Birmingham, AL: Open Hatred of Whites on Display

Scores of black residents of the city of Birmingham, Alabama, lined up to scream and shout their hatred of whites at the Birmingham City Hall this week during a council meeting meant to discuss development projects in the 80 percent nonwhite city.

One after the other, blacks spoke in the council chamber against the idea of allowing any whites “back” into the city, saying that this would “destroy everything that was fought for in the 1960s.”

Saddest Day

As reported on the website—the digital portal for the Alabama Media Group which runs newspapers across that state—many of the comments made by the blacks were “so slanderous and inflammatory” that they dare not be repeated by the media.

Shocked journalist—and apparent liberal—John Archibald described it as “Birmingham’s saddest day,” saying that he had never seen anything like it in his life before.

I’ve never seen anything like this.

I’ve covered hurricanes and tornadoes that took whole families and neighborhoods. I’ve covered murders and bombings and South American soccer games. But nothing really like this.

I’ve seen a mayor walk the street in shackles. I’ve watched mayors and governors hauled to jail. I’ve covered peaceful protests and riots. I’ve seen families mourn the deaths of their innocents, and guilty men die in the electric chair.

But I’ve seen nothing quite like the events in Birmingham City Hall this week. Nothing that reached into my heart to snatch the shreds of hope that hide there. Nothing that took my words, and left me with only sadness.

I barely know what to say. Or how to say it.

For what took place in the council chambers, at a Thursday town hall to discuss proposed changes to the Birmingham Mayor/Council Act could not be blamed on the mayor, or the council. It is not as simple as a power play nor as easy to define as greed. Or politics. Or business as usual.

Resident after resident stood to complain — loudly.

Not so much about the rift between the mayor and council.

Not much about the failure of schools to give Birmingham students an adequate shot at success in the wide world.

Not about increasing violence and crime in a city that is historically high in those things.

The complaint was about white people. That development in the city put Birmingham in danger of drawing more of them.

“White supremacists run Birmingham because gentrification runs Birmingham,” one speaker said, adding that Mayor Bell is the “puppet” of white people.

Another argued that Birmingham suffers when neighborhoods like Avondale boom. Birmingham should not be allowed to gentrify, she said.

Another came right out and warned that if development continues a white mayor will be elected, and everything fought for in the 1960s will be for naught.

The US Census Bureau says that whites make up 20.1 percent of Birmingham’s population. As a result, the city has collapsed like every other black city center in America, both economically and socially.

According to, some 24.7 percent of residents subsist on an income below the federally mandated poverty level, and of that, some 12.1 percent have an income less than half of the poverty level.

In September 2015, Birmingham took the fifth spot in violent crime, property crime, and overall crime among large cities, according to statistics released by the FBI in the annual report, Crime in the United States.

With a population of 212,115, Birmingham’s homicide rate ranked 7th among cities with populations of more than 100,000, beaten by six other majority nonwhite cities: St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Jackson, Baltimore, and Newark.

Birmingham’s violent crime rate runs at 1,483 per 100,000 residents, something which the FBI attributed to its “drug trade and its high poverty rate.”

According to a study released by the Neighborhood Scout data analysis company, which produces research revealing the one hundred most dangerous cities in America with 25,000 or more people, Birmingham ranked number twenty on the list of America’s most dangerous cities.

“With a crime rate of 85 per one thousand residents, Birmingham has one of the highest crime rates in America compared to all communities of all sizes — from the smallest towns to the very largest cities,” Neighborhood Scout said.

Birmingham residents have a 1 in 66 chance of being a victim of a violent crime, a 1 in 14 chance of being a victim of a property crime, and a 1 in 205 chance of having their car stolen.

Given all these facts, it seems incredible that any whites would even want to live in that city, but, it seems, even a tiny handful who seek to take advantage of the low average house prices there ($59,800, according to are unwelcome.

The greatest irony of the vicious anti-white outburst in the Birmingham City Hall this week is not the fact that the residents publicly expressed their hatred of whites.

Rather, it lies in the fact that their anti-white outbursts have for the greatest part been blacked out by the controlled media as if it did not happen.

Contrast this with what would have happened had a white-filled town hall meeting anywhere in America engaged in such rhetoric against blacks.

The press would then broadcast day and night about “white racism”—showing once again the institutional anti-white nature of the controlled media.

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    1. we had a group in brum/coventry drive out whites from a tower block saying it was for blacks only!!! Thats birmingham UK …and it will soon get to be the same..

    2. More denial! I’ve heard of mass hypnosis and other syndromes which seem to capture crowds. But how could you witness this, walk away and reason it, and end up with the same conclusion. The only conclusion I can reach is that education is wasted on about 95% of the black population. Obama included.

    3. Republicans are always talking family values. That’s one of their primary statements when there running for election. Now the Governor’s freaky behavior has become public. And now they don’t want a black man to say a word. Wow!!!!!!!

      1. thats not even close to what this story is about, please read through the story again before deciding to make an ignorant comment.

      2. To be quite frank about the situation, they and the devil can have Birmingham, Alabama! I haven’t lost a thing there, personally. There are so many other places in this nation to go to. What I do see in this candidacy presidential election is the formation of divisions along the lines of economic philosophy, leading to differing political ideologies, and quite possibly a mass relocation of demographic populations along those same lines coupled with an eventual break up of states along those lines at some future point. When that day arrives, those lines will be primarily racial. Very similar situations are the real reasons why we had segregation and the like back in the past. With the potential for more more pronounced economic stability, with this translating into social unrest, maybe that relocation along these lines should begin now. I am here to speak the truth, the potential for unrest in this nation is growing by the week.

    4. This has been going on for 30+ years. The white money became Hoover & North Shelby Co. Let the hater racists have this ghetto slum. It’s where they’re comfortable. I’ll take my suburbian life and laugh at their crime rate. The realtors who live miles away & profit from renting those slum houses laugh all the way to the bank! Foreclosed homes sell for $15,000 and then rent, (section 8), for $1,200 / month. Who really has the last laugh?

  1. To all the white residents of Birmingham, Alabama: Leave.
    Let the city descend into chaos and violence.
    Then, watch as the liberal media identifies the city as being a “high risk area” due to racism and neglect, and that the fault lies in the hands of white people

    1. as the zulu king said..Blacks destroy everything they get power over….let them rot in birmingham alabama.. they can always eat the rats!!They will not integrate …ever..

    1. Excellent website and so true.Glad to see one Black realize its the Jews who have enslaved both Blacks and Whites and created all this chaos.Thanks for the link.

  2. That’s OK. Let them be as anti-white and racist as they want to be. Everything everyone says gets recorded and leaked to the press now. Everyone knows blacks hate whites, which is why blacks have killed 10s upon 10s of thousands of whites in South Africa and why they’re killing more and more whites in America as each year passes.

    Yes – many blacks will say they don’t hate whites – but that’s only because they want to live in your safe white neighborhoods and go to the good white schools because they don’t have those in predominantly black neighborhoods – because whenever blacks take over, murder, rape, home invasions, drugs and bankruptcy are soon to follow – with Chiraq, Detraq and Baltraq being perfect examples.

    I wouldn’t want to live in a black neighborhood if paid – and I sure don’t want anymore blacks coming to my neighborhood – because that just means more white hatred, muggings, home invasions, murders and rapes.

    Life would be so much easier if we just went back to segregation. Forcing people that hate one another to live in close proximity to one another is the real modern oppression.

    1. “Forcing people that hate one another to live in close proximity to one another is the real modern oppression.”

      Agreed. NOBODY can live in peace if one is fundamentally unwelcome to one’s neighbors.

      One accurate term for the phenomenon’s root cause: “Cultural Marxism” unleashed on America. Been ongoing for years and decades now. A violent Marxist man named Gramsci outlined the tactics and agenda while imprisoned – for being violently Marxist. So he created NON-violent (that is, “Soft Glove”) methods and carefully identified “insertion points” for his favorite ideology in his copious spare time.

      Just to soften-up the Capitalists, whom he apparently confused with criminal oloigarchs. As many today still apparently do, thanks to indiscriminate mungling of the concepts over all manner of media. (Media don’ NEED no STEENKING Dictionary!) So the Oligarch Class steamrolls on, from the Rockefellers to the Kochs to the Gates Gang, all samesame.

      It is a silent weapon in a war that, in theory, stays quiet until it’s all over. Unless there is a free and open-access-based Internet, a First Amendment to fuel it, and even a Second Amendment in place to DEFEND it.

      Which just might indeed be the actual reason the Cultural Marxists currently occupying all three branches of Foggy Bottom’s ex-Constitutional operation now seek to regulate said communications-in-common-capable channel into irrelevancy, said reasons having NOTHING to do with public well-being, thank you. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

      And that is all. 0{:-|o[

    2. But you can’t live in white’s only areas. Suicidal socialists who know much better than white graduates, will not allow it. Ethnic cleansing must become the norm, the blacks must be allowed to express themselves without coming under the law, and when it’s too damned late, they’ll realise that the golden goose was a parable, not a fairy story.

  3. America has forgotten that on December 14 1960 The United Nations issued a Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Territories and Peoples 1514(XV) and Article 2 ” All peoples have a right to self determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic social and cultural development;”
    It is a sad day indeed to watch John Archibald interfering and despising a minority who are desperately trying to achieve what has been promised to them. I do express my support for Mayor Bell and contempt for the honkeys pulling on the strings of colonialism and interference and oppression.

    1. william…are you straight out of Uncle tom,s cabin?? don,t you think you should get a job/get a lief and work for what you want like we had to instead of being a leech and a parasite ,,,green eyed tosser

  4. I WAS PRESENT at the so-called “civil-rights” demonstrations of the 1960s and observed much criminal behavior that never got reported. You see, then as is now, the news media, communists and their fellow travelers had an agenda of their own and as such, could not “let a crisis go to waste”. The rapes, robberies, and the general trashing of the areas they occupied were never reported. Only the reactions of the local citizenry and law enforcement to the lawless behavior of the “demonstrators” was reported…
    These demonstrations were not peaceful by any means, the demonstrators being “egged on” by their new york-based “carpetbagger” handlers. The locals, both black and white, wanted NOTHING to do with these “outsiders” coming into their peaceful communities, who were there only to cause trouble.
    I WAS THERE, and personally witnesses the criminal activity by these so-called “civil-rights (for some)” pioneers…
    Of course, the “mainstream media” could not afford to “let a crisis go to waste” and conveniently turned off their movie cameras and recording equipment during the numerous acts of violence by the demonstrators.
    Their agenda, then was the same as it is now…wait till the government eviscerates the first amendment (with today’s journalists approval).
    So-called “journalists” are pushing a “licensing scheme” (by the government) that would establish who a “real” journalist is…their goal is to get rid of the numerous bloggers, who, quite often, outscoop the mainstream media…

      1. I do not have physical evidence, only my own two eyes. I was there and personally witnessed the behavior, the abuse and beatings of whites b blacks, with police and the demonstrators’ New York handlers just watching…

  5. Democrat ran since Arington in the late 70s and early 80s. The city of Birmingham is doomed to become another fatality of Democrat mismanagement.

  6. I am white. I live in Birmingham. And for the last 3 years I have worked for collections for a local cable company. This job has had me in all neighborhoods of the city from Bessemer to Mountain Brook, Centerpoint to 5 Points. And I can honestly say that I’ve seen some of the best this city has to offer. Sadly, I’ve seen some of the worst as well.

    Does this surprise me? Honestly yes. As a husband now that wants children, I do not want my future children to be raised in this kind of environment. I’ve lived in Birmingham all my life and have never felt like this before.

    It seems that in the last few years there has been a turning in this direction and it honestly scares me.

    I have black friends and neighbors. I’ve not had, personally, this attitude directed towards me. But this is just eye opening.

  7. I find it amazing of the double standard that exist in this city. If a group of white people had said that in a council meeting you’d have riots, the justice department would be investigating everyone with a hope and prayer of charging everyone with a hate crime and biased news media would be camped out in everyone’s yard looking for KKK signs. But because their African Americans they can’t be racist.

  8. I guess I’ll have to keep my white money at home and not spend any more of it at the BJCC or at any of the Five Points bars or resturants. Maybe I’ll send my white money with my kids to some white school instead of UAB which is right here and offers a great education. Maybe those white taxes I pay there need to be kept in St. Clair County and used to better their roads and schools. Especially since the residence don’t want my whiteness disturbing their black self segregated city.

  9. If it weren’t for the reviatlizaton in Birmingham this city would be bankrupt. If blacks don’t want us “whiteys” here, fine, we’ll stop all developments, close all white owned stores, foreclose on all white owned and rented property (including section 8), move all the white owned businesses to the south side of Red Mountain and let y’all have the city. I’d give you 3 months before you begged to have us back. Birmingham is a melting pot, lots of integration. Do not let the Black lives matter racists divide this city like Bull Conner did in the 60s’. In fact, If a blind man were to sit in the city council meeting and hear everything that was said, except replacing the word white with the word black, one would think they were back in the 1950’s. Shame on you, every person who spoke or thinks this way is spoiling this city. Please, if you don’t like it here, I am sure Detroit or Southside Chicago would love to have you, and if that is not enough black for ya, I’ll collect enough money to buy every one of you a one way ticket to Africa. Free trip! Mayor Bell is the first mayor to move this city in a positive direction.

  10. Enjoy this slum as it crumbles and fall’s in on top of you. Birmingham has seen it’s better days. It will slowly become Chicago, Detroit, Memphis. . . .

  11. One of the reasons the cities still stand is the act of taxation without representation. I worked downtown for 15 years and had to pay City of Birmingham tax. I have no say so when it comes time to vote yet they take money right out of my paycheck. If people mobilize, become unafraid to gather, march and declare their rights the way blacks always have, the press will eventually have to bring attention to the fact that whites are tired of racism and oppression.

    1. Don’t you wish this horrible story of racism could be revealed. I wish, ecept the fact that it would bring all kinds of black activists to Birmingham so they could defend and justify the hateful statements. Blacks feel entitled but would NEVER get a job which might entitle them a better life. Why work when you can sell drugs or rob and steal. They steal benefits by lying, they don’t get check out, simply break rules and continue to get benefits. Take Section 8, not supposed to have a man in household. Just call him a fiancée, let him sell drugs si there’s no income to report and you’ve got it made! I’m so sick of it, it’s rubbed in my face everyday. Sadly, I still live on the black side of town with good and bad blacks.

  12. The Democratic Party is the modern slave owners. Instead of better jobs the provide social programs. They suckered hope out of our black neighbors. The have a 90 plus percent loyalty to the party that hasn’t done anything to improve the circumstances of the black community. Black leaders need to lead their community back to the party of Lincoln and away from the party of Jim Crow

    1. Totally agree Benn, but the sad part is that most people will never make that realization with the Dems near monopoly of the mainstream media.

  13. Black Americans are being brainwashed at a record rate. White flight from urban to suburban areas will cause more white owned businesses to become and remain profitable. Black Americans are being brainwashed to the point that the rhetoric of hatred will passed on from generation to generation.

  14. I’ll keep my white money in Prattville and clanton….they will destroy everything they touch…go for it

  15. Please donate money to the Orania movement. Your U$ is about 15x more worth in ZAR currency. They are really building up a strong, clean society with good moral values. The children can play in the streets and people leave there car keys in the cars and leave their houses unlocked. Almost 0% unemployment with a fast growing population standing at 1300 inhabitants.

  16. AM very happy white people are getting treated like this….as being a thai…these white monkey go to our country to rape our women…..One day i want to build a place for Colored people ONLY!!!! my fellow colored people keep treating these white honky like shit…then they truly will know how it feels to be discriminated

  17. John I saw this exact same thing when I was on the school Consolidation task force when they closed Mcalwayne school in Crestline.Also saw it over the Barber deal and Southside at CAB. Bro you and I BOTH grew up in the same area and some times don’t agree politically and that’s a fact but today we DO!
    Thanks for doing this one bro!!

  18. Now let’s see…If we did not have that pesky “civil-rights (for some)” act and other statutes that prohibit “freedom of association”, blacks could have their real estate “restrictive covenants” to “keep whitey out”. Restrictive covenants were outlawed with the passage of the so-called 1964 “civil-rights (for some)” act…What goes around comes around…

  19. I personally witnessed the harm that was brought on by the so-called “civil-rights” movement and their “New York-based “handlers”…
    I lived in Detroit and through the 1967 riots…It seems that a number of important facts get left out.
    1. “Blockbusting” by real estate agents was rampant. These unscrupulous POSs would send postcards to neighborhood residents stating “A “new family” is moving into your neighborhood. If you wish to sell your house, please call XXX-XXXX”). A “new family” was a euphemism for “blacks”. Real estate agents played on the (justified) fears of whites…
    2. HUD (Housing and Urban Development) speculators would purchase the best houses on every block and raze them. This was an attempt to depress property values so that speculators could buy them “on the cheap”. I realize that this runs counter to #1, but, it is fact…
    3. During the riots, black businesses spray-painted the words “soul brother” on their business buildings so that the “angel of death” (looters) would “pass them by”.
    4. The “nail in the coffin” of Detroit was the election of the first black mayor Coleman A. Young. Fulfilling a campaign promise, this black POS abolished one of the most successful crime fighting programs (STRESS–Stop The Robberies, Enjoy Safe Streets). This program utilized disguised police officers as vulnerable old men and women. When the predators would attack, they were quite often dispatched to “the great hereafter”. Too many of mayor Coleman A. Young’s “homeys” were meeting their maker.
    Coleman Young got along with the “movers and shakers”, but detested all white people, showing it with abrasive and abusive language.
    The decline of this once-great city can be laid at the feet of the jewish “powers that be” and their black lackeys…

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