White Man Who Halted Masked Black Thug’s “Flame Attack” At Charlottesville Charged

The white man who discharged his firearm into the ground to stop a masked black thug from attacking and burning people with a flammable spray at the Charlottesville rally has been arrested and charged after a video of the incident emerged over the past weekend.

The man, a 52-year-old named Richard Preston, has been charged with discharging a firearm within 1,000 feet of a school. If convicted, it could earn him a felony conviction.
The incident occurred as the white people were peacefully marching to the rally assembly area. As a group came through a narrow opening, a still unidentified masked black thug started spraying a flammable substance from a large can he was holding, and, after setting the spray alight, used the improvised flame thrower as a deadly weapon to try and set fire to the white people.
After several whites had failed to stop the black attacker—mostly by trying to disarm him with flagpoles—Preston drew his openly-carried firearm.
The white man then pointed his firearm in the direction of the black attacker, and after warning him verbally, fired one shot into the ground. The masked black thug immediately stopped trying to set fire to the whites, and vanished into the crowd.

Although the firearm discharge was clearly meant to defend innocent people from the attack and potential serious injury—and was only needed after nearby police officers refused to intervene to stop the black attacker—it is now the white man who has been identified and arrested.

Preston was arrested this past Saturday in Maryland following a fugitive warrant issued in Virginia, and was being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center.
Two other whites have been arrested in connection with the rally in Charlottesville. According to police, Alex Michael Ramos and Daniel Patrick Borden have both been charged with malicious wounding. Those arrests also follow an unprovoked attack by so-called antifa thugs and the two are expected to plead self-defense.
Meanwhile, James Alex Fields Jr. remains in custody on second-degree murder charges which stem from the now infamous car-ramming incident at the rally. It is still unclear exactly what happened in this incident, and doubtless the full details will emerge when his trial starts.

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