White Man Dies After Beating by “Bored” Black Thugs—No “Hate Crime” of Course

An innocent white man who was viciously beaten for no reason at all by six black thugs in Cincinnati died from his wounds this week—but there has been no media outcry, presidential and attorney general intervention, marches about “racism,” or retaliation attacks upon blacks—in sharp contrast to the events surrounding the Trayvon Martin case.


Pat Mahaney, 46, died in the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The six black thugs, all 13 or 14 years old, told police after their arrest that they had attacked the white man “because they were bored and looking for something to do.”

Two were sentenced to probation last month; three have pleaded guilty to felonious assault, and one is contesting the charges and may go to trial.

Mahaney, who had been distraught and neglected his health since the August attack, became sick last week, his family told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

He was returning to his home in the Cincinnati suburb of North College Hill on Aug. 11 when the teens ambushed him, knocking him unconscious while taking turns pummeling him in the head and face.

He suffered severe internal injuries and a black eye, and may have died had a neighbor not scared off the attackers. He spent several weeks in the hospital.

Imagine for a second if the races of the attackers and the victim had been reversed.

Consider what the controlled media outcry would have been had six “bored” whites viciously attacked, at random, a passing black pedestrian. The cries of “racism” would by now have been heard all around the world.

The President would have intervened, claiming that the victim “could have been his son,” and the attorney general would have sidestepped the local police and ordered a senior investigation and a special prosecution.

The TV stations would broadcast it day and night, and provide real time live coverage of the court proceedings, have panel discussions on the topic, and inflame angry mobs all around the country.

But in the twisted, vicious, anti-white world of the controlled media, white victims count for nothing, and so there will be no coverage apart from a few local rags, of the death of Pat Mahaney.

It’s all part of the ongoing genocidal race war against whites in America.

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    1. What the hell do you expect when you let Jews essentially take over your country? This was a 90% White country before the Jew instigated Hart/Celler act and all of the “sibble rites” and apefirmative action. That’s what has happened to the country.

  1. It’s no different here in the UK. The authorities are scared to death of being labelled ‘racist’ so nearly all confrontation with non-white people side stepped. You will have heard of the horrendous abuse cases in northern cities carried out by non whites that have been ignored for years or the blame put on the victims.

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