“We like European Identity”—Putin

Russian president Vladimir Putin has openly declared himself on the side of those who oppose the nonwhite “refugee”-invasion of Europe, saying that Russia “likes” the position of “defend[ing] European identity.”


Putin’s remarks, made during a joint press conference with visiting Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Moscow yesterday, are the clearest indication yet that a new eastern European-based bloc is forming up against western European liberalism and the racial suicide of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her allies.

During the meeting the two leaders discussed a range of issues including the invasion of the European Union by millions of bogus refugees, and the role of terrorism in causing the invasion.

“The reason for the current refugee issue is the destabilization of states in entire world regions — Northern Africa, Afghanistan and other countries. In order to solve the refugee issue the prime cause should be eliminated. The countries’ statehood, economy and social sphere must be restored so that people can live in their own country or return there,” Putin said.

He added that he shared Orban’s views on the causes of the refugee crisis, saying that their opinions “largely coincide” and that the “position of Hungary and its prime minister, which is to defend European identity, the identity of one’s country and people, is likable to us.”

The EU already has formal sanctions against Russia since July 2014, when “restrictive measures” were imposed in response to the ongoing conflict in the Ukraine, which the EU blames on Russia.

According to those sanctions, EU nationals and companies are forbidden from making major financial investments in Russian state banks, energy or defense companies, or from selling or buying arms or items which could have military applications. In addition, it is illegal to sell equipment and technology used for certain types of oil exploration and production to Russia.

Although the Hungarian government initially supported the EU sanctions against Russia, Orban said yesterday at the press conference that the time to extend the sanctions had passed, and that more EU countries are starting to oppose the restrictions on Moscow.

“I believe that this period is behind us… I think that in 2016, by mid-year, it will be impossible for the European Union to automatically extend the sanctions… All the countries of the EU are beginning to understand that it is necessary to cooperate. I think there is a chance that we will work together,” Orban said.

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  1. I’d love to see the eastern bloc leave the EU, then the UK vote out in the promised referendum, and the whole thing crumble to dust.!

      1. Well I didn’t want to say, but that’s another reason I wish the whole thing would collapse 🙂
        Things were better before November 9th 1989, I’d like to see a Europe which resembled the ’88 map.!

      2. They are not leaving , With regards to Russia they won’t vote along Merkel’s line any more. Let’s face it she is a has been whose idea are greatly mistrusted these days.

  2. As a young woman I have to say I absolutely LOVE this man! He stands up for his country and would defend it till the death as would the Hungarian prime minister. I just wish we had a leader like this in the UK, Cameron is a total bitch who will do whatever the big boys at the European union tell him to do whilst women in our countries have to wear an iron chastity belt just to protect ourselves from the ‘enrichment’

  3. The Soviet Union is a pleasant place to live in, and their leaders have no desire to upset that state of affairs. They do respect their Treaties with neighbouring States and that must be admired in a time when Western Leaders find marauding their own States a rewarding occupation.

  4. Merkel and Holland did not see that coming. And what if Russia offered to help Greece defend it’s borders against the invasion from Turkey ? All Merkel thinks about is with some more lies ‘we can still do it’. Cracks are forming in Europe. The EU will fall apart thanks to Merkel’s not so clever invasion. Germans will be paying for a long time.

    1. I think both Merkel and Hollande would prefer good relations with them, it’s just they’re both bound by PC and happens to be an alliance which opposes Russia.

      1. It’s a battle of old commies , both worked in East Germany. Merkel wished to be a bully towards these former USSR menbers. Mr Putin is using ‘honey’ . Now Merkel has to stop acting like an ugly old witch to these former USSR countries. It’s a win win move for these old allies to help end sanctions against Russia and weaken Merkels place.

  5. I would much prefer to have leaders like Mr Oban or President Putin who are loyal to their countries and people. It’s a disgrace what the EU is dishing out. We do not want to be Islamised. So send Allah’s Army back.

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