Why do Muslims Hate the West?

Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigration to the US “until the country’s representatives can figure out what’s going on,” is little more than a deliberate cop out by almost all the “mainstream” political figures as to the real cause of the “clash of civilizations.”


The real dual reasons for the conflict—which even Trump dares not broach—is the inherent nature of Islam and its adherents, and the ubiquitous Israel/Jewish lobby which serves to incite the entire Islamic world against the West.

Prominent Jewish commentator Sheldon Richman (editor of The Freeman: Ideas on Liberty at the Foundation for Economic Education in Irvingtonon-Hudson, NY), writing on the “Center for a Stateless Society” website (an outlet for a self-described “Left Market Think Tank and Anarchist Center”) touched briefly on part of the reasons in a recent article titled “The Phony Mystery of Why ‘They’ Hate Us.”

Richman asked what do “Barack Obama and Donald Trump have in common?”—and then answered the question by saying that “Among other things, they have—or pretend to have—no clue why some Muslims hate us.”

Richman goes on to note that that Trump “includes himself among those who haven’t figured it out, or else he surely would have told us. He either does not know, or does not care, why people are willing to kill Americans.

“Let’s give these members of the American elite their due: one has to work hard to make a mystery of anti-American (and anti-Western) terrorism emanating from the Middle East.

“It takes prodigious effort to maintain an air of innocence about San Bernardino and Paris, because no one who claims to be informed can plead ignorance of the long history of US and Western imperialism in the Muslim world.”

This includes, Richman points out, the CIA’s subversion of Iranian democracy in 1953, the US government’s systematic support of compliant autocratic and corrupt Arab monarchies and dictatorships, its empowering of Iraqi Shi’ite Muslims, and its “unconditional backing of Israel’s brutal anti-Palestinian policies.”

The latter is the only time that Richman dares mention Israel, and, of course, in an omission similar to the one of which he accuses Trump, he also pretends not to know why the US government “unconditionally” backs Israel—or at the very least, just ignores it completely.

He does however go on to point out that in the ten years prior to the September 11 attacks, the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations bombed Iraq while maintaining an embargo, especially on equipment for the water and sanitation infrastructure the US Air Force had destroyed during the Gulf War.

Half a million Iraqi children died as a result, something which the then Secretary of State, Jewish Madeleine Albright, said on TV was “worth it” just to get at Saddam Hussein.

NYTUSBombsHospitalIn addition, Richman points out that the US drone war routinely kills thousands of noncombatants in Syria and Iraq, most recently this week, when “at least 36 civilians, including 20 children, in a village in eastern Syria” were killed.

“Do Americans notice? Of course not. That’s why San Bernardino and Paris can be made to appear so mysterious,” Richman wrote.

“The US government has conducted war by remote-controlled drones since 2001 in a variety of places, including Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Pakistan. Do Americans have a clue what it must be like to live under the drone threat? You know the answer is no. But many Muslims do, and many others can sympathize,” he continued.

Obama has claimed that the drone war kills few noncombatants, but this is rejected by many authoritative sources, including a team of NYU and Stanford law students who found that “CIA-operated drones were nowhere near as discriminating toward noncombatants as the agency’s leaders have claimed.”


Richman concludes by saying that it is not “`moderate’ Muslims who need to take the lead in ending terrorism. It’s the US foreign-policy makers, whose daily atrocities make targets of Americans at home.”

And therein lies the rub, which Richman of course conveniently ignores: who are the “US foreign-policy makers” responsible for the “daily atrocities?”

The answer is of course the Israel/Jewish lobby in the US and other Western nations, which is primarily to blame for the ongoing wars in the Middle East on behalf of Israel.


Gaza, 2014.

In addition to this continuous murderous incitement, it is also true that Islam has, since its founding around 1,400 years ago, been continually waging a “jihad” war against all other people in an attempt to spread that religion by force.

This jihad has spread by violent conquest through the following regions in chronological order: Saudi Arabia, Egypt (the first and original Christian country), the Middle East, North Africa, and the Near East.

Two major attempts to violently seize Europe—the Moorish invasion of Spain and the Ottoman Turk attack on Europe up the Balkans—were only defeated after centuries of war and resistance by Europe.

During this time, the Jews were in alliance with Islam, and many held important posts in both the Moorish caliphate in Spain and in the Ottoman Empire.


The Muslim siege of Vienna, 1683.

Thus, when Spain was finally liberated in 1492 from the last of the Moors, the Jews were expelled from that country along with the Moors—and large numbers fled to Istanbul, the Ottoman capital. In fact, Istanbul became one of the largest Jewish cities in the world for many centuries.

It was only with the advent of Zionism—when the Jews demanded Palestine as a homeland—that the Muslim-Jewish alliance against Europe finally fell apart.

In summary then, the real reason why Muslims hate the West can therefore be traced to two factors: the long-standing order to jihad contained within Islam, and the Jewish lobby’s control of US and Western foreign policy which incites Muslims across the world through its unconditional support of Zionist atrocities in Israel.

These are the reasons which Trump, the mainstream politicians, and far leftists like Richman, all ignore, either unconsciously because they really are ignorant, or, even worse, consciously because they do not want to admit the true nature of the threat facing the West.

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  1. The Americans have a lot to answer for regard’s their foriegn policies,they have steamrollered their way around the globe,trying to impose their will for too long.Everywhere they go they cause epic damage to million’s of innocent people,and look where it’s got them.Have they learned anything from all this,i dont think so.

    1. Don’t blame “Americans” for “their” foreign policy. America has been a captive nation for at least 100 years now, captive to a tiny ethnic minority of jews who coordinate with their brethren internationally to use the U.S. to advance jewish interests.

      1. America is merely the cats paw of the Israeli bandit state occupying stolen Palestinian land. The people are seemingly all sucked in by the Zionist owned MSM.

  2. The US has been usurped by the international Jewish criminal network. It is extremely mired in a web of psychological cultural marxist warfare committed against the people by Jewish control of the media (for decades), the administrative takeover of educational institutions, foreign and domestic policies by Jewish lobbies, the flow of national wealth every day into Jewish hands who control the central banks. And as a result, of course, the military and legislature are manipulated by this genocidal cartel.
    Anyone questioning this or bringing this up is immediately branded a heretic of sorts (anti-semitic/racist/etc.) which can include everything from forced resignation of a career position, the end of future employment possibilities, harassment, death threats, imprisonment, community service and fines.
    What politician will call out the word Jew in a crowded burning theatre?

    1. Anyone else seen Barbara Lerner Spectre on You Tube spouting re her Jewish vision of the future of Europe and how to achieve it ?
      If not then please take a look and spread the word.
      Methinks she and the evil Merkel must be bosom buddies.
      Everything Mutti has done so far, by inviting the Muslim world and his wife to overrun Europe follows Spectre`s plan to the letter.
      As Spectre says, “They ( Europeans) won`t like it but they`ll get used to it !”
      Like hell they will!!

  3. This summary is only partially true.
    What the reporter failed mentioning is the fact the United States is Israel’s strongest ally. And since the Koran implicitly states the Jews are the number one enemy of the Muslims, they ‘rightfully’ belong in the cross hairs with the Jews.
    Another factor America, along with Western culture, has been so permissible in the production of everything Islam labels haram (off limits (ie: a promiscuous society, music that caters to base behavior, food & drink (pork based meats as well as alcoholic beverages), entertainment in all forms (sports, nightclubs, concerts, etc.))). And yet, they themselves are more than willing to participate in such actions, but hypocritically, run to their Koran when they are exposed for their double standards.
    Nothing will appease Muslims and Islam. But then, Muslims and Jews do share a mindset inherent in them. Both are the forerunners of the German/Nazi ideology that they are the masters of humanity & the rest of the world is garbage (For the Muslims, the Koran. For the Jews, the Talmud).
    In closing (I’m beginning to sound like a journalist, (lol)), this clash of civilizations, between American & Western culture along with the support of the State of Israel, versus the adherents of Islam along with their sympathizers will never expire until one or the other is completely annihilated.

    1. Where does it say in the Koran that the Jews are “the number one enemy?” As far as I know, it says they are, like Christians, “People of the Book.”

      1. muhammad, the pedophile prophet of islam who married a 6 year old, says in the “Mishkat Al Masabih Vol. 2 No. 5552” that moslems would be able to skip purgatory and gain immediate entrance to heaven if they kill a Jew or a Christian. And when judgment day arrives, allah will give every moslem a Jew or a Christian to kill.

        “The Last Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them” Sahih Muslim Book 41, #6981 & 6985

        “No Muslim can go to heaven until the Jews are killed, they will stay in the grave until the hour of resurrection” Bukhari 52:256

        Sahih Muslim 41:6985 The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

        quran 8:12 – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

        1. I think that you have been mistaken of the wide spread propaganda and personal hatred against Muhammed with your narrow mindset. Muhammed never married a 6 years old girl. At least Islamic history does not say this…you may or the people with your type of mindset. Why do not you people put your own house in order. How the houses of Muslims would be run is the matter connected with the Muslims. Why bother about them. Even if you are having form conviction that Muslim should be hated then please understand that fire can not be extinguished by fire. Search water, bring it in adequacy and put on fire it will give good result.

  4. More excuses being made for Muslims and their unholy religion.
    Why do our politicians etc; continually bow and scrape and kiss their backsides ?
    Recent events can`t explain the Muslim attitude to Westerners for the last fifty years since they arrived in the UK. Neither do they take into account the stark fact that the many different factions in their own countries have constantly fought each other for generations.
    Face facts, the Muslim way of life is totally alien to that of the West. They should be repatriated wholesale – every last manjack of them – to the land of their forebears taking their mosques with them.
    They are inherently never ever satisfied and are totally incapable of change and/ or progress.

  5. Islam is not a religion – it’s a very dangerous cult and as such should be banned!

    Trump has quite a few very good ideas in this regards. His Twitter spat with Saudi Prince Alwaleed is only a proof the guy must have hit the nail on the head. He suggests there should be surveillance on US mosques. Another good one is a mass deportation of the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the US including many muslims!

    1. Mr Trump is not the idiot our Western MSM tell us. One thing puzzles me with regard to the Jews’ placing themselves at the forefront of mass invasion of people from distant cultures and races to Europe and USA. Do they have a special way to control the migrant behaviour? Judging from the exponential growth of Muslim population, whites will be a minority in the foreseeable future. I know this is the special mafia’s goal, but I cannot see how they plan to protect their own (chosen) people from being attacked.

  6. Before the creation of religions, humans were already fighting each other. Its all about greed, power and wealth. Religion is just a manipulation tool. Even if religion is removed from this world, humans will still fight each other.

  7. There is every single good reason to despise the West especially their policies and some of their lifestyles. The West since World War II the ring leader always being the Satan that is the United States of America.

  8. Muslims don’t hate the West, Muslims love the West. This is why Muslims have been at war with the West for 1300 years seeking the money of the west and the slaves of Africa. Muslims seek global dominion same as Jews and Christians. It’s always, always, about the money to get power for dominion. Jews, Christians, Muslims, want dominion over humans and land for money to get power. Muslims have been seeking to invade Europe for 1300 years to rape the women and steal the money. Here they come, let in by liberal la la, rainbow, unicorn females who want to give these rape culture illiterates teddy bears when they arrive. Then the chicks get raped. Sad.

  9. İ think it’s not that hard to understand look what west bring to afghanistan ,ıraq , syria , palestina …

    Of course your media not shows you what really happens biggest terror organaziton is nato/us

    West thinks they democratic they care about humans etc. but they dont give shit about syria 100+ people dies every day and their countries only brings death not helps.

  10. Muslims don’t just hate the West . The different factions of Islam have been fighting for centuries .
    The Muslims in Myanmar , China and many other countries do not like or get on with the majority population .
    Islam forbids that Muslims integrate so there is the first major hurdle .
    The second , why do Muslims go to Western countries to get better jobs and have better lives , then want to bring down these countries to the economic and undemocratic levels of countries they fled from ?
    Many Syrian asylum seekers have gone to South American countries and now want to go home , once again a problem of integration .
    Then there is the very awkward question avoided by Muslims as to why Muslims have been fighting Muslims for decades , the Shia – Sunni problem is classic .
    Muslims were driven out of Europe in the past , and will be again , and all illegal economic migrants will be thrown out at the same time .
    Europe has no need of additional populations with 24+ million unemployed and declining economies , and there will be an uprising of citizens in many countries . Imagine just 5% of Eu citizens in an uprising , thats 25 million people , and nothing will stop them

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