Whites Targeted in Bangladesh Attack

White Europeans were once again singled out for murder by radical Muslim terrorists during the attack on the Holey Artisan Bakery in Bangladesh, according to survivors of the incident.

The attack, which took place in Dhaka’s Gulshan diplomatic zone, saw nine Italians, seven Japanese, three Bangladeshis, and one Indian killed.


The Italian victims of the Bangladesh attack.

According to the Italian Ansa news service, the Italian victims were named as Adele Puglisi, Marco Tondat, Claudia Maria D’Antona, Nadia Benedetti, Vincenzo D’Allestro, Maria Rivoli, Cristian Rossi, Claudio Cappelli, and Simona Monti.

The Italians were all textile entrepreneurs, visiting Bangladesh to establish trade links and import-export possibilities with local businesses.


The ISIS attack team in Bangladesh, as posted up on ISIS media outlets.

According to the Associated Press, the attack “marks an escalation in militant violence” in the Muslim-majority nation, with the extremists demanding the secular government revert to Islamic rule.

“Most previous attacks,” the AP said, “have involved machete-wielding men singling out individual activists, foreigners, and religious minorities. But Friday night’s attack was different, more coordinated, with the attackers brandishing assault rifles as they shouted “Allahu Akbar” (God is Great) and stormed the bakery.”

ISIS claimed responsibility, saying it targeted the citizens of “Crusader countries” in the attack.

The ISIS-affiliated Amaq news agency posted photos showing the hostages’ bodies, after the slaughter, taken by the militants and shared via their cell phones during the attack.

The restaurant, overlooking a lake, serves Spanish food and is patronized by residents of Gulshan, an affluent neighborhood where most of the foreign embassies are located.

The deaths are the latest in a series of attacks this year directed specifically at European targets.

On January 1, a suicide bomber detonated himself in a French restaurant called ‘Le Jardin,’ popular with foreigners, that is located near a district with many foreign embassies and government buildings in Kabul, killing two people.

On January 8, 2016, two Muslim militants, armed with hatchets and a signal flare, arrived by sea and stormed the Bella Vista Hotel in the Red Sea city of Hurghada, stabbing three foreign tourists from Sweden and Austria.

On January 12, 2016, a Muslim suicide bomber blew himself up near the Hippodrome of Constantinople in Istanbul, killing 11 people and wounding another 14, most of whom were foreign tourists.

On January 14, 2016, Muslim terrorists targeted the Starbucks cafe near the Sarinah shopping mall in Jakarta, Indonesia, killing two in an attack aimed at foreigners.

On January 15 to 16, 2016, Muslims armed with heavy weapons attacked the restaurant Cappuccino and the Hotel Splendid at the heart of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, where more than 100 hostages were taken. Twenty-nine people were killed and more than 56 injured, many of them European tourists and workers.

On March 13, 2016, Muslim terrorists stormed three hotels in the beach resort city of Grand-Bassam in the Ivory Coast, leaving 18 people dead. The hotels were all popular with European expats.

On March 22, 2016, Muslim refugee-terrorists attacked Brussels airport, killing 35 people and wounding a further 300.

On June 14, 2016, two French citizens, a police officer and his wife, were stabbed to death in Magnanville, France, by a lone wolf Muslim terrorist named Larossi Abballam who had earlier sworn allegiance to ISIS.

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  1. Until every last one who is caught is strung up, nothing will change. Governments are traitors to their own people. This needs to be stopped at source, namely the US and the ME!

  2. The victims are largely to blame.

    Who in their right mind visits these 3rd world slums. Stay away from these backward places and don’t let your pity, your white guilt or your charitable instincts suck you in. You will die!

    1. I actually read that one of the Italians, Adele puglisi was outraged when a popular Italian newspaper published “Muslim savages” has the headline after the Paris attacks, that Adele and others signed a petition to get the editor of the news paper fired.

  3. And don’t forget , the Italians went there to establish trading routes for textiles…meaning they either wanted to import cheap textile from Bangladesh ( can’t belive they were going to export european manufactured textile in that country) or to set up textile manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh, because of the cheap labour, thus contributing to loss of jobs for european workers

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