White Americans Being Overrun at Public Schools, But Majority at Private Schools

New figures which show that white pupils are now officially the minority in US state schools hide the fact that their real numbers have remained nearly constant, and it is only the nonwhite immigration invasion which is fundamentally shifting racial demographics in that country.


According to recently released figures by the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics, whites are already the minority of all state school students, five years ahead of earlier predictions.

However, this fact—given some prominence by the controlled media—hides the fact that whites make up the vast majority of private school and homeschooled pupils, whose combined figures are now in the region of over seven million strong.

According to the official figures, contained in a report titled Projections of Education Statistics to 2022, enrolments for the 2014–15 school year will mark the threshold when nonwhites will officially become the majority of pupils.

This massive racial demographic shift has largely been driven by the flooding of America by invaders from central and South America.

The figures also show a steady decline in the numbers of white pupils since the mid-1990s and a broadly stable number of black pupils, but a sharply rising number of pupils identified as “Hispanic.”

The report shows that the number of Hispanic pupils has more than doubled over the past two decades and is projected to continue rising in the next decade.

It means that in autumn 2014 the proportion of white pupils is expected to have fallen below 50 percent for the first time, with about 26 percent of pupils being Hispanic and 15 percent black.

There are also smaller ethnic groups of Asian pupils, Native Americans and Pacific Islanders. Fewer than 3 percent are identified as mixed race.

The figures show how the increase in the Hispanic population has changed the demography of the school population, rising from 14 percent of pupils in the mid-1990s and forecast to reach 30 percent by the mid-2020s.

In the mid-1990s, white pupils represented almost 65 percent of pupils in the US state school system. The projections show that by the mid-2020s that figure will be about 45 percent.

However, Federal government figures classify all those from North Africa and the Middle East as “white” as well, and also allows racial self-classification. This means that the official statistics will in any event be open to a wide margin of error.

The decrease in the number of whites in public schools has been matched by a proportionate increase in the number of whites in private schools, many of whom are obviously fleeing the increasingly chaotic social and educational milieu caused by the Third World influx.

But the Pew Research Center, which analyses public policy and social trends, has highlighted how there is a very different pattern in private schools, with a high proportion of white pupils. About one in 10 pupils attends a private school.

According to official figures, there are 30,861 private schools in the United States, serving 5.3 million students. Private schools account for 24 percent of the nation’s schools and enroll 10 percent of all students. Some 71.2 percent of all pupils in the private school system are white.

In addition, there are some 1.5 million homeschooled children in the US. According to the 2012 Statistical Abstract released by the US Census Bureau, homeschool parents are, compared to the American school parents as a whole, more likely to be white and have a four-year college degree, and have a household of two parents and at least three children.

In other words, the demographic crisis facing European America is not so much a failure on the part of white Americans to reproduce, but rather a result of the Third World invasion of that nation.

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  1. I feel for parents in this country with school age children. I have children who are now in their late twenties and even back then we had to pay for private schools. Instead of a cafeteria then should have a demilitarized zone for the innocents.

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