“We are Merkel’s Guests”

Nonwhite invaders pretending to be refugees in the town of Waldenburg, Germany, have refused to take employment, saying they are “Merkel’s guests” and don’t have to work.

Writing in a recent issue of the city’s official newspaper, the Stadtbote, Mayor Bernd Pohlers wrote that the invaders were “now part of everyday life in the city.”

lazy invaders

Their children attend the state-paid-for daycare Schatzkiste (“treasure chest”) in the city, and their older children go to school in Glauchau, where they are taught in the “DaZ classes” (German as a second language).

The invader adults also receive German instruction—divided by sex, so that males and females are taught separately, according to the Muslims’ demands—twice a week.

However, Mayor Pohlers said, plans for the “rapid integration” of the invaders into the labor market have hit a hitch.

“To help them find a job as quickly as possible, to counteract boredom, and to increase their acceptance by the public,” the city of Waldenburg arranged a number of job opportunities for the invaders, he wrote.

The “jobs” were, of course, artificially created, just like the vast majority of other “jobs” invented by other German authorities to try and pretend that the welfare-sponging nonwhite invasion force is contributing to the economy.

Therefore, Mayor Pohlers wrote, as of April 1, 2016, all adult male residents of the invader center “were able to participate in work in the town area.”

The first week went well, the mayor said. The invaders did not even have to pay to get to and from work, as free transport was provided by the town council at taxpayers’ expense.

However, by the second week, the invaders simply refused to take any further part in the work program.

“These people said that they are the guests of Mrs. Merkel, and that guests do not have to work,” Mayor Pohlers wrote.

He also revealed that the invaders had demanded that they be paid the minimum wage as well—even though their accommodation, food, clothing, transport, and pocket money was already being paid for in full by the state.

The town council arranged for a special meeting with the invaders to explain all of this, but there had been “no agreement” on the matter, and so all the “job opportunities” were terminated, the mayor said.

“The [town] administration, the building yard staff, and the Diakoniewerk [local church charity] sacrificed much time and a lot of effort to create a successful integration,” he added.

Mayor Pohlers admitted that he “knew that his words would cause some skeptics to say ‘we told you so,’ or something similar.”

He had however done his best to keep the townsfolk informed of the situation, and had “repeatedly called for fundraisers,” for the invaders, which had elicited a “great response.”

Therefore, he said, he sees it “as my duty to inform you [the town] of the current situation, even if it is difficult for me and I have been in many ways discouraged.”

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  1. Lefties like that mayor and his supporters, should be sentenced to life imprisonment for betraying their own people. Third worlders will NEVER integrate and are parasites! Deport the lot of them. Give them an inch and they take a mile!

    1. And who’s going to pay for that lifetime imprisonment? Off with his head, capital punishment, and be done with it. Just like his luvvie invaders do in their countries.

  2. this is the point where normal logical people would tell the “immigrants”:
    “well then, now you go home”
    and they shall be deported immediately. Airdropped in their origin country.

  3. Why would anyone want to have third
    worlders integrate. They do not belong
    in white countries anyway. European
    whites by genetics are only approximately 7% of the worlds population. We are the true minority and should be protected. Scum soros
    and the liberal leftists are causing hell
    on earth.

  4. I’m trying to keep an open mind about this never ending stream of migrants, maybe it will work out for the better, but they do everything in their power to shatter that sliver of hope.
    They should be sending them home if they so much as flinch. The ones that remain I’m sure will become a great asset to any nation that welcomes them.
    First test ban the Burka, you flinched gone.

    1. I already feel a lot like beeing culturally enriched by our “guests”: I don’t wear high heels when I go out, I wear sneakers in case I’ll have to run. I don’t visit festivals anymore. I don’t go swimming or jogging like I used to do a year ago, because I like sports. I swapped it for Krav Maga. I don’t visit my fathers grave when I’m alone. I lock the car while I’m driving, there have been cases of refugees trying to enter or steal from the back seat when you have to stop. Maybe the guests misunderstood why the woman in the car stopped in front of the red light. I’ve bought a kubotan and anti-dog-spray. Up to now, I had 3 encounters of 3rd degree with our friendly guests and I dare say I was very very lucky. What kind of cultural enrichment do you expect? Fried chimp&chips for takeaway while they jump up and down singing “awimborek”? Brother, wake up! “I can run fast, but my husband runs faster? “

  5. These retrogrades never had it so good! They dig in their heels and devote themselves to their favorite pursuits oppressing women, breeding, and praying! Only a few years from now, and they are going to vote. Democracy in action! And you my fellow Europeans will be outvoted. These are not people you can reason with. These are thin skinned wild eyed fanatics who hack people to death over a cartoon. Kindness is interpreted as weakness.
    You better wake up because there is no end to it

  6. Intergrate is not a word any of these people understand nor have they ever since the first landed on the shores of the UK. Take a trip around cities and large towns and you will see the ghettos. Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Caribbean and Africans have all done this in their time. Why else do they get their own people elected to Councils and Parliament. The lack of action by the taxpayers of Germany is why these cretins are getting away with their stupid demands. Merkel dictates and everyone is falling over themselves to support her.

  7. Hard to say if it’s too little, too late, but there is hope in small ways. Despite anything Merkel might say, as with the rest of the EU, finally there are signs of a fightback against Islamist supremacy. There will be much jumping up and down by Muslims on the news, but the country’s interior minister has announced his backing of a partial burqa ban.

    The Islamic full face veil “does not belong in our cosmopolitan country,” said Thomas de Maiziere, “we agree that we reject the burqa, we agree that we want to introduce a legal requirement to show one’s face in places where it is necessary for our society’s coexistence — at the wheel, at public offices, at the registry office, in school and universities, in the civil service, in court.”

    The French at least had the courage to be the first to ban the veil. A Muslima took the country to the European Court of Human Rights in an attempt to overturn the ban. But the much-criticised court not only upheld France’s ban, but ruled that the case was closed, and that no similar case would ever be considered in the future. Incidentally, the Muslima’s lawyers? BRITISH.

    Only Britain remains terrified of accusations of Islamophobia, afraid of its own shadow, crippled by political correctness, an obsession with “diversity”, and the last country in Europe clinging to the fantasy of multiculturalism.

    1. De Maiziere (?) is a scumbag of major proportions! This douche is the evil Frau Merkel’s advisor in things great and small. He is the one she listens to more than anyone else. He has to hang too!

    2. Next, there will be a ban of men wearing pants. The European court of Human Rights will uphold that as well. Well, I thought “Human Rights” means people can choose what they wear. Apparently not in the “Christian” land of Europe.

  8. I hope their days in Germany may be numbered, and the country begins to put right Merkel’s insanity. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. And this after Muslims decided to attack the one country in the world which rescued their sorry asses from their self-created hellholes in the Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia – not their rich Muslim “brothers” in countries like Saudi Arabia. But the patience of the Germans is now exhausted, and (although I hate to say it) two world wars proved that there is a much tougher side there than we have seen up until now. Mass deportations may be on the cards.

    1. Mass deportations? Great idea but having tasted western life they`d just turn round and we`d be sending boats out to pick them up again.

      1. I am hoping and hoping that these marauding Muslims have pushed the civilised peple of Europe too far, and with their patience exhausted, will just stick one or two fingers up to all the bleeding-heart liberals, the political and media elites, and the increasingly pointless Muslim-oil-financed United Nations.

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