War with Russia? No Chance, says Izvestia

There is no real prospect of a nuclear war between Russia and the West, prominent Russian newspaper Izvestia has declared.

The pronouncement comes despite the ongoing war talk and never-ending controlled media propaganda against Russia.


According to an editorial published in Izvestia—which used to be the Soviet Union’s paper of record—a direct U.S.-Russian confrontation is impossible, but there are fears of incidents in “third countries,” most likely in Syria.

Media chatter about “war” between the U.S. and Russia began after American generals spoke at a Pentagon meeting on October 4, saying that such a conflict would be “quick and lethal,” and U.S. Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley said that armed conflict between Washington and Moscow was “almost guaranteed.”

U.S. Major General William Hicks said war would begin “in the very near future,” and the Pentagon has begun to prepare for combat on a scale that the U.S. has not seen since the Korean War.

Deputy Chief of Staff Lieutenant General Joseph Anderson pointed out that “modern nation states behaving aggressively in the context of military rivalry” are a real threat to U.S. security. “What does this remind us of? Russia,” Anderson replied to his own question.

However, Izvestia reported that the Russian military “do not give credence to the statements by American generals.”

Colonel General President of the Academy of Geopolitical Issues Leonid Ivashov was quoted as saying that the Pentagon “is bluffing, trying to intimidate Russia.”

“The U.S. understands that in the event of war, it would not escape strikes on its territory. The Pentagon says one thing, the State Department—another. One thing is clear: this statement was made to intimidate Russia and stall action in Syria,” he said to Izvestia.

State Duma Deputy Victor Vodolatsky also confirmed to Izvestia that it was very hard to imagine a direct confrontation between Russia and the United States.

Conflicts between Moscow and Washington are most likely to be played out in Syria, Isvetia continued. In that country, the U.S. is openly backing the terrorist gangs who have attacked the legitimate Syrian government.

In addition, as the Hillary Clinton email leaks have shown, the U.S. administration is well aware that their “ally” Saudi Arabia is financing and supplying ISIS. This is on top of the weapons and money which the U.S. has given so-called “moderate rebels,” who have all turned out to be ISIS-affiliates.

Russia, on the other hand, has directly intervened against the terrorists in Syria, throwing the U.S.-sponsored terrorists into a headline retreat. This has greatly angered the powers that be in Washington D.C., and is a major reason for the antagonism emanating from the warmongers in the Pentagon.

The West’s controlled media has long hated Russia because of that country’s promotion of healthy family values—as opposed to the West’s decadent promotion of every sort of mentally-ill sexual deviancy—and is thus always trying to stir up public opinion against Russia.

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  1. Ffs. Of course no nuclear. What would it achieve, huh? Loss for not only both sides, but a breathable world. Gee, nukes should never have been invented. No lebensraum for a polluted planet! No gains, total loss for human, animal and mineral. Fight like men used to fight if you must! TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!!!!

  2. “The West’s controlled media has long hated Russia because of that country’s promotion of healthy family values…and is thus always trying to stir up public opinion against Russia.”

    I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people on sites like this lionize Putin and Russia. Granted, anyone in as dire a situation as Whites are will naturally look for a savior, but he is NOT it. We’re going to have to save ourselves. Putin, on the other hand, is just another shill puppet controlled from behind the scenes taking orders just like the others. I was reading an article recently by the former four-time president of the Congress of Russian Americans. These are points from what he said.

    Putin is totally subservient to Zionists, with his personal handler being the Russian Federation’s (RF) chief rabbi, Berel Lazar, the holder of four citizenships.

    The country is firmly held by Jewish oligarchs and politicians. By Putin’s own admission, his government is 85% Jewish and has bragged that Lenin’s government in 1918 held the same percentage.

    Ten years ago, Putin installed a kosher kitchen in the Kremlin. (Probably to feed so many of his Jewish staffers and advisors.)

    Easily 75% of RF banking and media institutions are owned by Jews.

    Over half of RF billionaires are Jews.

    The “justice system” in RF is used to persecute ethnic Russians with “hate crime” laws, signed off on by Putin, for offenses such as nationalism, “extremism”, “xenophobia”, “anti-semtism”, and so on.

    During Putin’s reign, Russians have been dying out at close to one million per year.

    …And if you’re naive enough to believe that the Soviet Union actually “collapsed” and we now have a kinder, gentler Russian, then read Anatoly Golitsyn’s book, New Lies for Old and see that so-called Glasnost and Peristroika were massive frauds. The Soviet Union simply re-branded itself in a huge act of deception against the West. When the U.S. has outlived its usefulness to the Zionists, then Russia will attack, but it won’t be nuclear war, as the globalists want to inherit the whole earth, therefore, they won’t destroy it to the point that it can’t be repaired…only the people living on it.

    1. “I can’t for the life of me understand why so many people on sites like this lionize Putin and Russia.” —- You’re confusing Putin with Russia. I’ve no doubt that the USSR was rebranded by Jews and was pretty much left unchanged, except that many jews left for richer areas, for example the USA. But Russians deserve sympathy, just as whites do everywhere. Look at G’s comment: “Self-destruction and a job done for them – without pressing any buttons!” — Why would Russians want to ruin Europe and the USA? They have problems themselves with vast numbers of Moslems on the southern borders, and anti-white laws.
      You have to hand it to Jewish propagandists: whites still dance to the tunes of being anti-German, or anti-Russian, or anti-Italian, or anti-Protestant or Catholic, all the results of Jew propaganda.

      1. I never made any comment on Russian citizens. My statement was about Putin and the Russian government. I have friends in other countries, and I have to remind them that the U.S. government is NOT the American people and does not act in our name or with our consent on anything, especially foreign policy, 99.9% of the time. I know the Russian people, for the most part, probably don’t subscribe to Putin’s Soviet style philosophy, but that does them about as much good as Americans who disagree with our government. My point is that no one gets into the seat of the president, prime minister, emperor or anything else in today’s world without kissing the ring of the powers that be, and it would be very dangerous for the West to assume that Putin isn’t serving the same masters. All Putin’s recent predecessors like Yeltsin and Gorbechev have all gone on record and stated that they’re dyed in the wool communists. So is Putin. He’s approved “hate crime” and anti-semitism laws, along with all the other legislative maneuvers the Marxists that run most of the European countries have done. He bragged that his government is 85% Jews. He absolutely will do their bidding or he won’t be around for very long. Perhaps you heard that the entire Russian track and field team was banned from the Rio Olympics because of a massive doping and cheating program that was run and funded by the highest levels of the Russian government. It’s been discovered that Russia was running the same scheme all through the 2014 Sochi winter games, and the IOC is looking at stripping many medals from Russian athletes and redistributing them. The point is, Putin knew about all of this. Lying, cheating, passing Marxist legislation…this is the content of his character, and he should never be trusted. Communism faked it’s own death in 1991, and it’s looking to bring another Bolshevik revolution to Europe and the U.S.

  3. Russia? Well, they only have to sit back and wait for the USA and Europe to tear themselves apart as the sickness of Islam wraps itself around the indigenous populations. Self-destruction and a job done for them – without pressing any buttons!

  4. The Jews are implementing a very successful underhand job of inciting the whole of the western world to bring in “hate crime” laws for offenses such as nationalism, “extremism”, “xenophobia”, “anti-semitism”, and so on.
    Setting nation against nation, people against people, factions against factions – they slyly lurk in the shadows watching the outcome of their heinous plans.
    Evil surely is as evil does in the case of the Jews.
    It`s time the whole sorry anti-semitism excuse was blown wide open and the Jews exposed for what they truly are.

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