Wilders Suspends Campaign after Moroccan “Legal immigrant” Arrested

The danger of legal Third World immigration into Europe has been illustrated once again with the news that a Moroccan working as a policeman in Holland has been arrested after giving information of Dutch populist and anti-invasion campaigner Geert Wilders’ public program to a Moroccan criminal gang.

Wilders has been under 24-hour police protection for ten years following Muslim threats against his life, and always keeps his movements secret—with only the police’s DBB security service having forward knowledge of his public appearances to minimize the chances of assassination.

Because the Dutch state—like all present-day states, with the exception of Israel—pretends that anybody from anywhere, regardless of race, can become “Dutch” just by moving to that country, the DBB uses Moroccans and other Third Worlders as part of its staff.

The Dutch Algemeen Dagblad newspaper reported that the Moroccan officer and his brother, both previously members of the Utrecht police force, had also been investigated in the past in connection with suspected leaks of confidential information—but that this was apparently no impediment to them being assigned to the section which protects VIPs.

Wilders, currently the front-runner in the Dutch elections set for March 15, announced on his Twitter account that the arrest of Faris Kattat was “very alarming news. The PVV is suspending its public activities until all facts in connection with the corruption investigation are known.”

The DBB is responsible for the safety of the royal family, diplomats, and high-profile politicians, and Kattat was personally responsible for screening locations for Wilders’ public appearances—the prime places where attacks can be carried out.

In 2002, the anti-Muslim Dutch politician Pim Fortuyn was shot dead by a communist. And in 2004, filmmaker Theo van Gogh—a direct descendent of the famous painter of the same name—was murdered by a Muslim, Mohammed Bouyeri, after producing a film dealing with Islam.

Dutch police chief Erik Akerboom was quoted by Dutch radio as saying that Wilders’ safety had “not been compromised,” to which Wilders responded that it was “easy for him to say,” and that if he could not trust the DBB, then he could “no longer function.”

Wilders’ PVV (Party for Freedom) is, according to polls, running neck-and-neck with the liberal VVD (People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy), led by the prime minister, Mark Rutte. The PVV could therefore become the Netherlands’ largest party but is likely to be shut out of government by a coalition of conservative, liberal, and communist parties.

The AD news service revealed that Kattat’s brother, Mohammed, had been the subject of a police investigation in 2007 on charges related to breaking the official secrets regulations as well—apparently in connection with a murder investigation of a Moroccan gangster named Abdel Edoujaji.

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