World Health Organization’: Asia, Africa, Literally Earth’s Biggest “Sh*tholes”

558 million Central and Southern Asians and 220 million sub-Saharan Africans defecate in the open—and only 36 percent of Asians and 28 percent of Africans have access to “basic” toilets, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The WHO report, formally titled “Progress on Drinking Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Update and SDG Baselines 2017,” and released on the WHO/UNICEF Joint Monitoring Programme for Water Supply website, is an annual survey.

According to the latest report, sub-Saharan Africa leads the world in “open defecation,” closely followed by Oceania, Central Asia and Southern Asia.

The report says that only 39 percent of the earth’s population of 2.9 billion people use “a safely managed sanitation service; that is, excreta safely disposed of in situ or treated off-site.”

This population is almost exclusively concentrated in what it calls the “developed world”—that is, North America, Europe, and Japan,

However, the report continues, “2.3 billion people still lack even a basic sanitation service,” and “600 million people used a limited sanitation service; that is, improved facilities shared with other households.”

Furthermore, the report says, “892 million people worldwide still practise open defecation.” Nearly two thirds (558 million) live in Central Asia and Southern Asia, with another quarter (220 million) in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Sixteen of the 24 countries in which at least one person in five has limited sanitation services are found in sub-Saharan Africa (Figure 21)” the report says.

The report also deals with world hygiene levels, and reports that in “34 out of 38 African countries with data, less than 50% of the population used basic handwashing facilities.”

The report adds that the “The elimination of open defecation has been identified as a top priority and is closely associated with wider efforts to end extreme poverty by 2030.”

However, it continued, “much remains to be done, especially in rural areas, where open defecation has been declining at a rate of just 0.7 percentage points per year.”

It says that nine out of ten countries where more than five percent of the population lacked basic sanitation in 2015 “are progressing too slowly to achieve universal basic sanitation by 2030, and suggests that in one out of seven countries, use of basic sanitation is actually decreasing.”

“The majority of the 2.3 billion people who still lacked a basic sanitation service either practise open defecation (892 million) or use unimproved facilities such as pit latrines without a slab or platform, hanging latrines or bucket latrines (856 million).

“The remaining 600 million use improved sanitation facilities that are shared with other households.”

The WHO report—of course—ignores the obvious close correlation between IQ and those regions with the worst sanitation levels, as can be seen from the comparison charts below.

Above: IQ Distribution across the globe, and below, poor sanitation. The correlation is obvious.

The correlation between sanitation and IQ levels provides the real answer to the “problems” which the WHO confronts—but because they, like all liberals, deny the reality of race, they will never be able to solve this serious problem.

The regions in question will therefore remain the “sh*tholes” of the world—until their excess populations overrun the rest of the world, and then the entire world will follow the Third World example.

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  1. Ghana became independent in 1962. The Presidents, no more than two since independence built 3 presidential palaces, parliamentary accomodations, an armed force, a national airline.
    Water treatment & sewage treatment plants were unheard of until a recent Ebola virus outbreak.
    Then the British government under PM Cameron gave the £1.6 billion to build their first plants to bring some hygiene sanity to a densely populated “shithole”.
    Other than South Africa, it is a continent of overpopulated, undereducated, undernourished, underdeveloped, economic basket case ” Shitholes”. Give South Africa another 15 years & they’ll join the rest of the continent.
    Why would any western country want to import those populations & put their entire counties at risk??

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