Europe Third World Invasion of Europe: Must Reads

World Jewish Congress and Official German Jewry Welcome Nonwhite Invasion

The World Jewish Congress and the Central Council of Jews in Germany have issued a formal statement welcoming the nonwhite invasion of Germany, calling it the “right thing” and an “evolution towards an open society.”

At the same time, of course, both Jewish organizations back Israel, which has a Jews-only immigration policy and which checks potential immigrants to see if they have Jewish DNA.


In a formal statement published in Die Welt newspaper in Germany, titled “Wir Juden wissen, wie bitter Flucht ist” (“We Jews Understand What Being a Refugee Means”), Ronald S. Lauder, president of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) and Dr. Josef Schuster, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany and a vice-president of the WJC, attacked all Germans who oppose the flooding of their country by nonwhites, calling them “neo-Nazis.”

“We are witnessing a huge wave of spontaneous civic involvement, and administrative decisions are being taken much more quickly than used to be the case in Germany. This has won Germany new sympathies world-wide,” the Jewish leaders wrote.

“For many years, there were complaints about the country’s unwillingness to become a country of immigration, and about a lack of a ‘culture of welcome’. Given what we saw over the last weeks, that’s obviously not the case at all,” Lauder and Schuster continued—ignoring the fact that their country, Israel, arrests, detains and deports Third Worlders who try to settle in the Jews-only state.

“The Jewish community, both in Germany and world-wide, welcomes this evolution towards an open society. It is the right thing.”

Also ignoring the fact that the Jewish lobby and the Jewish state is the cause of all the violence in the Middle East, the two Jewish leaders went on to claim that the wave of “refugees” from Syria are fleeing because of “religion.”

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In reality, of course, the official figures show that over 70 percent of the “refugees” are not even from Syria, but from other Third World countries—none of whom would be welcome in Israel.

Furthermore, the Israeli state—which both Lauder and Schuster support—has made it absolutely clear that it will not take a single genuine refugee from Syria, and have even built a new wall to prevent any refugees from entering the Jews-only state.

The two top Jews then went on to demand that the flood of nonwhite invaders be distributed around to all European nations:

“What is needed now is not only a just allocation to the various countries, but also longer-term support. Winter is around the country, and the refugees need good housing. It won’t suffice to provide them with tents, or pretzels, or teddy bears.”

The Jewish leaders were also at pains to point out that the new flood of nonwhites had to become supporters of Israel and to believe in the Jewish Holocaust story:

“It’s also important that those who at present can’t return to their home countries will become familiar with our Western values. In Germany, that means respect for the values enshrined in the Constitution and also an acceptance that support for Israel is part of the political DNA of this country. Moreover, society by and large agrees that the Holocaust must be remembered.”

The two top Jews then went on to condemn any Germans who might be opposed to the invasion, warning against not only physical opposition, but even peaceful political opposition:

“However, the images of the Good Germany we are currently seeing should not hide certain negative aspects: There are still attacks on asylum seekers’ homes, and there could be a backlash at the next elections in favor of certain political parties seeking to capitalize on fears in regard to the refugee crisis.”

In Israel it is the norm for political parties to be ultra-xenophobic, and to outlaw marriage between Jews and non-Jews, as well as between homosexuals—all things which Lauder and Schuster, and their communities in all Western nations, would condemn if practiced by any European nation.

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The hypocrisy is staggering: on the one hand, the organized Jewish community in European nations demands that Europeans accept the Third World invasion, while on the other hand, they all fanatically support Israel which has overtly racially-based immigration policies and which actively expels any Third World invaders who might slip in.

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  1. The Jews understand to how to destroy civilizations too. They are also very good at mass murder
    as they showed the world in 1918 with their agenda in Russia !

  2. This article should be forwarded to Alex Jones still doesn’t understand that Organized Jewish groups are clearly behind the cultural and ethnic warfare which is being waged against us.

    1. Jones knows full well. He deleted his interview with David Duke (18 Aug 15) from the official website and Youtube channel. Rather odd for a man so opposed to censorship, wouldn’t you agree?

      The full interview was uploaded to Youtube by many other users so you’ll be able find it without any trouble.

      1. The end of the Jones/ Duke interview is the best part. Alex’s producer jumps into the conversation, trying to emphasize the point that Jews don’t control the media. The producer, of course, is a member of the tribe.

  3. Most people in Europe have not a clue about the double standard, and those few who do have some insight believe that the Jewish elite’s promoting the invasion is caused by compassion, as Jews are because of the Holocaust equipped with special sensitivity.

  4. From The Jerusalem Post Aug 20 2015 By Aaron Klein


    “The Saudis must amend their much-publicized peace initiative to delete even passing references implying a so-called right of return, which Israel sees as code for flooding the country with many millions of foreign-born Arabs and thus diluting the nation’s Jewish character while basically destroying Israel by population genocide; that is, the demographic flood used by Stalin and Brezhnev to overwhelm non-Russian ethnic groups, and by Mao and subsequent Chinese tyrants to render Tibetans and Uyghur small minorities in their own lands.”

    The Jewish Hypocrisy knows no bounds!

  5. This is why our ancestors kicked them out from so many countries. It’s time we forcibly kick them out of Europe altogether and let Israel take them.

    1. What! And cut them off from all the juicy Western institutions that still have blood to give – how inhuman!!! /sarc

  6. I just don’t know how they believe they are going to continue to get away with this!? On one hand they say all the “right” things about migration and refugees and approve of countries taking them in. On the other hand they openly evict non Jewish citizens and refuse to open their boarders… how can anyone not see the hypocrisy of their actions??

    1. Because the MSM don’t publish it so as far as the sheeple are concerned it doesn’t exist – if any of them do accidentally read anything that suggests the Jude is not the victim par excellence and must be deferred to at all times, they either can’t/won’t believe it or won’t dare talk about it.

  7. If the jews are so tolerant and so concerned for the well being of the Muslims on the run from USSA’S multiple judaic wars in the ME not to mention the slaughter in occupied, apartheid Palestine..strange to say the least that they are adamant at keeping “Israel” a jew only state. But of course the truth is out there for all that want to find out the origin of the wars against the Muslim world and the detritus now being mustered by Soros and friends in the ongoing invasion of Europe. If the truth appears anti-semitic, it has to do with the actions of the jews and no one else.

    As with France so goes Germany
    The sadomasochistic burden of “collective German NAZI guilt” displayed by the idealistic ignorant Europeon peasantry who refuse to grasp the big picture of how their continent is nothing more than a USSAN military outpost waging global war on humanity (Ramstein drone murder capital) while the German aristocracy milk their Anglozionazi alliance for every cent they can. But wait.. now the USSANS are destroying Volkswagen, outraged by faked “emissions” levels even as Pentacon Kill Inc blows up thousands of imported VWs in the 2015 August attack in the port of Tianjin, China just after VW opened a major factory in Russia against Barry Obomber’s express orders to scuttle the German economy. Didn’t see it on ZDF with comedian Klaus Klebrig and sidekick Gundula Grausam…. can’t be true! What next; will the rotten and decrepit bankster bunker known as Deutsche Bank implode? It’s wobbling nicely right now with stock down 10% as the entire Potemkin Village USSAN “economy” evaporates. Bank on it Germany; agent Merkill has served her purpose and now will be led to the ritual slaughtering as the meat puppet successor of Bank E Moon rubber stamper at the USSA’S United Nations’ disgrace in New York as Germany erupts in the early stages of a civil war…or let’s just call it a Mercan style crime wave and rape spree at the hands of your new “citizens” horny for your wayward daughters going about as they are dressed and perfumed for sex as the testosterone jihadists’ Wahhabi Mulah in Cologne quipped during “prayer”.

    Fat, comfortable and smug old Germans will keep voting for the trinity of banality known as the CDU/CSU and the SPD that have organized this fun “rape game” for their nefarious reasons at least until their pensions are gobbled in the next bankster heist. Germany is now a multi kulti sewer like the UK and USSA; apparently there is no going back without supposedly another one of those “final solutions” and soon Germans will be strangers in their own land as they were in the 1920’s when the money changers reigned supreme. Did Europeons think that they could turn a blind eye to their psychopathic governments raping, pillaging and plundering the entire Middle East alongside their Anglozionazi masters and continue to sell weapons with impunity to every maniac with the cash to buy them and then invite millions of unknown “refugees” and Al CIAduh’s very own ISIS hairy goat zombies into their cities and nothing would happen? When did “refugees” (supposedly fleeing war) consist only of men between the ages of 17 and 50; almost no women and no kids? As he daily boasts, George Soros, the disgustingly evil Pied Piper of Color Coded Carnage and arch terror zionist (the so-called “philanthropist”), is behind all those refugee “smart” phones with their “NSA apps” being proudly wielded by these ISIS sleepers and millions of impoverished Arabs on the rat trail to destroy Rumsfeld’s Old Europe. GLADIO on steroids. Perhaps some will remember when Uncle Fidel kicked out the cutthroats, rapists and general dross from Cuba in 1993, sending them packing in boats to sunny Florida; the so-called Mariel boat people, a present for the yanquis who love Cuban terrorists so much they are still protecting them to this day.

    Germans have been betrayed yet again by their German Atlanticist zionist aristocracy. You wanted Nord Stream from Gazprom…you get Killer Erdogan’s concentration camp drip fed South Stream, a wave of human misery that will keep on giving in your new ghettos for the next one hundred years and where your grandchildren will not dare to enter…if you manage to produce any grandchildren. Lie back and enjoy it and think of das Vaterland and this wonderful cultural pollination the next time your children are raped and the pigs are nowhere to be seen as the sparks fly and the groping goat herders party Taharrush style at allah’s snackbar. After all it is what your aristocracy wants and indeed needs to fill their slum housing and pull the levers in their thriving arms factories.

    Out of respect and tolerance towards their new citizens perhaps German women and indeed all Europeon females could adopt the burka and refrain from driving and walking unaccompanied in public? Such a little to ask. STASI code-named agent “Erika” currently NSA GESTAPO asset Fatty Merkill will be modeling the Frumpy Dame spring collection of famed gay Saudi Arabian designer Abdul Kamelfikkah in all upcoming public outings along with Cologne Mayoress Reker (Germany’s answer to USSA’S ravishing Nancy Pelotas). Her fashion “statement” should be an inspiration for all modest Europeons, and will hopefully be seen as a mark of acknowledgement to the strong “religious convictions” of our new Europeon citizens. In a further show of subservience to the primitive traditions of the invading “refugees” agent Merkill will in future symbolically walk 10 meters behind her bodyguards in the tradition of Turkestan peasant wives daily seen schlepping their loads around the capital of Germany as their children run riot and their husbands lounge at home on welfare.

    Remember Europeons, if you see some flashing flesh… burka it!

    Keep your wenches in a bag and avoid hornydonkey goat fikking gang banging provocation.

    Fried VW beetles in Tianjin Aug 2015

    5 wise members of the mutt sect help us understand “the plan” of our elite masters.






    Learning to adapt to our new “citizens”

    Taharrush “Arab rape game”

  8. Just wanted to stop by and appreciate this websity for 1) excellent, contextualised articles 2) drawing a pool of free-thinkers 3) Maintaining an open-comment policy. I expect my employment situation to change by april, and have been maintaining a list of ~20 websites from the past few years that I feel I owe support. I’m astounded at how mindless liberals can be, yet they ostensibly, ostentatiously value education. And F@## the Holocult, and all other guilt tripping! You guys are in the trenches!

  9. Will the poor refugees whom the Jewish leaders speak for so poignantly settle in their neighborhoods? They deserve having crowds of refugees living right in their homes. May Heaven make it happen.

          1. The “native Palestinians” were Arab nomads without a country or a land, most left for Jordan as instructed by the Arab nations surrounding Israel before the war in 1948, and were told they could go back after Israel was crushed and exterminated…. well , we know how that went. The King of Jordan says that Jordan is Palestinian land, but that wouldn’t satisfy the Islamics that want all of the M.E…. Medina used to be a Jewish city, maybe they could make a trade.

  10. Mas migration is supported by the Zionists as long as it is not to Israel. Israel has flat out said their doors are closed to migrants. As usual the Wold Jewish Congress supports an Israel only agenda (’cause they are so special and entitled when they are not whining about being the only legitimate victims of anything)


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