White British Children Ethnically Cleansed from Schools in Major UrbanAreas

White British children have been effectively ethnically cleansed from most schools in greater London, Birmingham, Manchester, and parts of South Yorkshire and East Lancashire, with no less than 1,755 institutions—or one out of nine schools across the country—now having majority “non-English speaking pupils.”

While some of these “non-English speaking pupils” might be of Eastern European extraction, the vast majority are from the Third World, as a sampling of one of the now overrun schools reveals.

According to official statistics released by the UK government’s Department of Education, the Maidenhall primary school in Luton, just to the north of London, boasts a total of 98.9 percent of pupils who do not speak English as their first language.

According to the report, children at that school speak no fewer than 14 different languages, including Pahari, Urdu, Bengali, Punjabi, Somali, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Arabic, and Pashto. A small smattering speak Polish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Head teacher at that school, Yasmine Dhillon, was quoted by media as saying that “Some of them have never seen the written word. At home the parents may not have any books, and when they come to us some of them only have words or phrases in English.”

The “Top Twenty” overrun schools, as identified by the Department of Education, provide a good indication of the regions of Britain affected:

1. Sacred Heart Primary School, Sandwell, Birmingham: 99% non-English-speaking.

2. Field Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School, Kirklees, Yorkshire: 98.9% non-English-speaking.

3. Maidenhall Primary School, Luton: 98.9 non-English-speaking.

4. Ashfield Valley Primary School, Rochdale, Greater Manchester: 98.8% non-English-speaking.

5. Purlwell Infant and Nursery School, Kirklees, Yorkshire: 98.8% non-English-speaking.

6. Guru Nanak Academy, Hillingdon, Greater London: 98.7% non-English-speaking.

7. Redlands Primary School, Tower Hamlets, London: 98.6% non-English-speaking.

8. Keighley St Andrew’s CofE Primary School and Nursery, Bradford, Yorkshire: 98.6% non-English-speaking.

9. Heybrook Primary School, Rochdale, Greater Manchester: 98.5% non-English-speaking.

10. Lomeshaye Junior School, Lancashire: 98.5% non-English-speaking.

11. Altmore Infant School, Newham, London: 98.3% non-English-speaking.

12. St Philip’s CofE Primary School, Bradford, Yorkshire: 98.3% non-English-speaking.

13. Denbigh Primary School, Luton: 98.1% non-English-speaking.

14. Bradford Moor Community Primary School, Bradford, Yorkshire: 97.8% non-English-speaking.

15. Manorfield Infant and Nursery School, Kirklees, Yorkshire: 97.8% non-English-speaking.

16. Khalsa Primary School, Slough, Greater London: 97.8% non-English-speaking.

17. Montgomery Primary Academy, Birmingham: 97.7% non-English-speaking.

18. Savile Town Church of England Voluntary Controlled Infant and Nursery School, Kirklees, Yorkshire: 97.6% non-English-speaking.

19. Hyrstmount Junior School, Kirklees, Yorkshire: 97.6% non-English-speaking.

20. Springfield Primary School, Birmingham: 97.6% non-English-speaking.

In more than 200 schools, more than 90 percent of pupils do not speak English as their mother tongue—around 1.1 million children.

These figures do not include the children of already settled Third World immigrants, who are classed as “English-speaking,” so the actual total of nonwhite British pupils for the entire country is even less than what the official figures say.

Some 968 of the 1,755 schools are in London, 290 are in the greater Birmingham area, 172 are in the Greater Manchester/Lancashire area, and 162 are in the southern part of Yorkshire.

The trend, noted before in London and Birmingham, means that within two generations, white British people will be sliding towards minority status in their own country.

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  1. We have been made to feel guilty for being white. This is a very bad experiment by some very wealthy people who want to play with the creation of mankind.Read (The Frankfurt school of subversion) This is where our curriculum has come from .Which is why you see no real fire in the belly of our people.I am really frightened for my grandchildren and all white people of the world unless we rise up and stop this.Getting out of the EU could help it would free the other EU countries from the Lisbon treaty.Good luck.

  2. Where are you going to go? Immigration is only for Western countries. My friends have tried moving to the pleasant E. Asian countries. Even if you get permanent residency through marriage, good luck getting work.

  3. Nature has shown that the rats, cockroaches, vermin in general is exterminating the song birds, butterflys our native species, and we as race the white European is going the same way.
    How do immigrants from third World countrys on less than £5.00
    a week come here and get the money to open a corner shop?
    The tidal wave of Heroin ould that be anything to do with it.
    It would be unsafe to say or more accurately against the law to sujjest it as a common denominator.
    The cats heads found near curry mile in Manchester must of humored our Asian guests as they served up our pets to us.
    Asian gangs raping young English girls, how much more are you willing to put up with, the only way to save what we once called Great Britain is to Vote Nationalist. Racism is ignorance but the biggest racists are the immigrants and words wont stop the destuction of this Country, I am no intelectual but its quite obvious that they come here for a better way of life because they cant make there own country decent and are dragging this one down. Look at Berlin schools, infact all of our citys 97% immigrants children in so many schools.
    I've advised my Sons and Daughters to get the hell out of this Country and I curse the politicians who's greed let this happen its just more consumers for there paymasters.

  4. Now the exam boards are going to discuss changing exam times because of ramadan.Oh and sandwell is not in birmingham it comes under sandwell and Dudley.

  5. I read your book and loved your book fearing God was apart of your faith defenders and I never seen it so clear now … thank you and God bless

  6. I hated living in London for this very reason, the lack of community, the segregation, the feeling of not belonging, the open racism from mainly blacks towards whites which was absolutely ignored by the media and authorities.
    Visit Norway for Norwegian culture, visit Switzerland to experience Swiss culture, visit London for…..museums to experience British culture?

  7. Yes so very sad……You have a choice…vote UKIP and hope they can stop this if it not already too late. I'm from Germany and thank God we did not have so many colonies because that is where all the non-whites races come from. even here we have the boot licking anti white liberals and make no mistake,it seems to me that the moment a politician is elected into office, they turn on us. ALL POLITICIANS, left and centre right.

  8. one school in Birmingham this week announced they would be having a four day week, off on fridays to make it easier to go to prayer….

  9. Like rats streaming onto the boat, only to find their sure weight pulling it down into the dark depths of the abyss…

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