White Police Blamed for Black Marijuana Abuse in New York

The Jewish head of the American Civil Liberties Union in the state of New York, Donna Lieberman, has blamed the (white-dominated) police in that state of racism for “targeting people of color for marijuana possession” after official figures showed that blacks are nearly five times more likely to be arrested for the crime than whites, and that the disparity is much wider in the state’s most populous counties.


In Monroe County, for example, a black is six and a half times more likely to be arrested on a marijuana charge than whites, according to the report, put out by the New York Civil Liberties Union, which analyzed FBI data from 2001 to 2010.

Statewide, black people are four and a half times more likely to be arrested for marijuana, and in parts of New York City, they are nine times more likely to be arrested.

New York leads the nation in marijuana arrests, with 103,698 possession arrests in 2010, the report said. The state with the second highest total, Texas, had 74,286. In New York, there are 535 arrests per 100,000 people, a rate that is double the national average.

Quoted in local media, Lieberman said that “In all corners of New York State, police are targeting people of color for marijuana possession arrests.

“Arresting and jailing thousands of people for possessing small amounts of marijuana does not make safer streets. It only needlessly disrupts people’s lives and fosters distrust between the police and the communities they are sworn to serve.”

In other words, Lieberman and her organization want the police to stop arresting black people for possession of drugs, and imply that the disproportionate arrest rate is the result of some sort of secret racist conspiracy on the part of the police.

This allegation is, of course, a complete lie. The reality is that more blacks are arrested for drug possession simply because they have a higher rate of criminality, and not because the police “target people of color.”

David Harder, sheriff of Broome County in upstate New York, where a black person is nearly six times as likely to get arrested on a marijuana charge than a white person, was quoted as saying that his force’s drug arrests are typically a result of information obtained by informants. The officers do not take race into consideration, he said.

“We don’t target any particular color,” Harder said. “We just look at whoever is dealing, and that’s who we go after.”

The racial disparities in drug and crime statistics are so persistent that leftist anti-whites like  Lieberman want to go even further and decriminalize those acts for which blacks are most often arrested, so these embarrassing statistics of race-crime differences can stop appearing in public.

During a conference call with reporters this week, Lieberman asked the leader of the Independent Democratic Conference, another leftist Jew by the name of  Jeffrey Klein ( D-Bronx), to “stand up for fair and just criminal-justice policy and change the marijuana laws that make New York an embarrassment to the rest of the nation and perpetrate day after day racial inequities.”

Contrary to Lieberman’s claims there are no “racial inequities,” just racial differences, which she and all the laws in the world will never eradicate.

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