Whites Flee CA Invasion and Cities Go Bankrupt

White Americans have fled the Mexican invasion of California in such large numbers that some cities have now collapsed into bankruptcy, with the county seat city of Stockton in San Joaquin County formally applying for bankruptcy this week.

The 2010 United States Census reported that Stockton had a population of 291,707, of which only 22.9 percent were self-classified as “non-Hispanic white.” This is down 43.26 percent in 2000, just ten years earlier.


The application makes Stockton the most populous city in the nation to enter bankruptcy. According to Judge Christopher Klein, the declaration was needed to allow the city to continue to provide basic services, otherwise those would stop as well.

“It’s apparent to me the city would not be able to perform its obligations to its citizens on fundamental public safety as well as other basic government services without the ability to have the muscle of the contract-impairing power of federal bankruptcy law,” Klein said.

The city’s problems have been blamed in a failure to recognize tax revenues and the “housing bubble collapse” but these are just liberal excuses for the real reason: namely that a massive influx of nonwhites made it impossible for whites to continue living in the area.

Stockton was rated the 10th most dangerous city in America in 2010, with 1,417 violent crimes per 100,000 persons, well above the national average, and 22 murders per 100,000 (above the average of 4.7).

According to the San Joaquin County district attorney, the city of Stockton has the “second most violent crime rate in the state,” while San Joaquin County is the fifth-most dangerous metropolitan area in the United States.

The disappearance of the wealth-generating white community struck out the last major income source for the local government, and official figures have shown a 70 percent decline in the city’s tax base, while the city had run up debts of $1 billion.

Stockton is the second such immigrant-overrun city in California to apply for bankruptcy. Earlier, the city council of San Bernardino, a city of 209,000 residents east of Los Angeles, voted to seek bankruptcy protection for its more than $1 billion in debts.

According to data from the American Bankruptcy Institute, there have been 41 municipal bankruptcies, about eight per year, between 2007 and 2011.

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  1. Whenever there’s large debt, I try to decipher how Jews may benefit, since they control the junk paper money. Presumably, Jews ‘pay’ for the debt, but expect to get a percentage of it in return, which can in effect be ‘laundered’ so Jews buy up assets. In the case of cities, I’d expect the process is similar to impoverished backward countries, where anything valuable ends up sold. Perhaps a savvy American, used to the operations of bankruptcy law in the USA, could provide a handy summary?

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