Why Torture Someone for a Cell Phone? Welcome to the Rainbow Nation

There is an undeclared race war against white South Africans by Africans which leads to cruel, vicious, violent and racially-motivated criminal acts, one of that country’s leading agricultural unions has said.

In a statement released this week, the Transvaal Agricultural Union said that it “takes a certain kind of human being to inflict wanton violence and death on another person. This behavior has been endemic throughout history, but almost always within the context of war, or because of religious or ethnic animosity.


“The savagery which hallmarks certain criminal acts in South Africa appears gratuitous however, as if the perpetrators relish torturing and killing their victims.

“The government and some commentators declare that the particular barbarity against farmers for example, is simply just another murder (or attempted murder), to be categorized as such within the country’s general criminal statistics.

“But the statistics reveal something else: farmers, mostly but not all white, are murdered at three times the rate of ordinary citizens and at twice the level of South Africa’s policemen.

“Another factor in the crime narrative is that many old people are the victims. Soft targets? Of course: the elderly cannot defend themselves and farmers are almost always isolated on their properties.

“But what lies behind the savagery of many of these attacks? In their book Blood Sisters (Lapa Publishers 2012), two South African sisters Roelien Schutte and Eileen de Jager recount their experiences cleaning up after bloody crimes. That is their business.

“The book contains a special chapter on farm murders. ‘The scene at the first farm attack was horrible,’ they said. ‘The old man only just survived. He was beaten so severely that his head was split open right to the skull, and he was stabbed six or seven times with a panga—in his side, of all places.’

“There were five attackers and the old man tried to fight them off. ‘His wife locked herself in another room, something they agreed she would do in the event of an attack.’ (Italics ours.)

“What sort of a country is it that good farming people who have worked hard all their lives must live each and every day in fear of an attack? Do Swedish or Canadian or Brazilian farmers live like this?

“Not everyone was as lucky as the old man and his wife, say the authors. (Today in South Africa the buzz words are ‘You were lucky they didn’t kill you!’ after a robbery or a hijack.)

“Elsewhere, on a farm somewhere in Limpopo province, a couple in their eighties was brutally murdered. ‘Both their bodies were full of cuts and the old woman was raped before they slit her throat. Forensic evidence indicated that the old man was forced to get down on his knees before he was shot execution style.’

“The authors said the scene was quiet testimony to ‘inhumane cruelty.’

“Roelien and Eileen declare unambiguously—‘In a farm murder, robbery is seldom the motive. Robbery is merely a side effect. Murder is the motive, revenge another element.  It’s actually about torture and murder.’

“The women believe the violence they see on television news is ‘twisted and watered down too much when presented to the public. We see news as it happens. Everybody thinks the perpetrators go in and out, shoot the people and everything is over. Nobody knows about the hours of torture. We see it in what we find after a murder. An old woman being raped in front of her husband; an old man whose Achilles’ tendons are cut so that he can’t walk anymore. After that he is executed—on his knees.” (Italics ours.) The women say most men are shot execution style in farm attacks.

“Not even innocent pets are left alone. ‘Their throats are also slit. Or they are kicked to death. Or their heads stepped on. It’s as if these bastards get joy from this,’ they declare.

“Eileen and Roelien think the term ‘farm murders’ should be replaced with the words ‘farm terror.’ They see hate as a motivation. These attackers mostly hunt in packs of five.

“They often spend hours at the scene of a murder. ‘We see how they even prepared food and ate during the torture. They take their time with the torture. To burn somebody with a heated dropper—an iron pole normally used in the farm’s fencing—takes time. To sharpen a broomstick before you push it up a woman’s vagina takes time.’ What kind of monster does such a thing, they ask.

“They tell of fishing rods and bottles found in victims’ vaginas; about faces turned into an unrecognizable pulp, beaten over and over until no facial features are discernible.

“The two women believe that keeping quiet about this means that South Africans and the rest of the world are totally uninformed about the scale, intensity and true nature of farm murders.

“‘We once had to go and clean up on a farm where a young man was killed. A week afterwards his mother was murdered, and a week later it was his dad’s turn. Have you read anything about that in the newspapers?’

“The father was killed in a most horrific way. ‘He was cut up, completely dismembered—hands, arms, legs, all cut off at the joints, then they put the pieces back together like a jigsaw puzzle and displayed the body with his arms extended, almost like he was crucified. Everywhere in the house there were little heaps of ashes and dolosse, the bones used by witchdoctors.’

“The book goes on and on, each atrocity worse than the last. But there has not been a peep from the ANC, nor a peep from the father of the ANC, Nelson Mandela.

“No details were given to the public, everything swept under the carpet. This book should be required reading for those who are still trying to find excuses for this behavior. (During a recent television debate, it was declared that farm murders could be seen as simply another crime and that no ulterior motive should be attributed to them, least of all a racial motive. But how can it be simply “another crime” when farm murders are three times the country’s murder average, never mind the savagery that accompanies these murders?)

“The fact that farmers occupy ‘so much’ land was also put forward as a reason. If the ANC is not prepared to explain to their obtuse followers that farmers provide the country’s food, then it follows the ANC is not worried about this barbarism. Their silence says it all.

“Anyway, what is there to ‘debate’? Debates usually imply there are two sides to a story. There aren’t two sides to this story. The facts are not up for argument.”

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  1. UNBELIEVABLE BUT TRUE !!! And this article puts things mildly! CEO of world genocide watch at a meeting in Europe spoke about the farm murders. He also clarified that there are only 8 phases to genocide. He warned that SA White Farm Murders are at the alarming rate of category 5. He cautioned South Africans .. “Do NOT Disarm” … “Leave South Africa NOW”

  2. When they kill or drive out all whites
    There will be no farmers to feed these non whites then they will turn to each other and starved and kill
    These non white deserve what will happen to them no brains!+

  3. These people were savages, are savages and always will be savages. You cannot educate them, so the whites will be better off by moving to another country where they will be appreciated.

  4. Remember that the (((BBC))) never reports any of this. Next time you see a mixed race pair of announcers, or scum like Fiona Bruce and Huw Edwards, remember they take money to tell lies. And remember they have teams of anonymous writers turning out their rubbish.

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