Why Does the Controlled Media Refer to Illegal Immigrants as “Infiltrators” in Israel, but “Asylum Seekers” in Europe?

The news that Israel has started dumping Africans who entered that country illegally wholesale into Uganda—no matter where they have come from—has raised two important issues about the way which the controlled media presents its “news” to the masses in Western nations.


Firstly, as will be seen in the article in the Jewish Telegraphic Agency which saw the Israeli Interior Minister Gideon Saar confirm that Israel was dumping its Africans in Uganda, the Jewish media is very open and plain in referring to the illegals as “infiltrators.”

The JTA article, quoting the Haaretz newspaper in Israel, contained the following quote from Saar:

“It’s a relative minority of the infiltrators who are leaving, but in this I’m not counting infiltrators who leave of their own free will to other, additional countries.”

There can be little doubt that it if any Western politician referred to African illegal immigrants as “infiltrators,” the controlled media would launch an unprecedented campaign of vilification against that person, and demand his resignation or even prosecution under “hate speech” laws.

However, this same media deliberately ignores the now routine and official description of illegal immigrants in Israel as “infiltrators”—a blatant double standard, enforced simply because the controlled media is largely under the direction of the Jewish lobby in the West.

This fact is borne out by the reality that these same mass media outlets have collectively taken an official decision to never refer to illegal immigrants as such, but rather as “asylum seekers,” or, in the case of the Associated Press (AP), never to refer to them as “illegal alien, an illegal, illegals or undocumented.”

Furthermore, the AP has decided, illegal immigrants must never be “describe[d] as violating immigration laws without attribution.”

This then, is the same media which completely blacks out news about Israel’s treatment of illegal immigrants—and that state’s official terminology about “infiltrators.”

This double standard makes it clear not only who controls the mass media, but also that there is a huge bias against Europeans in those editorial offices.

It is a bias which is becoming increasingly obvious as the Internet continues to undermine the Jewish lobby’s previous iron-grip on news dissemination.

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