeit in a different way.

      Every victim of these savages is testament to that.!

  8. Interesting: Poland and Hungary in particular have been victims of Jews, and all those other countries must have learned from WW1 and WW2. Germany has suffered even more from Jews, and, so far, post-1945 media and educational control in Germany has been so great that most of their population isn’t even aware of it. Britain still has a schizophrenic attitude to (e.g.) the Bank of England, Churchill, the ex-Empire, but surely awareness must be growing by now. Russians too cannot, on the whole, have the full picture, but indirectly have terrible experiences too. I hope the USA and its military get the picture soon. Please.

    1. Rerevisionist, being an American I can truly tell you the American public and military are aware of the dangers in EU. The problem right now is the wimp we have as president is a muslime. So until he’s out next year and Trump is president there won’t be any help from the US. But like most real Americans who’s ancestry is from Europe we grieve to see what happening there now.

    2. Please use the link to sign the international declaration of support for Hungary and other eastern European countries who are offering resistance to the conquest & colonization of Europe, then SEND the link to others for their signatures. Results will go to the Washington embassies of all the countries mentioned in this article. Thanks! The link:

  9. Merkels agreement with Turkey will get results alright. There will be a massive expansion of the immigrant flow. They will fly in on military transports so they won’t even get their feet wet. And the EU will pay, pay for this insult to the tune of 3 billion a year!

  10. The Bulgarian border is effectively closed now as the Greek farmers are protesting by closing the crossing points. This has been for over a week now and is stopping the immigrant problem in its tracks.

  11. French said they dont wan’t more refugees, Austria won’t take more as well, because the number they said they would take it’s practically could be filled up with those who have already arrived this year. Thus it’s up to Germany now what it’s going to be, and by Germany I mean Merkel, but not sure how much she represents her nation’s opinion.

  12. As Western Europe breaks apart into civil wars, Eastern Europe will stay European, strong, and will deploy troops to nationalist members in Western Europe to fight off their invaders. This is my prediction.

  13. I’m afraid this story reveals the duplicity of various leaders in the EU; on the one hand these Eastern European leaders are demanding controls on mass migration into their countries and threatening to close their borders; on the other hand millions of their own citizens are moving to wealthier countries in the EU under freedom of movement rules. They also castigate people like David Cameron who seek to control astronomical numbers trying to get to Britain (and Germany/Sweden etc.). In the case of England (not the whole UK) the population density is now 419 per square km (now the highest in the EU) while in France it is 98: that means France would have to allow 162 million migrants into France to have parity with England. International laws regarding asylum, refugees, right to move within the EU, extradition, and reciprocity of welfare provision in target countries for migrants need urgently to be re-written as the current ones are not fit for purpose and are being seriously abuse.

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