‘We’ll Kick Out 100K Invaders per Year’: Next Would-Be Italian PM

Matteo Salvini, the popular leader of Italy’s Lega Nord (“Northern League”) party and who is widely tipped as a serious contender to be Italy’s next prime minister after elections in two months’ time, has vowed to kick out at least 100,000 African invaders from Italy every year for his five year term of office.

“There are half a million irregular migrants in Italy. All of them need to be sent home,” Mr Salvini told La Repubblica newspaper.

“In Italy, there are too many illegal immigrants who go around making a mess, I cannot take it anymore,” Salvini told the host of Dimartedì political talk show that aired on La7 news channel. “There are those who use the aircraft to bring immigrants to Italy. I would use them to bring them back home.”

Salvini dismissed suggestions that his party was xenophobic, arguing that he was trying to prevent the rise of racism by tackling the problem of illegal immigrants.

“The only antidote to racism is to control, regulate and limit immigration. There are millions of Italians in economic difficulty. Italians are not racist, but out-of-control immigration brings with it far from positive reactions. We want to prevent that,” he said.

The next Italian elections are due in March this year, and Salvini’s party, the Northern League, is in a formal alliance with former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi’s “Let’s Go Italy” (Forza Italia), the “Brothers of Italy” (Fratelli d’Italia) party under Giorgia Meloni, and the “Us with Italy” (Noi con l’Italia)  party under Raffaele Fitto.

The latest opinion poll—carried out on January 24—puts the collation well ahead at 39 percent of the national vote—a near record in Italian politics. The “Five Star Movement” follows with 27.4 percent, and the outgoing government—a center-left alliance—at 26.1 percent.

Traditionally, the party in an alliance in Italy choses the next prime minister, so there is friendly competition between the Lega Nord and Forza Italia to see who polls the most votes of the two. If, as the Lega Nord hopes, they come out on top, then Salvini could very well become prime minister.

It is in Salvini’s favor that Berlusconi—who has previously served as prime minister of Italy—cannot  put himself forward as  a candidate because he is still subject to a ban on holding public office as a result of a tax fraud conviction.

Berlusconi, who remains leader of Forza Italia, has so far—unusually—said nothing about who he might nominate for the office of prime minister should his party outpoll the Lega Nord—indicating perhaps that he will be quite happy for Salvini to take the reins.

The Lega Nord is a mixed bag party, ideologically speaking.  Founded as a northern Italian separatist party, the League traditionally never even campaigned in the south, condemning that region on account of its higher crime rates, welfare dependency, and regarding it as a drain on the richer, more advanced north.

However, since Salvini took over the party, it has dropped the demands for an independent north, and started campaigning in the south as well.

Ironically, Iwobi is as fiercely opposed to the flood of Africans pouring into Italy as Salvini is, telling media that there is an “invasion of illegal immigrants” and that it is madness to import “new poor people without being able to guarantee them a future.”

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  1. I didn’t know that Matteo Salvini dropped the demand for the separation of the northern part of Italy from the southern part of Italy. I thought that it was a good idea.

    If he becomes prime minister, we’ll see what he does regarding immigration. He does seem to be on the right track, although the appointment of a Nigerian immigrant looks strange to me. I thought that Salvini was a dedicated Italian nationalist.

    The problem is that whenever anybody tries to bend over backwards to not look “racist,” he tends to not do the things that might be necessary for the survival of his people. For example, he might not send back to their countries enough non-Italian immigrants to make Italy Italian again.

    Time will tell.

    1. Every one of them should be deported, using Force if necessary… they are in Italy to live off the taxpayers, and they bring their vile, uncivilised cultural ways wnd hatred of the west with them. They DO NOT belong in western first world countries full stop, they are largely inbred possessing low IQ’s between 60 and 80, which translates as borderline deficient, or to put it less kindly, they are morons. They are uneducated, unskilled and most are totally illiterate of their own language, they are highly unlikely to ever be able to learn to read and write the spoken language of the new country they wish to start a new life in. They are unemployable and will live their entire lives off welfare handouts, crime, etc…. Even if they do find emplyment it will be so low skilled that they will pay little tax, and will always take from the system far more than they ever pay in.

  2. Since Nigerian corruption is notorious, brought to light by the massive postal ballot and registration fraud in previous UK elections, Salvini’s choice for immigration minister is like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse. It calls Salvini’s “Italian nationalism” into question, as does his goal of repatriating only 100,000 invaders a year, which seems a bit feeble. It makes you wonder if he is yet another Globalist plant to deflect western anger at their treasonous politicians.

    1. Well I suppose its better than no deportations, but as you say even this number is feeble in comparison to the massive numbers of third world freeloaders who have flooded into Italy, and Europe. We have got to learn to be less politically correct, we must also find a way of dealing with the “open borders” liberals who are destroying western nations. There is also the issue that a growing number of African and Middle Eastern countries are refusing to take back their own nationals.
      What do we do with the massive numbers of illegal immigrants that have landed on our shores who have destroyed their paperwork making it difficult to send them back to nations that are already refusing to take back even their own people without vital documentation ? Why should it be our responsibility to give a home to someone who has deliberately abandoned their own country and then destroyed all evidence ? They would of course then become stateless, which apparently is illegal to bestow on anyone, but they chose to do this, its NOT OUR FAULT, enough is enough. I think the world is going to have to find special zones, a holding facility in which these immigrants must be forced to remain, until such time that we can establish where they are from and repatriate them. If it takes years to do this then so be it, but its not the answer to keep allowing them to abandon their country of birth, move across the globe to more affluent countries and then demand to be housed, fed and kept at the tax payers expense indefinately…..Its disgusting, Europe will fall shortly if these beggars are not returned.

      Africa – 1.3 billion population increasing year by year.
      Asia – 4.6 Billion – increasing too year by year
      The Middle East around 430 million plus…..The Western world cannot even take in 1% of these immigrants…….

      I believe the only way forward is to set up a zone for stateless

      1. Or just let them know that any invader who destroys their identity papers will be automatically deported to Pakistan, one of the largest recipients of foreign aid in the world, whose aid will be immediately cut off if they refuse to accept them.

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