“We live in France, but with the Rules of Saudi Arabia”—FN Leader

ouilefranceThe colonization of France has proceeded to the point where pork is no longer served in airlines, school canteens, the public administration, food aid, and other places because of pressure from Muslim immigrants, the leader of the Front National has told Russian television.

Speaking during a special interview broadcast on the RTV service, Marine le Pen said that immigration was “not only an economic problem.

“This is a problem of national unity,” she said.

“We let people in, a huge number of people; I’m talking here of legal immigrants, but there are also the illegal immigrants.

“So when you have 300,000 or 400,000 people, with a different culture, with a different religion, and with different customs, this shakes the French people who feel compelled to adapt themselves; their lifestyles, to a culture that is different from them.

“Let me give you one example: for a few years now in airlines, in school canteens, in public administration, in food aid, there is no pork anymore. That’s it.

“Why? To answer the demands of extremists, Muslim extremists, who rely on massive immigration to support their claim. And we live in France, but we need to live with rules of Qatar and Saudi Arabia. And for me, that’s a huge problem.”

The FN leader, who won nearly 18 percent of the vote in the last French presidential elections, also said that immigration had caused unemployment and lowered wages in France.

“The labour market, as the name implies, is a market. So it works with demand and supply.

“When there are officially 5 million unemployed people in France and you legally let in 200,000 people in France per year, it creates more competition.

“When you have 10 people competing for one job, then you have lower wages. When you have 10 jobs for 1 person, then it increases wages. So immigration is used to lower salaries.

“And there is a problem, all those people, when they arrive, how will they live? They live thanks to our solidarity. They live thanks to a system of social protection that is reaching its end.

“We cannot take care of all those people. We cannot educate their children freely. We cannot bring them healthcare freely. We cannot provide them with housing freely.

“We have reached a limit, an economic and psychological limit. We have already gone beyond that limit.”

The energetic FN leader also said that there was an inexorable rise in feeling against the European Union because people were finding out that it “doesn’t protect them from economic, social, or migratory difficulties.

“And I think that the increase in patriotism, to managing a country’s own affairs, to control of borders, whether it’s human, capital, or product flows is irreversible.”

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  1. “The alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher, but you will sink lower and lower. 44 He will lend to you, but you will not lend to him. He will be the head, but you will be the tail. Deuteronomy 28:43-44 (NIV)

  2. The French and soon the English will lose their countries to Islam. They have only themselves to blame for this as the people have elected their government, and it has been government policy that has allowed the Islamic vermin to take over. There will either be a civil war needed to cleanse Islam from Europe and England or the countries will perish under Islamic rule.

    1. Whole areas of England were turned into cesspits years ago. Successive goverments tiptoe around Moslimes as they try to impose more and more of the peculiarities of their “religion of peace”….. Cue – hollow laughs.
      Crass idiots like Cameron remain oblivious to the Islamic treats in store for us all as stated in the Q`uran.

  3. Not sure of the connection between Muslims working and declining wages. In my personal experience (having lived and worked!) in the Middle East, the Muslim is naturally averse to work as ‘work’ would be interpreted in the West. Sure, they have their market stalls and shops but the concept of working for a large company ‘on the shop floor, in a pair of overalls’ is far from their contemplation. The Muslim comes to Europe/UK expecting to be supported in every way, that’s the nature of Islam as the ‘only’ faith.

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