“Women’s March” Doesn’t Represent White Women

The “Women’s March” held in Washington D.C. on Saturday, January 21, ignores the fact that two-thirds of white women in America voted for Donald Trump—which makes the protest yet another revelation of the racial divide in the U.S.

According to the Edison national election poll, overall, 54 percent of women of all races voted for Clinton, much higher than the 42 percent of women who voted for Trump.

But, when the women’s vote is divided by race, it is clear that black women largely drove the so-called “gender gap” against Trump—and that it was once again race which has proved the dividing line.

The statistics show that the majority of non-college-educated white women (64 percent) voted for Trump, while 35 percent backed Clinton.

This figure is far higher than non-college-educated black women, of whom only 3 percent voted for Trump, and non-college-educated Hispanic women, of whom 25 percent voted for Trump.

Black, Hispanic, and other nonwhite women backed Clinton in far greater numbers.

Although college-educated women—a much smaller demographic—did majority vote for Clinton, even in that case the extent of Clinton’s victory was nowhere near that of Trump’s in the non-college-educated vote.

According to the statistics, 51 percent of college-educated white women voted for Clinton, and 45 percent voted for Trump.

What these figures mean is that by any measure, a majority of white women voted for Trump, despite the controlled media’s continuous lies about Trump’s alleged “misogyny.”

Among white males, Trump drew the vote of 54 percent of college-educated whites, and 72 percent of non-college-educated white men.

Taken altogether, this means that Trump won an overwhelming majority of the white vote, both male and female.

In fact, given the U.S. government’s infamously poor racial classifications—which regularly results in nonwhite Hispanics, North Africans, Middle Easterners, and Jews all being classified as “white,” it is possible that Trump’s white female vote was even higher than the official statistics.

This is of particular relevance to the college-educated “white women” voter statistics outlined above, as the greater Jewish preponderance of graduates will skew those figures as well.

The 2016 presidential election therefore marked the first time that whites in America have started to vote in racial blocs—a move that is likely to attacked as “racist” by the controlled media in the near future. These attacks will, of course, ignore the reality that nonwhites—blacks and Hispanics—have always voted in racial blocs.

Protests such as the “women’s march” are, therefore, only a representation of the increasing racial divide in America, one that grows more apparent and obvious with each passing day.

The Mexican-origin organizer of the “women’s march” in Washington, America Ferrera, gave the protest rally’s opening speech, confirming the underlying racial divide which drives the anti-Trump protests.

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    1. The tragedy is that the USA, notably from the founding of the ‘Fed’ in 1913, was a tool of Jews, and became the world’s largest warmongering and propaganda machine. Historians and ‘intellectuals’ so far have done little to oppose all this.

      1. been hearing alot of stuff about Jews lately I just don’t know how they got away with all this stuff, if Germany saw it and Hitler did something why has no other person seen it and did anything about it, its strange to me that 3percent or less of the population can do so much damage, the recipiants must take some blame, just like if a bully is smacking you everyday one day you have to go all out and whak his ass back with all you got/

  1. You could see it in the huge amount of Caucasians lining the streets on inauguration day. But he did get a lot of black and Hispanic votes as well.

  2. The President isn’t at all perturbed by these protests. He’ll not comment thru the MSM, so they will then make up more outlandish stories & destroy their credibility some more (if that’s possible).

    The protestors will get tired of it when the media stop reporting it. The media will have to stop before their few thousand remaining readers/viewers get tired & switch off.

    So girls please keep it up. I certainly don’t read or view any reports in the MSM.

  3. I am 69 years old and have never ever marched in a protest. Who are these people that go to all this effort to achieve so little. Look at the pageda marches. The governments totally ignore them. If they were protesting trendy gay rights etc then the powers that be would be grovelling to please them.

  4. Well I for one am college educated and female and I voted for Trump and would do it again, it is time for the political establishment to shut up.

  5. I used to admire woman I had them on a pedastal but now I see these pigs and sluts marching and have signs saying don’t grab my pussy I find them lower than the whores on 8th ave I use to see pissing in the streets.

    1. They aren’t women, they weren’t built biologically for breeding, no wonder white births are plummeting. Glad I’m of an older generation, happy with my wife,she’s happy with me, give and take both ways, the way it should be.

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