White Identity: A Discussion with Jared Taylor

Jared-TaylorJared Taylor is the world-renowned American race-realist who runs the “American Renaissance” organisation. Here, in this exclusive interview, he discusses race, IQ, the fate of the West…and more.

1.  Your latest book is called “White Identity.”  What is white identity?

          If there actually were such a thing as white identity, it would be the equivalent of spontaneous fellow-feeling that people of other races have for each other. It would be similar to the sense of racial solidarity that characterizes American or British blacks, for example.

          I reply in the subjunctive mood because whites are the only race that does not have a sense of racial identity. Every other race and even ethnic group has a clear sense of its interests and does not hesitate to advance those interests. I believe that if whites are unable to rekindle the sense of their interests that was once universal among them, they will be dispossessed by other groups that have a very keen sense of their interests.

          The most obvious form of dispossession is to give up one’s homeland to aliens. All majority-white countries, with the possible exception of Iceland, have admitted large numbers of non-white immigrants who are a clear threat to national identity.

          I wrote White Identity to encourage and promote racial consciousness among whites. The book is mainly about the United States, but the message is a universal one. Readers in Britain or Norway or Australia will find the book addressed as much to them as to Americans.

2. We can all agree that the last few decades have seen European Western Man lose his way. Why do you think this has happened?

          This is the great, unanswered question of our age. I have tried to reason it out and I have failed. A number of historical factors helped us lose our way, but they do not add up to a real explanation. For example, it is possible to trace a profound dispiritedness among whites back to the First World War. Many Europeans were shocked that the people of their civilization had unleashed such horrible slaughter on themselves. An entire generation lost faith in Europe because of the war.

          The Second World War had a similar effect, to which was added the fact that the defeat of fascism discredited militant nationalism. Some people would add that certain Jewish movements have actively tried to undermine the moral foundations for white racial consciousness. Others blame the universalist teachings of Christianity, which are not usually interpreted as permitting national or racial distinctions: we are all equal before God.

          I do not think these explanations are sufficient, even in combination. We have an instinctive loyalty to family, to those with whom we are genetically close. Our race is our extended family, and its boundaries are marked by clearly visible physical traits. For an entire race to have lost this sense of kinship, to have lost sight of boundaries, is without historical precedent.

          For whatever reason, most whites have completely lost the ability to say to non-whites, “This is our nation (or neighborhood or institution) and we will keep it for ourselves and our descendants.” Unless we regain this ability, whites and their civilization will not survive. We have built some of the most pleasant and successful societies in the history of the world, so it is natural that people from failed societies would want to come live with us. Because we have lost the ability to abide by racial boundaries, we run the risk of being overrun.

          It is clear from their actions that whites do not want to be overrun. They do not willingly live among nonwhites, nor do they marry or socialize a great deal with. However, most would be unwilling to admit this, and since they are unable to articulate even the most basic principles necessary for their survival, they do not have the will to maintain white majorities, whether locally or nationally.

          In this respect, whites are “too nice.” They are unable to deny to non-whites what must be denied. Non-whites are different. It is impossible to imagine India or Algeria letting in large numbers of racial aliens or—yet more absurdly—instituting government-sponsored preference programs for these aliens.

          Without a racial identity, whites will never be able to act together to ensure our continuation as a people. Once we are pushed aside or reduced to minorities in what were once our homelands, our culture, our history, our folkways, our stories, our songs, our heroes, our heritage will all be forgotten. Our civilization can be carried forward only the biological heirs of the people who created it.

3.  In a video interview (video below) you gave during the Amren 2012 conference, you said that the first step all European nations must take to preserving their integrity is to halt immigration. Assuming this could be done, is it not true that the sheer numbers of Third Worlders already legally resident in most European nations will inevitably (due to their higher fecundity) become the majority anyway? What can be done?

          This is a serious problem. However, a healthy government could take some basic measures to ensure national-racial continuity. It would not be difficult to encourage all illegal immigrants to leave. If they are denied employment and welfare, most will go home. Those who do not can be sent home. It would also be possible to strip anyone with dual citizenship of his European citizenship. Immigrants who have become European citizens could be offered money to renounce citizenship and return home. At the same time, there could be subsidies to encourage child-bearing by native European.

          All these measures are practical and humane. They are obvious first steps to ensuring European majorities. In the current political climate, of course, no European country will take them, since they require that essential missing ingredient: white identity.

4. You are very familiar with the Japanese and Japanese culture. What is the secret of their success?  Is it true that they have started to allow non-Japanese immigration?

          You are asking the wrong question. The Japanese are no different from the Chinese or Koreans or Malaysians or Iranians or Mexicans or any other non-white people. They refuse dispossession. The real question is not what is the secret of their success but what is the secret of our failure—and as noted above I am baffled by that secret.

          It is true that Japan has begun to allow some immigration, but the numbers are very small. Japan has an extremely low birthrate, and faces much international pressure to admit immigrants, but most Japanese would far rather cope with a declining population than see their country overrun with Filipinos and Iraqis. Japanese are normal; we are crazy.

5. Many claim that it is insulting to talk about race and IQ.  Do you feel insulted about the fact that some East Asian peoples have higher IQs on average than Europeans? If not, why not?

          “Comparisons are odious,” my grandmother used to say, and she was right. Comparisons of different races and their IQs are particularly odious, but we are forced to make those comparisons. That is because whenever blacks or Arabs or Latin Americans live among whites they are unable to achieve white level economic success. They then accuse whites of “racism,” and to the extent that whites believe this, they feel guilty and set up schemes to discriminate against their own people.

          It is clear that different groups have different average levels of IQ, and that this largely accounts for differences in achievement. Even if they know this to be true, most whites are incapable of saying so openly. Again, they are too “nice.” They are afraid to hurt feelings, but they must hurt feelings if there is to be justice in multi-racial societies. Until whites are able to speak openly of racial differences, they will be blamed for the failures of non-whites.

          In my experience, most whites are more open to the idea that they have a lower average IQ than Asians than to the idea that they have a higher average IQ than blacks. This is another strange trait. Most groups clutch at even the flimsiest excuses for thinking themselves better than others. Think of rivalries between colleges or cities or sports teams or political parties. It is normal to puff up one’s own group and cry down others. And yet, when it comes to race, whites are afraid to think well of themselves. This is part of the lack of white identity I noted earlier.

          As for North Asians, I believe it is a fact of nature that they are smarter, on average, than whites. I believe it is a fact of nature that West Africans are better sprinters and East Africans are better distance runners than whites. It is not a question of being insulted but of better understanding our world. I believe that knowledge is always better than ignorance, and that we should pursue the truth wherever it leads.

6. Could you tell us what your purpose is with Amren and the New Century Foundation: what would you like it to achieve/have achieved?

          Their purpose is the same as that of my latest book, White Identity: to wake up white people all around the world to the crisis of dispossession they face. AR and NCF are devoted to the legitimate group interests of whites. Although education and politics often go hand in hand, American Renaissance is primarily an educational organization rather than a political movement.

7. We all understand that without political power, there is little we can do about the situation. What are your views of political action.

          I agree that unless whites are able to assert their rights politically, they face oblivion. For political action to be successful there has to be educational preparation, which has been the purpose of American Renaissance. It does no good to run white-advocacy candidates if no part of the electorate understands race.

          I think that certainly in the United States and in many European countries, there has been enough education about race for explicitly white candidates to succeed. I have toyed with the idea of running for office, but have never done so and probably never will. Some people have a personality or turn of mind that is suitable for politics but I think I do not.

          Whites in the English-speaking world have been woefully behind our continental cousins. Virtually every European nation has a party of what is called the “extreme Right,” that works for national, cultural, and ethnic continuity, even if not in so many words. In America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, we have virtually nothing. In Britain, the BNP was poised for a breakthrough, but appears to be tearing itself apart.

          In the United States, at least, I believe the times are promising for racially conscious white candidates at local levels. There is no reason why attractive whites cannot be elected to such offices as city council or school board. It is a mystery to me why so few candidates have come forward.

          There is a mood of frustration among whites that, I believe, is waiting for a way to express itself. Illegal immigration, racial preferences, the transformation of the United States into a Third-World country—these cause justifiable anger that could be tuned into high levels of support for moderate, pro-white candidates.

          However, such candidates should run for offices they have a chance of winning. I do not believe in symbolic and futile campaigns for President of governor. We must start small, and not be afraid of the hard, often boring work of stuffing envelopes, canvassing neighborhoods, and speaking to even the smallest audiences.

          I am among those who think salvation will come through catastrophe, that when the world economic system collapses white racial consciousness will somehow sprout from the ruins. We must work within the economy and the political system we have, and not pray for either miracles or catastrophe. The deck is heavily stacked against us, but our goal is, I believe the most noble one for which any of us can work: the survival of our people.

The American Renaissance website can be found here.

Jared Taylor’s book, White Identity, can be found here. 

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  1. Never heard of this guy before, and possibly neither have many others in the UK which is a great pity.
    Everything he says is so true and makes sense on every level…… probably why he`s not known here.
    TPTB in the UK dislike anyone considered to be on the right `stirring things up` as they see it.
    Even trying to openly discuss such issues means being instantly reviled as a raacist, xenophobe etc; ad nauseam.
    Jared Taylor is unlikely to receive an official invitation to speak here.

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