Women-haters of the Alt-Right

A breakdown of male and female voting patterns in the recent presidential elections in Austria which showed that 60 percent of women voted for the communist-Green—as opposed to 40 percent of men—has once again inflamed the women-haters of the alt-right movement.

This anti-female tendency is driven by an inability of many of its proponents to form relationships with women, an overreaction to the poison of feminism—and the increasing influence of homosexuals within the alt-right movement.


As detailed in the German Die Presse newspaper, a final analysis of the voting figures in the Austrian presidential election showed that 60 percent of men voted for the FPÖ, and 60 percent of women voted for the communist-Green candidate.

This differentiation provoked a storm on social media from the alt-right, which claimed that this was a reason “why women should not have the vote,” and similar suggestions.

However, this “argument” ignores the reality that 40 percent of men voted for the communist-Green candidate—and 40 percent of women voted for the FPÖ.

What this means is that although there is indeed a statistical difference in voting patterns, the differentiation is not enough to warrant an all-out attack on women by the “philosophers” of the alt-right.

In fact, there are many leading examples of women in Austria who have led the fight, both politically and socially, to save Austria from the Third Word. One prominent example is Barbara Rosenkranz, the FPÖ’s current Minister of Building Law and Animal Protection of the State of Lower Austria.


Barbara-Rosenkranz-childrenRosenkranz was a member of the Parliament of Austria, the National Council, from 2002 to 2008, where she served as Chair of the Committee for Health Affairs, and was the FPÖ’s candidate for the Austrian presidential election in 2010, where she took 15.6 percent of the vote and came second.

In addition, Rosenkranz has contributed ten children to Austria, is critical of feminism, rejects homosexual marriage, and in her 2008 book Menschinnen: Gender Mainstreaming—Auf dem Weg zum geschlechtslosen Menschen (“Inside People: Gender Mainstreaming—The way to sexless people”), she argued that attempts to enforce artificial “equality” between the sexes in the face of their clearly differently defined biological roles—was the precursor to the destruction of the family unit.

Another leading FPÖ female politician is Susanne Winter. She served as chairman of the FPÖ in the district of Graz Straßgang, and later as leader of the party in Graz and was a leading candidate during the Graz municipal election of 2008, where she was elected as a councillor.

As a Member of Parliament, she served as FPÖ environmental spokesman, where she described climate change” as “lies and ideological pseudoscience.” Her outspoken comments continued, even in the face of threatened legal action by the state after she refused to distance herself from someone who called the holocaust into question.

Her remarks on Islam riled opponents even further. In 2008, she became one of the first Austrian politicians to warn of child sex abuse by Muslim men—a warning which has been completely vindicated by later events, most notably the series of sex attacks by nonwhite invaders upon children in public baths in Austria.

For these and other comments, Winter was charged by the Austrian state and convicted for “hate crimes” in 2009, being fined €24,000 and sentenced to a conditional imprisonment of three months for “incitement and denigration of religious teachings.”

Finally, when Winter made a Facebook post in October 2015 saying “nice, you took the words out of my mouth” in response to another person’s assertion that “Zionist money Jews” were to blame for the “refugee crisis,” she had to resign from the FPÖ during the resultant uproar. She still however sits in parliament.

To suggest, as the armchair alt-right critics do, that women like Barbara Rosenkranz and Susanne Winter—and the 40 percent of Austrian women who voted for the FPÖ in May 2016—are somehow inferior, or do not contribute to the political struggle to save Europe, is therefore a baseless lie.

What could be the cause of this women-hatred amongst the alt-right? The fact that it is primarily a phenomenon of the American alt-right provides the first clue.

Among the leaders of the American alt-right, pitifully few are married or in any sort of lasting relationship with any woman—and most are childless.

This inability to form any sort of stable relationship unquestionably leads to suppressed resentment, which manifests itself—like any suppressed strong emotion—in passive aggressiveness.

Finally, the appearance—and elevation to “leadership” status—of open homosexuals and promoters of homosexuality among the alt-right must also play a significant role in infusing the “movement” with women-hatred.

For example, the regular appearance of homosexual speakers and writers such as Jack Donovan, James O’Meara, and Greg Johnson (the latter from the heavily-promoted “Counter Currents” publishing organization), has now become so commonplace that it barely even raises an eyebrow anymore.

Just how far homosexuality has infiltrated the alt-right movement can be seen from Johnson’s open promotion of it on his blog. For example, he once wrote that “intolerance of homosexuality is Jewish” (“Homosexuality & White Nationalism”); and that homosexuals “can and do make our movement stronger” (“Gay Panic on the Alt Right”).

Johnson’s earlier promotion of homosexual marriage is also widely known but seems to be largely ignored among the alt-right.

It can thus be seen that the female-hatred which seems so endemic in the American alt-right not only denigrates all the brave women who have sacrificed so much in the ongoing political struggle, but also ignores reality.

The lack of consistency in the women-haters’ “reasoning” is laid bare when the Austrian voting figures are soberly evaluated. In particular, the fact that some 40 percent of men voted for the communist-Green candidate, is a reality on which the women-hating alt-right is mysteriously silent.

The reasons for this, as outlined above, are deeper and darker than what first meets the eye—and well worth reevaluation by anybody who has been taken in by this irrational propaganda.

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  1. I used to be a huge supporter of the Alt-right, but as a woman, this issue of blaming women for everything that’s wrong in the world (sounds very semitic to me) just turned me off of them completely. I love my race and would give my life gladly to defend it, but if you won’t stand with me and obssessively marginalise me, then sorry you are not working for the cause, you are working against it and I have no time for you.

    1. I’m a white male and I totally agree with you. I don’t like this ‘alt right’ as I think it’s trying to fracture the nationalist movement even more. We can’t have a strong white race without both men AND women. Granted, I’m not in a relationship, I’ve not had the best luck with women (as a teen or as a grown man), but I don’t hate women and I’m not resentful of them. Frankly, when guys in the nationalist movement blame white women for our problems, I could just as easily flip the argument and point out to them it was white men in power (“the greatest generation”) that got us fighting along side Jews in WWII to destroy Germany, it was white men in power that let themselves be corrupted by Jewish money and influence to pass anti-white laws, to open up our border, etc. It’s white men in America and Western Europe (be they politicians, police, military, civilians, etc) who sit back while nonwhites invade our lands, rape our women, leech off of us, etc.

      So let’s stop the division between white men and white women, unite us all and take back our race and nations.

      1. Wow! You sound like the kind of guy that every girl I know is desperate to meet. I think the problem starts in college where the commie / liberal professors indoctrinate us all with their liberal garbage, fill us with ‘white guilt’ and hatred for our race and one another. Please don’t give up on women. Honestly there are lots of very good women out there it’s just that like you they have been very hurt and some have given up hope. We need to find a way back to one another guys and girls. Maybe we need to start a dating site for white nationalists. Is there such a thing?

        1. Oh I’ve not given up on girls, but just was saying I don’t hate them despite not having much ‘success’ with them, lol. Frankly, I’ve like lots of Slavic/Eastern Europe girls/immigrants I’ve met when I was younger from Russia or Poland, even here in the USA. They were more nationalistic and not ashamed to give their racial opinions compared to lots of Americans. Even the girls bluntly said they didnt want to be in black areas bluntly saying “too many blacks there” compared to other White Americans who would say “oh, I don’t want to go there, it’s…it’s….it’s…there’s lots of crime there. Not safe.”

          I also went to college and was indoctrinated with the anti-white, anti-Christian stuff until I had graduated
          from college and accidentally came across “revisionist” history and over the years I’ve gotten more educated about real history and it’s changed my mind on many issues.

        2. The jews are very good at controlling the masses! They have control of everything we see and hear. They have inverted and twisted everything that was decent and moral.
          Four pillars they attack are Nation,Church,Family and Gender to weaken and confuse ,who we are and what our Ancestors achieved and built.

          Conquer and divide, they hide been facades; Feminism,Marxism,Liberalism,Socialism,Fabianism etc all designed to weaken and destroy us as a people ,culture and nation?

          We have some fight on to educate people to who is behind the destruction of the West and US. The coudonhove-kalergi plan was implimented and is being carriesd out by EU (Bolshiviks)a long time ago and now we can see clearly what the plan is for white nations.

          I love our race (White diversity) hair colours ,eye colurs.We are unique and beautiful people!! Their is nothing finer in the world than an Aryan lady!!

    2. Dude here.

      I have been watching this “manosphere” thing with some interest in recent years, it is not something that happened by accident, it happened by design.

      Even thought there couldn’t have been better propaganda for anti-White feminists and SJW “intersectionality” they don´t just seek to turn away women from White survival and from the right, another major objective is to pull the same trick on White men that (((feminism))) has pulled on White women…


      Both sides pretend to be the opposite of the other but in truth they feed on the other.

  2. Great article! So true! The only thing I’ll say is that I have seen this here in England with the Traditional Britain Group types as well….

    1. TBH I`ve never even heard of the Traditional Britain Group before. Which is a pity as they appear to espouse everything that I believe in. Do they still exist or were they a fleeting fad?
      I hate to admit it but I can`t make head nor tail of this item – straightforward it aint! It seems nobody really likes anybody…….. par for the course with today`s politics and the constant stream of conflicting “causes”.
      A plague on all their houses ! Oh to get back to basics.

  3. Do the percentages include the postal votes ? Surely if they were rigged as seems likely then the figures are meaningless..

  4. I noticed a depressingly chilly comment on the theme of female vs male voting differences. Its author pointed out that if young males die in battles/ fights/ wars, their personal genes are lost forever. But if women become spoils of war, their personal genes continue. Women continue by giving birth; so maybe they worry less? Something I’d never thought of but may be worth considering. Though times (such as now) of travel over distances previously impossible must introduce new race differential issues.
    NB I’m unsure who the ‘alt-Right’ being written about here, actually are. E.g. Kevin MacDonald and associates are not anti-women or pro-homosexual.

    1. I say the young men should have at least a couple of children with their women before they go and risk their lives in a war. It’s like on the movie 300. I think King Leondias made sure the guys who were going with him into battle were fit to fight and also had offspring so their genetic line would at least have been carried on somehow if they didn’t make it back.

      1. The “traditionalists” don´t believe that, now do they? They believe the men that never had children should be the ones to risk their lives first. The children never being born and genetic line parts doesn´t compute. Assuming that King Leonidas really did that he would have been more reasonable, less run by emotional thinking than these “traditionalists” today. -)

  5. I have to disagree. While 40% of men DID vote for the communist party, it still stands that if women hadn’t voted at all in this election, Hofer would have won. No one can lump all of one kind of people into a single category, but trends, averages and statistical science cannot be ignore. Understanding that, women (not ALL but on the whole) are far more emotional and much less analytical than men. Because of that natural difference, women tend to make their decisions based much more on emotion rather than analysis or intellect. That’s simply a fact. If the stats were truly known, I’m sure the vast majority of the Welcome Refugees crowd are women. The compassion, empathy and intuition that comes with feminine energy are gifts that women are blessed with, but they do not work in the legislative or governmental sphere because they’re so easily manipulated and used against oneself by another. This is why women were not allowed to vote or serve in government throughout the ages, and I have to agree….not because women are weaker or any nonsense like that. Men and women are fundamentally different in crucial ways and therefore, women should not be in government. To think that men and women can govern “the same” is to fall into the socialist-communist trap. Our enemy knows very well that men and women govern from very different tendencies and values, which is why they pushed and succeeded in giving women the vote and a place in government….so they could then influence government through women. The differences between men and women are as strong as any other natural law and we would do ourselves well to work with them rather than against them in our pursuits or assuming the “we’re all equal with the same abilities” lie of the communists.

    1. The political system intentionally ties women’s issues with open borders, and green issues with open borders. This creates the sugar and the poison. The Green party is a Trojan Horse.

      In the US, the political system ties black issues and union issues with open borders, even though blacks and unions don’t want immigration.

      Hofer may have addressed that directly to show the contradiction of the Greens to break the party in half. He also should push this fraud issue.

      1. There is also the fact that White men gets to feel the burdens of society more and have fewer opportunities than White women does. This has started to change noticeably lately thought and the woman-hating “alt-right” has been raised out of the swamp of the internets to counter-balance women turning toward the right as a result.

    2. I was thinking of writing a response to the article, but then I read yours. Your response was superb – you hit the nail on the head. I, for one, will not consider the USA’s Founding Fathers, who denied women the vote, to have been warped in any way. I would say more, but you already said it. Kind thanks.

      1. You really need to study your history. The Founding Fathers did not really want anyone to vote– they restricted the right, of voting only to property owners. not Universal suffrage. Be better informed before making a comment please.

        1. That’s not exactly true. They left the voter requirements up to the states. Some states allowed all White men to vote, others did not.

    3. well, I would say what also happened, possibly, is that they allowed nonwhites to vote or threw away votes for the FPO. As Stalin even said,”It’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”

      1. I agree. I find that feminism is really about hating women. Some people say it is the men that feminists hate, but in reality, they hate everything.

        1. Most feminists I’ve met were either ugly fat women, yes, or they were getting back at their parents or society in someway. Same thing I’ve noticed about white women who racemix. They’re either fat or they are just trashy, drug users, didn’t have a strong white male figure around growing up, they’re getting back at their parents, etc. Or they’re just naive liberals.

        1. Sadly that's correct. Germany has the worlds lowest birth rate . We have more that 120.000 (official) abortions every year, not to mention since the so called "Pillenknick" of the 60s (sudden drop in birthrates due to oral contraceptives), invented by such Jewish "scientists" like Carl Djerassi and Gregory Pincus. Now we have the muslim invasion from Africa and Asia. That's genocide by a thousand cuts.

  6. While I do think that the alt-right has a problem with hating women, partially blaming the (actually very few) homosexual members strikes me as misplaced. There aren’t nearly enough of them to have any serious influence…the overlap between the alt-right and the “MGOTW” and “PUA” movements, driven by heterosexual men, probably have far more to do with resentment of women on the right than, say, Counter Currents defending homos. Greg Johnson was the one who called attention to the previously (and foolishly) elevated “Roosh V”‘s horrible treatment of white women in Europe, and who did he end up arguing with? Straight white men defending Roosh and not our women!

  7. I don’t think it can be denied that women are, on the whole, more empathetic to other peoples, more accepting of them, more liberal in their views and a bit more emotionally orientated than men when it comes to choices and decision making.
    This is why there is the 20% difference in the voting shown above. It seems to be the same in all of our nations. Why should this be ignored, or deemed “women hating”? If Black people were doing something at 20% more frequency than whites, something would be said about it.
    This has, over a long space of time, shifted what I feel was a more tough-nosed, factual, sober politics and political discourse into being one about peoples emotions, what ‘feels right’, and so on and so forth. Most of the “refugees welcome” sign holders were women, for example, and I do believe that there are emotional nurturing reasons for this. It is a factor in society, for whatever reason it may be, and that is just the way it seems to be. It is bound to be noticed and commented upon.
    When it comes to modern women and men, I think there are a lot of traits and elements on both sides that are putting people off. I can’t say I am impressed with what often passes for “modern women” – and I am sure women today are left feeling a bit unimpressed with what amounts to the “modern man”.
    However, to start hammering into women, talking about removing their vote, it all being their fault, that they are all feminists and whatever is plainly absurd. The white nationalist movement has always been heavily slanted towards males – and I can appreciate that it can be off putting to women who, to be fair, often take up the cause from a different perspective and can have different reasons for doing so.
    What many of the “women haters” seem to forget, is that, on a really basic mechanical level, white women are the only ones who can keep our race alive. Given that Caucasians are at about 10% globally, and that only about 2% of that 10% are women of child bearing ability, alienating them with crazy and unnecessary rhetoric, turning them off the cause, not understanding their perspectives about their particular needs and wants or expectations, etc, puts us at a great disadvantage.
    Any woman who is pro-white, on our side, is an ally – a pretty rare ally, from what it seems on the whole. It would be interesting to read more about what nationalist white women would like to see in the movement, particularly if it helped bridge the gap between many nationalists disdain for modern women and perhaps their disdain for modern men.
    Anybody who is on our side is an ally. I would be suspicious of any sustained and concerted effort to turn white men and white women against each other. To waste time engaging in silly wars between the same team is exactly what those who seek to destroy us would want.

    1. You asked what a white nationalist female, would like to see in the movement. I’m just speaking for myself here, but I would like us to FOCUS EXCLUSIVELY ON THE GOAL OF WAKING UP AND UNITING ALL WHITE PEOPLE SO THAT WE CAN TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRIES.

      I would like us to drop all other extraneous discussion such as:
      1. Whether women as still going to be allowed to vote, drive cars, or get an education, once our side wins
      2. Who we are going to allow to breed once we institute our eugenics program
      3. Who is just not cool enough and needs to be excluded from joining our ranks, i.e.: cat ladies, baby boomers, fat people, liberals, while knights, social justice warriors, gays and beta males, and anyone we consider not white enough

      It was’t too long ago that I believed all the lies I was taught watching Talmudavision, so why would I put down ohter people who aren’t awake yet. This is not the way to reach them.
      One of our strengths as a race is our independence of mind (great for inventing and discovering new things) not so great when it prevents us from uniting, which we must do if we want to win. That is really my point. God bless and protect all our people.

      1. liberals and social justice warriors are the ones that are against ‘us’, of course they are welcome if they change positions (which is happening).
        So obviously they are to be rejected if they keep being ‘liberals and social justice warriors’.
        You are precisely showing the ‘inclusive-let’s not fight’ feminine* attitude that can dilute the ‘movement’s goals.

        *that is more present in women -and queers- than in men. That doesn’t mean ‘in all’; of course the more women with us, the better and the more to appreciate them.

      2. “and anyone we consider not white enough”

        Nonwhite like to try to subvert the pro White Army, claiming that they are white. I saw mestizos egregious trolls do this online as well.

  8. One could understand “Menschinnen” as sarcastic term like Huwomen. You could also say: “Dear German and Gerwoman!” English article “the” has no gender. German articles have genders: “der” (male), die (female), das (neutrum).

    Feminists won’t accept, that “der Mensch” (which means every human beeing) is a masculinum. So they created in their gender studies the phantasy term “die Menschin” and others to destruct the language in its context of meaning.

    Roots of that devlish crap like deconstructivism, nihilism, negationism, relativism, critical theories and so on leads to the Frankfurt School of Adorno and Horkheimer. They destroyed our language, every clear thinking, speaking and pronouncing.

    German language, like a Russian linguist said, is a World Cultural Heritage. The most children of today can’t speak a sentence with more than 5 words. They now like to send “short mails” with smileys.

  9. White nationalism means whites runs white nations, not Jews. The Alt-Right isn’t fully on board with that: e.g. Amren.

    White nationalism is just a response to Jewish domination, and is not a complete politics for the various nationalities. You wouldn’t want American whites to dominate Europeans, for example, or Northerners to dominate Southerners. You wouldn’t want the British-American Rhodes-mafia to dominate the world in place of a Jewish one.

    If white nationalists could build a serious organization around a specific goal, they would leave the Alt-right in the dust. For example 100% public financing of elections blocks out Jew-funding and corporate funding of elections. That would get the Jew bias out of American politics, and open up a lot of options to work with good government groups, patriots, nationalists, and even left socialists. The price of funding such elections would be 75% cheaper than funding Israel. Public financing is the price of self-government. That or let Jews fund elections and own the politicians.

    White nationalist could have a particular message defined and hold their members to the message. The movement now is just a street full of cats going everywhere, instead of marching towards a definite goal of strategic importance.

    A movement needs some type of goal to manage people and their deficiencies, without losing their valuable contributions. This has never been addressed. “Stay on message and keep distractions out of it.” That would be a professional organization. “Do your job and keep your dick in the closet.”

    White nationalism is not professionalized. Conservative Inc, is, which is why they are able to fire and marginalize racialists.

    Movements that don’t attain their goals start consuming their own, such as blaming women for the movement’s failure. Libertarianism, conservativism, flat earth, white nationalism, all have this same problem.

    1. Fully agree and support you! (Sorry but the system wouldn’t let me give you a thumbs up so I just thought I would reply instead.)

  10. When single women are allowed to vote their interest will always be to have the state step in to do the job of a husband, that is to protect and pay for their children. Women who are married vote conservative as it’s not in their interest to have the income of their family unit redistributed to single mothers. The right can either resolve this conflict by making sure women marry earlier or that unmarried women are not allowed to vote. The left will always have an incentive to expand the number of single mothers since they are very likely to vote for expanded welfare.

    1. If the kids are white, it doesn’t matter much. This is why Jews always hand out money to invaders, hand out housing to invaders, encourage them to breed, permit them to vote etc. none of which they ought to be allowed

  11. It’s no accident that female suffrage corresponds with the exponential rise of the welfare state. Furthermore, the “liberation” of women was largely executed as a means of doubling production and consumption, increasing the tax-base, and weakening the family by diminishing parental influence. This is to say nothing of female mating strategies (Hypergamy), that when taken together with no-fault divorce, the Pill, etc., has unleashed forces that are currently destroying the West.

    So no. Women shouldn’t vote and giving them the right to do so was a horrible idea. The West dies because a bunch of cucks are too chickenshit to tell women “no.”

    1. You also need to learn some real history before making such ridiculous assertions.

      The rise of the welfare state has nothing to do with women. In fact, if anything, it was (in Europe) a counter reaction to the excesses of rampant unfettered capitalism –which was of course controlled by males, I might add.

      The welfare state also only spun out of control along with the rise of Third World immigration into the west. See the following paper:

      “In the 25-year period between 1960 and 1985, there was a great expansion of welfare state programs throughout the West. The fraction of GDP accounted for by social expenditures doubled in much of Europe and grew by 40–50% in many other OECD nations.”

      Germany’s national social security programs began in 1889, France’s in 1893, Australia’s and Sweden’s in 1909, and the United Kingdom’s in 1911.  The early social insurance programs reflected liberal aims and were widely supported after adoption.

      –From "The rise of the modern welfare state, ideology, institutions and income security: analysis and evidence,” Roger D. Congleton and Feler Bose, Center for Study of Public Choice, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA 22030, and Department of Economics, Alma College, Alma MI 48801.

      1. Oh, I forgot to add: Women got the vote in Germany in 1918; France in 1945; Australia in 1902; Sweden in 1921, and the UK in 1928. From those dates you can see that there is absolutely no correlation between those events and the creation of the welfare state.
        You are a victim of some pretty heinous propaganda, and you have swallowed it without thinking or checking it out. As this article says, the tie has come for you to seriously rethink your position.

        1. Just the fact that you use the term “rampant capitalism” shows you’re either a shill or very ill-informed yourself. Sam is correct in stating that one of the key objectives of pushing women out of the home and into the workforce was to double the tax base, not to “free” women. That’s common knowledge. I believe it was one of the Rockefellers that stated as such sometime in the 80’s, but even common sense can see as much. As far as bashing capitalism, unless you or the authors you quoted were born before 1913, you haven’t lived one day of your life under capitalism. Capitalism is what saved America. For over 100 years, the U.S. and the rest of the world has been burdened with corporatism: corporations colluding with governments to eliminate competition. It sounds like you’re the one that’s repeating ridiculous assertions and need to detox from your public school Talmudist TV education. The media is turning the ignorant public against capitalism so when the time comes, they’ll beg for their own slavery; they’ll beg for socialism as the “answer”. Recommended: How Capitalism Saved America by Thomas DiLorenzo

      2. That’s correct. Probably the full welfare state (not late 19th C pensions etc) was started with the aim of helping invaders. This was probably the plan all the time. It also of course means borrowing from jewish central banks shoots up. How long can it last? — probably Jews will leave before it all collapses. One in the eye for the hated goyim.

  12. Our women hold the key to saving our white race from annihilation, the enemy (jews and all non whites) know this, that is why they specifically target our women, with deception,poisoning their minds with the acceptance of multiculturalism,feminism.

    During the second Anglo Boer war, the British could not defeat the Boers. They turned to a scorched earth policy in a effort to defeat the Boers, this did not work.Then they targeted the Boer women and children, forcing them into concentration camps, thousands of women and children died in these camps.
    This had the desired effect of bring the Boers to the negotiation table.

    My point is, we must cherish our women, be firm, but fair with them, respect them, guide them when required, but most importantly, protect them from our evil enemies. Be prepared to sacrifice your life for them, remember our women hold the key to our existence, with out them, our race is done!

  13. Hey, TNO! I am rather surprised and dissappointed in your biased, discriminatory article. You mention Homosexuals but, shock, horror, shameful, you failed to make any reference to the Trans-genders who I guess were inadvertently locked in the wrong loo at the vital time……………
    Come on now, less of this discrimination for the future!

  14. As a woman I find the increasing number of comments on various sites calling for women to be denied the vote shocking. At the same time, I do have some sympathy for male antipathy towards 3rd wave feminists, who make me ashamed of my sex, and women who allow emotionalism to cloud their judgement and who appear to have out group preferences. Women must remember that it is men who will be conscripted and who will be called upon to risk lives and limbs to defend what so many women seem to hold so cheaply: their ethnicity, their nation, their culture and, therefore, the futures of our children.

    When I see feminists demonstrating outside mosques against FGM, forced marriages, ‘honour’ killings and grooming gangs, I might have some respect for them. When I hear feminists campaigning for heterosexual marriage as the best environment for raising children, I might listen to them.

  15. Al sector femenino hay que llegar con más tacto e inteligencia, de ahí los resultados ; posiblemente influidas las féminas ( no todas ) mayores por la ¨ caja tonta ¨ ( tv ) y por eso los resultados en el país amigo de Austria.

    Pero ante todo hay que decir que ha sido un fraude, ha habido anomalías en la fase final del proceso electoral con el recuento de votos, parece ser. Lo que conllevará a largo plazo que en los próximos comicios los partidos patriotas alcancen con más fuerza el poder, sólo es cuestión de tiempo que ocurra en toda Europa, no podemos decir lo mismo en el sistema bipartidista de Estados Unidos de Norteamérica ( controlado por los lobys sionistas de todo tipo o asunto ) que está lleno de inmigrantes con mucho odio ( algunos con motivos, la mayoría no ) y de igual ignorancia que los occidentales blancos del país amigo norteamericano.

    Además en Europa no existen los partidos de cuadros o de políticas de derechas ( hay algo parecido como son los liberales, pero no es política de derechas ). Y ya sabemos que los liberales siguen las mismas pautas del sionismo y su propaganda.

    De todas formas no es una cuestión de sexos, aunque en lugares como NY parece que hay hasta 31 diferentes, ya, ahora. ¿Qué dirán los 29 restantes sexos, ó 27, quizás los 26 ?

    Ummm, ardua tarea para las encuestas.

  16. Attacking the Alt-Right is unhelpful. Women are more likely to vote for left-wing parties, and men for right-wing ones. We see this tendency all around the world. In the US Democrats do better with women, and Republicans with men. Don’t you think attacking young men in the Alt-Right (and psychoanalyzing them as having an “inability to form relationships with women” and being influenced by homosexuals) is just as counter-productive as blaming women? Are young men in the Alt-Right any less likely to be married or have kids that the general population? And just because some people believe that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote doesn’t mean they “hate women”.

  17. A good point was raised by someone on Twitter: if the “logic” is used that because a bare majority of women voted for Van der Bellen, instead of Hofer, or for Hilary Clinton instead of Trump, this “means” that “women destroy civilization” (as some of the alt-right boards say);
    using that same logic, we can say that the 99% of men who fought against Germany in World War II, extinguishing what may have been Europe’s greatest chance of survival, destroyed civilization in a far more serious way than voting for Van der Bellen or Clinton ever did.
    Using the “logic” one can therefore conclude that men are the real problem.

    Of course, all of this is nonsense. Most people, men and women, get swept away by the prevailing noise, without thinking about it too much, and for idiots to then start condemning women (or men) on such broad strokes is ludicrous.

    As this article says, the real reason for women hatred is always deeper, and a reflection on the proponents of that hatred, rather than the logic or facts of the matter.

    1. Hear, hear, A Wyatt Man!
      This pathetic argument or debate of Male v Female has been going on since the Year Dot. It will remain timeless. The only anti-women actions or/and propaganda worth focussing on is that between Asian males and women and that particularly coming from the Islamic community wherever they are.

  18. The invaders just attack these ‘women’ at will,rapeing,gropeing,spitting on,laughing at them,every abuse hurled at the…

  19. I am an elderly female. I do think I should have a vote and in doing so I try to be responsible and check out who I am voting for. which is why I voted Cameron the first time but didn’t like what I saw so did not vote for any fo the terrible three in the last elections.I’m sorry to go against the grain but I would vote for the far right if we had a good party to vote for. I was willing Trump to win and was impressed with Oban but now slightly worried that he has been got at. But I am also annoyed at the women that are out on the street welcoming these invaders into our countries. The only sorrow I feel is for their children which they seem to treated as a useful commodity. BUT when you read THE FRANFURT SCHOOL OF SUBVERSION and what they are currently doing to our kids with sex and genda at such a young age it is understandable that we have lost at least two generations to this evil crap.America is doing operations on kids eleven years old. The English and Americans are very hard to wake up. My daughter always says she doesn’t think these people are all bad, and I would agree on a single basis but there is strength in numbers.and they use that to their advantage.I actually think if it was not for our current invaders the Syrians would not haves become so hostile.What never seems to amaze me is how hostile all our governments both male and female have turned against there own people and their children so readily.this is very frightening.I do think we should male and female stick together and show these people proof of what has been done to them in the education system. This is what turned me the quickest and made me look and read and double check what is happening. It is the case that white people from all countries should unite to survive. We do not have long.

  20. Nationalist have Marion Le Pen, Christina Baum, Sophie Montel, Anke Van Dermeerch, Virginia Abernathy, Kristinna Ojulund, Dora Duro and Michelle Renouf .
    Rebecca Felton said don’t let black men vote.

    Altright have pornstar Electre and tranny #Tradwife.

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