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The War for Germany: Daily Attacks on Invader Centers

There were at least two attacks every day on invader centers in Germany during 2016—while over 3,366 assaults and “other offenses” against invaders were recorded during the same period, according to figures released by that country’s Federal Criminal Police office.

In its annual statistical report, the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police, or BKA) said that 970 “offenses against asylum seekers” were registered during the 2016 year, an average of 2.6 every day.

This figure was down from the 2015 total of 1,031 offenses, but still about five times as high as the 2014 total of 199.

Different states in Germany reported another 2,396 “crimes against refugees” outside of the invader centers during 2016, making up the official total of 3,366.

The BKA report also revealed that attacks with firearms on invader centers had risen from 31 such incidents in 2015, to 57 in 2016.

In addition, there were almost 400 “other assaults” against invaders not in the immediate vicinity of the invader centers.

However, the report said, other “offenses against asylum seekers” such as “incitement against,” and “insulting” invaders have declined considerably compared to 2015.

The number of arson attacks on invader centers has also declined from 2015, with around 80 being registered for the entire year.

The BKA report said that given the upcoming elections in Germany in 2017, it was expecting the number of attacks to increase once again.

On February 9, a member of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) was sentenced to eight years in prison for burning down a sports hall that was to be used to accommodate invaders.

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Maik Schneider (29), was convicted of the August 2015 arson at the hall in Nauen, just west of Berlin, by a Potsdam court. He was given an additional 18-month prison term for other offences.

No one was injured in the blaze but the hall was completely destroyed, with the cost of the damage estimated at €3.5 million.

An accomplice, who was not identified by the DPA news agency, was given a seven-year term, while four others were given suspended sentences of varying lengths.

During the trial, Schneider had claimed that he was trying to send a political message but had not meant to burn down the building.

Judge Theodor Horstkotter said Schneider and his accomplices had clearly acted on their beliefs. “The attack was meant to signal to refugees: you are not welcome here, we don’t have space for you, you aren’t safe here,” he said.

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  1. When all is said and done, ‘political correctness’, ‘multiculturism’, ‘globalism”, ‘liberalism’ – all the nonsense that supports the Islamic invasion – it will all be displaced only when the people rise up to have their say when they understand fully that their Government has abandoned them in preference to Islam.

  2. the German Re-Birth is false,the country is in decline,it is one recession/depression away from destitution.Germany is in rapid decline.The police have just ‘awoken’ to the fact and are now hurridly asking the invaders to not attend any of the German carnivals.Too late….Germany is now overrun with Non-German invaders and it’s not safe for it’s Germanic citizens…Germany’s great heroes and heroic past are now frowned upon and buried in politically correct nonsense.Germany has no history the neo-Germans tell the world. The ghosts of Germanic heritage are closeted behind a false facade of Multi-Culturalism.Germany we are told has no culture and therefore must accept another culture,layered and force-fed to the native Germans.Will the Germanic Spirit ever return? No,it is impossible with todays germany school system and governance.The German spirit and Will have been broken in just 2 generations.The Germany of today will decend into chaos and despair as soon as the money that keeps it’s false sense of security and false sense of nationhood dries up. It will take a Germanic Awakening in the ashes of the coming chaos to save whats left of the German nation not to mention the ailing Germanic Spirit!

  3. Thanks for the report…but it seems a little like the German Media reports that emphasized the attacks on immigrants. The report of bodily attacks BY immigrants in the BKA report works out to 166 PER DAY. Hey, but that’s not so bad according to the government financed TV station, ARD, only 6% of the attacks are against German citizens…so, I guess that makes everything A-OK. Most of the ‘liberal/leftist’ websites like TAZ did not even mention the attacks BY immigrants.

  4. It would seem obvious to any idiot that Germans don’t want the invasion of third world parasites and criminals invited in by the corruptocrats running the EU and Merkel. They need to cut off the head of the snake.

  5. The criminal anti-White government of Germany, led by the traitor Merkel, conjures up its own dubious figures for “offences against asylum seekers”.

    But, on the other hand, their hastily implemented new laws to silence the Truth, will imprison those govt employees, police and media who dare to break their ban on reporting many of the crimes committed by these Third World parasites. This criminality by the “leaders” of Germany is leading to a reduced inaccurate count of the real number of violent crimes against Whites being committed by these Third World invaders. These criminal politicians must pay the penalty for their filthy acts of treason.


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