White Zim Farmers Fail in Nigeria

White Zimbabwean farmers who have been forced off their farms and have tried to start anew in other African countries have all failed in their new endeavors–because none of them appreciated how bad Africa actually is.

The leftist controlled media continually portrays black Africa as a “developing” continent with dramatic growth, potential, and “freedom” where the yoke of colonialism has been thrown off.

The reality is far different. It is a continent of the utmost backwardness, degradation, misery, violence, and primitive savagery—and the only few “bright spots” are where either a tiny handful of Europeans keep the show on the road, or where their legacy has not yet been totally subsumed.


The suburbs of Lagos, the capital of Nigeria: an overcrowded, polluted slum.

Nigeria is a case in point. Widely touted as one of Africa’s giants, it even formally offered white farmers from Zimbabwe a new start after Robert Mugabe’s thugs seized their land early in 2000.

But, as a 2013 article in the Economist revealed, even that “ray of sunshine” has turned into a typical African farce. According to the article, seven years “after 18 white Zimbabwean farmers settled on a chunk of land in Nasawara state at the invitation of the then governor, only one family is still there. All the others have given up in despair.”


According to the Economist, Bruce Spain, aged 35, and his father Colin, 66, “together with their doughty wives and a pair of toddlers, are hanging on—but only just.”

Nigeria lies in a fertile part of Africa. Its economy is supposed to be one of the largest on the continent (its population, estimated at 163 million and growing, certainly is). So why was the Zimbabwean farming expedition unsuccessful?

The answer is contained, probably inadvertently, in the Economist article: Crop yields were dismal, mainly due to poor-quality seed and fertilizer. Spares were hard to get when machinery broke down.

“Until good seed is available and the theft factor is dealt with there will be very little commercial farming in Nigeria,” the older Mr. Spain said.

Why is there no “good seed” or fertilizer? And what’s all that about the “theft factor?”

But that’s not all, as the Economist dryly continues:

The litany of problems seems endless. “There’s just no organised marketing here,” says the younger Mr Spain. “No marketing boards, nothing—in Nigeria you’re on your own. In Zimbabwe you knew what your pre-planting price was—and the government guaranteed to buy what you grew. There are no support structures…In Zimbabwe you’d send a soil sample to the fertiliser company and they’d tell you what sort would be best. There’s nothing like that here.”

The Spains have no mains electricity, no piped water, no land-line, no trained labor force, no one handy with basic accountancy, no available research facilities, no easy access to agricultural data. Roads are lousy. Theft is endemic.

The article does not explain why these services were available in pre-farm-seizure Zimbabwe. Perhaps it never occurred to the journalist, or perhaps it did, and was a topic preferred ignored.

The answer, of course, is that there were still a small number of Europeans keeping a basic system running, and they could rely on regular supplies from neighboring South Africa, which still has a few million whites left.

GSALweb*Recommended reading: The Great South African Land Scandal, by Dr. Philip Du Toit.

In 2007, thirteen years after adopting black rule, South Africa became a net food importer for the first time since its founding in 1652.

This book tells the story of South Africa’s “land reform” which, although proceeding at a slower pace than in Zimbabwe, is no less insidious and is leading to the same disastrous consequences.

White Afrikaner farmers are being driven from the land through a combination of murder, terrorism, and state coercion.

Almost every farm taken over by black farmers has collapsed and food production has plummeted. There are now around 30,000 white farmers left, from a high of 80,000 in 1980.

When first published, pressure was exerted by the South African government to suppress this book—and the reader will soon discover why as example after example of black failure is laid out with incontrovertible factual analysis.

220 pages. $10.30.

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  1. Those same economists are all projecting that Africa will have twice its current population before 2050, and quadruple by 2100. Sure, and I’ll be the King of Siam!

    1. The remaining white people should set their eyes on South American countries like Uruguay, Paraguay or Chile. Cannibalism is on the rise so those projections maybe optimistic.

  2. Mark my words:

    London will end up – in the near future – resembling Lagos in colour, crime, corruption and general misery.

  3. What’s up with these farmers? We all know the saying “fool me once,shame on YOU, fool me twice, shame on ME”

    How can these farmers be so stupid to think that Nigeria, of all countries, would be better than Zimbabwe. Currently the best country on the continent is South Africa but they would be equally stupid to go there as that country is is also on the slippery slope to collapse.

    Get out of Africa. The history of the continent coupled with the culture of Africans & their hereditary incompetence leaves them about 1000 years behind western norms.

    1. They aren’t treated as refugees by white countries, so their options are very limited. I don’t blame some of them for experimenting in Nigeria, where there at least isn’t a government that sings songs about killing white farmers.

  4. 1. T.I.A….Africa is for the Black African.. White people are merely guests now … no matter that some of us have lived here for hundreds of years … White people put in the infrastructure… educated, fed and have given them Medicine … Until they wanted ‘Freedom” ..as a continent they are mostly uneducated because the Black government they elected and they got their wish for Freedom ..will not educate the masses ..it is detrimental to have people who know just a little about politics and human rights …. You will never get Democracy in Africa … Tribalism is why …

    2. The continent … has done nothing for its self … Africans believe it is their right to keep putting out their hand .. they no nothing else because they have been given all of their lives.
    They are greedy, ungrateful, Lazy, Corrupt for their own gain, Dirty, they don’t care they live in muck, they kill each other with no remorse.. but then they have done that for centuries, Its in the history books.

    3. Whites are not the racialists… apart from the fact we are not allowed to be …Black people are more racial than any Nation of people I know. There are more black people in jails anywhere in the world … They steal from and scam people like its the right thing to do so.

    4. Africa is in for a massive surprise …. China has and will take over Africa…( it practically has already )…it was said that they will take over the world without firing a shot…. Governments have sold their countries and souls to do nothing but to line their own pockets..they care nothing about the masses and China is rubbing their hands… look at Zambia, Angola, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, South Africa ….

    5. Dont cry for Africa … Africa and its people are their own enemy

  5. If you do not give two hoots about the people that are willing to assist with their knowledge and experience hat do you expect. The amount of expats that offered time and discomfort of been away from loved ones and then
    get done out salaries and wages!!!The corruption an the motivation o some of the people who re there is also questionable.

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