Whites to Blame Because Blacks have Higher Aids Rate in Mississippi, says NPR

White “racism” and white people’s “attitude” towards homosexuals and Aids is to blame for the higher incidence of Aids among blacks in Mississippi, according to a new article by National Public Radio correspondent Ari Shapiro.

The bizarre and patently untrue claim that whites are somehow to blame because blacks are sexually irresponsible and promiscuous—and therefore have far higher sexually transmitted disease rates than whites—is made in a new program—aired by NPR on February 14, and published online a short while later.

According to Shapiro, the secret to “ending HIV in Mississippi means cutting through racism, poverty and homophobia”—meaning of course “white racism.”

“The road to eliminating HIV and AIDS runs through the deep South, where racism, poverty, and homophobia can be formidable obstacles to testing and treatment, particularly for black gay men,” Shapiro wrote, quoting a 2017 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report which said that more than half the new HIV diagnoses in the U.S. were in Southern states, where homo- and bisexual “black men make up a disproportionate share of people with HIV.”

The real reason for the higher HIV rate among nonwhites is of course because they are more promiscuous, and as Aids is transmitted like any other STD, the higher the number of sexual partners a person has, the greater the chance of catching such a disease.

It is for this reason that Aids is disease of homosexuals in the West—as homosexuals tend to be the most promiscuous; while in Africa, Aids is disease of heterosexuals, as Africans have a notoriously higher promiscuity rate.

The NPR article claims that the Trump administration’s aim of “ending the epidemic in the next 10 years” is unlikely because of “issues like homophobia, racism, lack of education and stigma.”

According to the article, in the South, many black homos “don’t know the extent of the HIV problem.”

The reason why blacks forget to take their retroviral medicine is, Shapiro continues, because of “poverty”—once again implying that somehow it is white peoples’ fault that blacks are poor.

Quoting an “expert” on the topic, a black doctor by the name of  Leandro Mena, the NPR article asserts “what are the chances that you may remember to take a medicine that you have to take every day, if, this morning, you wake up and you don’t have electricity or you don’t have any money to feed your family?”

Furthermore, the article asserts, “attitudes among Mississippi’s elected leaders are also part of the problem.”

Sandra Melvin, a black chief operating officer at Jackson’s “Open Arms Health Clinic,” where HIV-positive patients can receive care, is quoted as saying that “I think that part of what has to happen in this state is that we have to start electing people who reflect the demographics of our society”—in other words, electing nonwhites to office will somehow “solve” the problem of Aids among blacks.

This absurd notion that whites are to blame for black Aids rates forms part of the endless “blame whitey” propaganda spewed out constantly by the controlled media, all in a determined effort to whip up as much anti-white hatred as possible.

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  1. Hmm, and Mother Nature’s “racism” and “attitude” towards blacks is to blame for the higher incidence of very low IQ and stupidity among blacks…

  2. No white person is putting a gun up to the heads of black people and ordering them to put their wanker into someone. Blacks lack impulse control, have low IQ and don’t think about the consequences fo their actions. They can’t understand that they need to be responsible for themselves.

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