WA Premier Offers to Host Manus Invaders

The “conservative” premier of Western Australia has offered to take in the 1,350 nonwhite invaders currently detained at the Manus detention center in Papua New Guinea, after it was announced that the offshore center would be closed.

The offer by Colin Barnett flies in the face of established government policy, which states that all illegal immigrants will never be allowed to land in Australia.


Under Australian law, anyone intercepted trying to reach the country by boat is sent for processing to asylum seeker camps on the tiny Pacific island of Nauru or to Manus Island off Papua New Guinea. They are never eligible to be resettled in Australia.

The policy has been thrown into confusion with the announcement last week that the Manus Island facility was going to be close.

However, no timeline was given for the closure, and no indication of where the invaders—from all over the Third World—were going to be sent, was given either.

Barnett, who is a member of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull’s Liberal Party, told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation last week that “we would certainly accommodate a number of them in Western Australia and we’d certainly support them as a state government.”

He has taken a similar position in the past, and his stand demonstrated a rare public split in the conservative Liberal Party over the government’s controversial detention policy, Reuters reported.

A spokeswoman for New Zealand Prime Minister John Key on Thursday said that an offer made in 2013 to accept 150 refugees, which Canberra has rebuffed, still stood.

Australia says its hardline policy is needed to stop deaths at sea during the dangerous boat journey from Indonesia to Australia.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on Thursday stood by the government’s policy ruling out settling the detainees in a third country, casting doubt over the fate of the remaining 850 refugees on Manus and 500 in Nauru.

There are no plans to close the Nauru camp, which is under renewed scrutiny after a newspaper published leaked documents detailing reports of more than 2,000 incidents of sexual abuse, assault, and attempted self-harm, many involving children.

Media coverage of these incidents has tried to blame the Australian authorities—and thereby implicitly, white people—for these conditions.

In reality, of course, the deprivations suffered by the invaders are completely self-inflicted, with the abuse of inmates being carried out by other inmates, not to mention the fact that they are the ones who set out to illegally invade Australia in the first place—and are thus blatant criminal law-breakers.

That truth does not however sit with the controlled media’s lying narrative of “poor abused asylum seekers,” and thus they are always presented as victims instead of the perpetrators of criminal activities.

The Papua New Guinea Supreme Court ruled in April that the detention center at Manus was illegal and ordered it closed.

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    1. No,no,no.

      That’s the same thin end of the wedge that the Socialist Labor & Greens are trying to drive into the Conservatives policies.
      (With a bit of help from Turnbull of course)

    1. He’s just another NWO A**hole whose bible is the UN’s Agenda21. Open borders, come one, come all ( provided you’re not White), come in and outbreed Australians of European origin, that’s our buddy Colin!

      Just one more POS pissing on his own race, hey Colin!

  1. An attempt to close off all remaining exit points for the white race, bottlenecked by the Marxists, to suck it up with our new countrymen.

  2. Barnett is not the only Australian premier to make this offer. In February this year, Victorian Labor premier Daniel Andrews wanted to take in ‘asylum seekers’ from Nauru, in particular children. Of course this meant separating kids from parents, or in reality, bringing the whole family in to Victoria, again breaching the law and opening a back door for people smugglers.
    Incidentally, Victoria is currently under nightly siege from African gangs (and their islander and white associates) who are terrorising people in their homes, bashing, raping and stealing cars. Hundreds of arrested gangs members are soon to be released and police fear a new crime wave. Yet a leftie survey published on the ABC website today suggest 80% of African migrants suffer discrimination. Gee, I wonder why?

    1. We deport New Zealnder criminals after they’ve served their sentences.
      We cannot be seen to discriminate against New Zealanders & therefore offending African offenders must also be deported!

  3. Do ALL liberal left wing loop attics share the same biological mother???? They all act the same in every country, some would say they even look alike…..pasty faced and gutless wonders.

  4. The answer lies in perhaps in an African “Democracy” a country that could be pursued ed of the advantages of offering these Migrants a home.

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