Voodoo Treatment for Migraine

Advanced medical care in Africa takes many forms, but the most common is the witchdoctor, now called the “traditional healer” by the politically correct brigade.


Many Westerners are however ignorant of the true workings of traditional healers, so, for their benefit, we are pleased to be able to bring them this video of an African witchdoctor treating a man for migraine pain.  Note the advanced techniques, medicines and the invaluable assistance from the medical orderly.

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  1. Yet, the government allows these people to live in our country, with all their ‘different’ cultures. Is it any wonder that Africa is in the state that it is?

  2. Soon they will be the only recognised medical practitioners left in Africa.So let Africa be for Africans please just stop sending them money!!!!

    1. There was a case in London, where a Nigerian father tried to cure his disabled son with “healing” from a witch doctor. Naturally it didn’t work & it left the boy with holes in his head & was even more disabled than before.
      Of course, the family paid for the all the additional costs as the boy now was a cabbage…oh wait, what I meant to say was, the British tax paper did, sorry…got confused there.

  3. I can think of a certain Herr Schultz whose follicular challenged Kopf would benefit from this marvellous technique. Send this doctor to Brussels immediately.

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