White Refugees not Welcome in Australia

White refugees fleeing racist murderous violence in Zimbabwe are not welcome in Australia—unlike the 12,000 “Syrians” which that country’s government has announced are welcome, proving once again that the “refugee” issue is not about genuinely helping people in need, but only about flooding white nations with nonwhites.


The latest example of anti-white establishment hypocrisy has been highlighted with the case of white Zimbabwean refuges Edward (“Eddie”) and Audry Vermaak.

The Vermaaks were farmers in Zimbabwe when the black government there decided to violently expel the last of the whites. They were subjected to violent attacks, beatings, and extended periods of persecution.

With their lives clearly in danger—and many other white Zimbabweans having been butchered by black mobs—the Vermaaks decided to apply for asylum in Australia, where they have extended family members.

According to a petition started by family member Tracey Vermaak, the two whites were “threatened that they would be found and killed for a number of years by three rogue CID officers in Kariba, Zimbabwe, right up to the day before they managed to leave Harare and come to Western Australia on a 457 Business Long Stay Visa, as this was the quickest way for them to leave.”

The Vermaaks managed to escape Zimbabwe four years ago, and have been living in Western Australia ever since. They have applied for a Protection Visa—which, according to the Australian government’s own definition, is granted to anyone who is a “refugee as defined by the Refugees Convention”—which the Vermaaks clearly are.

The petition points out that if the Vermaaks are returned to Zimbabwe, they would be in “fear for their lives” and that they have many family members in Australia, including grandchildren, son and daughter-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, mother, sister, cousins etc., who are all residing in Western Australia and are citizens of Australia.

“If our parents return to Zimbabwe this will be devastating to the whole family as the likelihood of them being murdered is extremely high. They also fear they will never see their grandchildren or any of their family again,” the petition reads.

However, the Australian government has now formally turned down the Protection Visa application.

“They are currently appealing to the Immigration Tribunal in the hope that they will understand the horrific ordeals that they have been through, and that it is extremely unsafe for them to return to Zimbabwe,” the petition says, ending with an appeal for signatures to be presented to the Australian government to ask that these “hardworking, law-abiding people be allowed to stay in Australia.”

The disparity in approach to white refugees genuinely fleeing for their lives and the “open welcome” granted to thousands of “Syrians” who are already safe in third countries—where they are under no threat at all—illustrates perfectly the establishment’s anti-white nature.

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  1. What makes it even more unconscionable is the fact the white Rhodesians are mostly of colonial British stock – the same people, in fact, as the people who run and founded Australia.

    1. Many of us here are from British stock. However would I ever want to move to Britain . The answer is a resounding NO. Britain has forever changed as itself becomes besieged by economic migrants. France is of little help as they are already becoming overrun and cannot find any sympathy for a country that saved their asses in the second world war. France is no longer a friend of the UK. Marxist Hollande would like nothing better than to
      cut the number of invaders down in France at the expense of the UK.
      The biggest disease today in Europe is creeping communism as what is witnessed in Germany..The only good news is that Juncker ‘s beloved Luxembourg will also be overrun by middle east invaders as will Germany, Sweden and Austria. I have no sympathy for countries that invited their own invasion and eventual collapse. The best these countries will do is to give their former leaders a Ceausescu send off.

      1. You shouldn’t talk like that. Europeans didn’t “invite” the invaders in. The same international Communists (World Jewry) that destroyed Rhodesia & South Africa are using the same tactics to destroy Europe. We are all in this together, let’s not forget that!

  2. Soon it will be our turn in South Africa…I bet my life we would also be turned away and sent back to our deaths. Disgusting.

    1. John move to South America. Africa is a lost cause.If you want to die there that is your choice.
      Low IQ people are over breeding everywhere.

  3. And ist world countries still support mugabe by donating millions ,and he does what, throws an elaborate party to celebrate his birthday, yet 28 million of his people are dying, because of his ideologies, he is a second idi amin. But the west supports him and he says openly he hates the whites, these western countries citizens pay taxes, yet there taxes are used to support this maniac.And his poor dying people are no better, because they keep on voting the man into power, because they have nothing upstairs. So let them die if they want help, vote against the man,god gave them all a brain and hands etc, but no that is why africa is a mess because they have no idea of how to run anything,but cry for help to the west

    1. Problem is the same as in SA… If they vote against him there are major repercussions. They are scared to vote against him fo r fear of their lives or persecution.

  4. Obviously the zionists have the Australian government by the short and curlies too…we are all screwed unless we do something about this invasion of all the countries…!!!

  5. what gets me is that all of these countries like South Africa can kick the whites out but we can’t kick the non whites out of our country we are stuck with them makes you think , how stupid are we. Thought Australia was better than that these nonwhites are not special in fact quite the reverse.

  6. Am shocked at this story.
    Though Australia welcomed people from ex co,onial british possessions. What is going on?

  7. Eddie the obvious solution as follows:-
    Grow a beard.
    Dress wife in hijab or other fashionable attire.
    Get a full copy of the crook book (koran).
    1 X leaky boat.
    Meagre supply of Halal food & water.
    Put on pained expression & plead your life is in danger & you require urgent large dose of welfare.
    Call Sarah Hansen Young. She cannot resist Muslim refugees.

    In no time at all you’ll be welcomed ashore & be given a visa.

  8. The world is going to force whites to take extreme self defense action. Then please don’t call us racist. It’s self preservation, a basic human instinct and basic human right….

  9. Yip, Orania is the place to be. I dont stay there myself…. Wish I could….Damn those people in Orania are building infrastructure at a crazy rate!

  10. 67,000 p a 8th World horrors are deliberately allowed into New Zealand. NZ is skint
    Much better for us IF 67,000 WHITE People from Africa were allowed to settle in NZ p a. They’d be on their feet and independent of Govt handouts in no time.
    But, this will not happen. Not PC. Not Libturd. Not Marxist. Not 4th World. Not Agenda 2030. Not White Genocide.

  11. 7 Billion people on earth….only 800 Million are white…..discrimination against white people is on the increase…..and will get worse…..you do the maths…..Liberals are destroying the white way of life.

  12. The boer and white afrikaners will not forget this….i promise you that…we will bounce back even stronger than before…we will have our vengeance

  13. If I leave south Africa for another country, I am not coming back and the country I go to will have to accept me. They won’t be able to send me back. There will be a hell of a fight. I will rather sit safe in their jail than to come back to this f u country.

  14. The agenda is to annihilate the white race but integrating us with other races and shoving the “celebration of diversity” down our throats through the liberal media, Hollywood, our SCHOOLS etc. etc. – by doing this we are, at quite an alarming rate, interbreeding with other races. By the time our children and grandchildren are grown up, few whites will be left and so this “evil, dreaded” white race will disappear.

  15. Its sad to see other peoples ignorance. “Stupid to stay in S.A.” ” if you want to die it’s your choice” let me tell you I’m born here.. there is no way to leave without money. You think it’s a playground here.. scared what will happen with my children and family. On FB white people are pleading for help. And that’s your answer? “Stupid people”?

  16. I dont know that i agree with the premise of this article but I knew a Shona Zimbabwean who overstayed a student visa here in Australia. When immigration busted him working illegally long after he should have made efforts to at least apply for another visa he applied for refugee status and got it….. theres the system for you

  17. TO ALL WHITE AFRICANS FACING PERSECUTION: Please, do come over here, and help us repopulate our country and farm our land. Our asylum policy is much less draconian than Australia’s, as recent events have so horrifically shown. Our government has finally started protecting our borders, but if you get a tourist visa and then apply for asylum once here, no-one will stop you.They are too lazy, in the main, to do anything to people who’ve already arrived. And as for the worst of the rapefugees? Don’t worry. They’re leaving voluntarily, at the rate of around 1000 per month, dissatisfied with their 40 euros stipend and the feisty Austrian women.

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