Whites Blamed for Impending US Collapse

tattered-flagWhite people and “racism” are to blame for an impending collapse in the US following its switch to majority non-white demographics in 2042, a report by the far left “United for a Fair Economy” (UFE)  pressure group has claimed.

According to its website, UFE “works to promote economic justice by supporting movements for equality. We provide information and educational tools to help understand the causes and effects of economic inequality, and support movements to involve people in the broader movement to address it.”

Their report, titled “State of the Dream 2012:  The Emerging Majority” is a usual collection of anti-white slander (because whites are always to blame for everything, as we all know) but contains some interesting facts about the growing Third World population in the US.

The report, drawing upon government data and projections, draws the following conclusions:

• Black and Latino median family income was 57 cents for every dollar of white median family income in 2010.

By 2042, blacks are to make 61 cents and Latinos 45 cents for every dollar whites make in median family income.

• In wealth, the net worth in 2007 was 20 cents for black families and 27 cents for Hispanic families for every dollar of average net worth of white families.

By 2042, black families are to have just 19 cents and Hispanics 25 cents on average for each dollar of white net worth.

• On college, blacks and Latinos trailed whites in the likelihood of having a higher-education degree in 2010 and 2042.

• On poverty, blacks and Latinos were more than twice as likely to live in poverty as whites.

By 2042, the black poverty rate will be 1.9 times higher than whites’; Hispanics, 2.6 times higher.

• Blacks were 6.1 times as likely to be incarcerated as whites; Latinos, 2.5 times. The “disparity” will remain about the same in 2042.

And who is to blame? Whitey of course, like he and she always are.

As black columnist for the Kansas City Star, Lewis Diuguid, put it:

“The challenge is America’s history of discrimination has created an enduring legacy of economic oppression for people of color.

“Racial disparities here are older than the republic. They’ve been maintained to advance whites over minorities in income, wealth, education, employment and health while holding a disproportionate share of people of color in poverty and incarceration,” Diuguid wrote, quoting the report.

A brief analysis of that claim is called for. What it actually is saying is that whites have somehow caused non-whites in the US to have higher incarceration rates than whites as part of some deliberate plan of oppression and subjugation.

The truth is that whites are not the cause of non-white crime. The only people responsible for crime, are the criminals themselves.

This fact is so obvious that it hardly deserves mentioning—if it were not for the fact that so many crazy people actually believe it.

The coming collapse of the US is not, no matter what deluded leftists and black supremacist activists might think, because of “white racism.”

The collapse is coming because whites are becoming a minority, and with that, the spark for the maintenance and improvement of western civilization is being extinguished.

Diuguid inadvertently summed it up during his anti-white rant in his (white-founded and run) newspaper:

“There simply won’t be broad enough a base of high-wage, taxpaying young people of color to maintain the U.S. as a superpower,” he wrote—and that about sums it up.

The racial change is happening fast, and is speeding up. To quote the report: “In 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected President of a nation that was 80 percent White. Thirty years later, in 2010, the population was only 65 percent White. Latinos made up 7 percent of the population in 1980 and 16 percent in 2010. The Black population remained at 12 percent from 1980 to 2010 but increased in proportion to the White population.

“The Asian population more than doubled from just 2 percent in 1980 to 5 percent in 2010. The remaining groups, totaling roughly 3 percent of the population in 2010, include Native Hawaiians,

Pacific Islanders, Native Alaskans, American Indians, and people identifying with two or more races.

“The Census Bureau projects that by 2042, 30 years from now, the majority of the population will be non-White for the first time in the nation’s history. Latinos will make up more than a quarter of the population. Latinos and Blacks combined will account for close to 40 percent of the population, more than doubling their share of the population in 1980.

“By 2030 [just 18 years away], the majority of U.S. residents under 18 will be youth of color.”

While it is easy to dismiss the claim that white people are to blame for the coming disaster, it is less easy to plan effective survival strategies for whites once they become a minority—which, barring a political earthquake—now seems inevitable.

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  1. The one leading the country is mostly to blame. White Republicans allowed him to win.

    Add all the White Euro-American legislators. Both Democrats and Republicans.

    Then there’s the small minority elite on the left who actually are in control of our finances, and the massive non-White Third-World immigration policy. But, Euro-Americans go along with it.

    The bottom-line, White elites in high influential positions are to blame.

    Sometimes, I think someone must be slipping something in their water causing them to be such traitors.

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