Whites Blamed for Being Minority in NJ Schools

Even though white students are an absolute minority of the student population in New Jersey, “segregation” and “Apartheid” are being blamed for the fact that the public schools in that state are majority nonwhite—yet more evidence of the institutional anti-white nature of the current establishment.

The astonishing claim that “Apartheid” is to blame for the majority nonwhite school make-up of New Jersey is contained in a new article in the NJ Spotlight news service, titled “New Jersey’s Public Schools Still among Most Segregated in Nation.”

Drawing its statistics from something called the “Civil Rights Project at UCLA,” (which is described as an “organization that has tracked school segregation nationwide for decades”), the article says that “almost 10 percent of all students attend ‘apartheid schools,’ where 99 percent or more of the student body is nonwhite”

According to the article, the percentage of New Jersey schools that are 90 percent nonwhite has doubled since 1990 to one-in-five.

“Those that are 99 percent or more nonwhite has also doubled to 8 percent of all schools,” and a “quarter of black students now attend such schools, labeled in the report as ‘apartheid schools.’”

Gary Orfield, the director of the Civil Rights project, is quoted as saying that “while New Jersey has taken historic steps to equalize funding for high-poverty schools, segregation has gone largely unchecked”—in other words, it is all still somehow white peoples’ fault.

There is of course no logic this train of thought, as the article itself goes on to detail:

This comes as New Jersey itself has only grown more diverse. For the first time in the project’s tracking, white students made up a minority of overall enrollment, at 46 percent of all students in 2015-2016. At the same time, the proportion of Hispanic (26 percent) and Asian (10 percent) students both continued to grow. [The black percentage is given as 16 percent].

It is therefore logical that there are going to be regions where there are effectively all-black, or all-nonwhite schools—the simple student numbers dictate this.

But this simple explanation does not fulfil the demands made by the anti-white establishment, which must always find some way to blame white people no matter what the facts are.

In this case, it is clear that whites are being blamed for the fact that they are now a minority of the student population, and in effect, for the fact that they are being ethnically cleansed out of the public schools—which in turn results in majority nonwhite schools.

The article goes on to say that this Governor-elect Phil Murphy “has yet to say much about what he would do concerning segregation of the state’s schools.”

When asked by NJ Spotlight at the first of the gubernatorial debates this fall about his position on school consolidation and regionalization as one remedy, “Murphy did decry the wide disparities,” the report continued.

“The reality is that we are the most or among the most segregated states in the nation,” he said.

But, according to the NJ Spotlight, “Murphy was less clear on what steps would come next, placing a common blame on segregated housing patterns and also claiming additional school funding would help.”

The article goes on to suggest that legislation might be needed to end this “segregation”—although how exactly that is going to work, when whites are already a minority, is not explained.

The “question comes next to whether New Jersey’s courts will get involved. The state’s constitution specifically prohibits segregation in the public education system, opening a window for a challenge that has yet to be raised,” the newspaper suggests.

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  1. So st this point is the death of the white race is a forgone conclusion?
    I wonder why Chinese people aren’t called racist for being mostly Chinese in China?

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