World Jewish Congress Seeks to Ban Freedom of Speech across Globe

Not content with already severely impeding freedom of speech in Europe, the World Jewish Congress (WJC) has launched an attempt to get the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon, to start censoring the books which it sells.


According to the WJC website’s “news” section, WJC Executive Vice President & CEO Robert Singer has written a personal letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos ordering the latter to “remove . . . forthwith” all books to which the WJC objects.

Chief target among the WJC’s list of would-be banned books is the fifth edition of a booklet called “Did Six Million Really Die”, one of the world’s most famous Holocaust Revisionist works, first published in the late 1970s.

The new version of that book has, according to its description in its listing on Amazon, been “fully updated and expanded by the Historical Review Press’s researchers so it now is one of the most comprehensive reviews of the ‘Six Million’ myth ever yet seen in print.”

This book, and others variously described by the WJC as those “that deny the Holocaust and promote anti-Semitism and white supremacy” must be removed immediately from sale at Amazon, Singer demanded.

“Many Holocaust survivors are deeply offended by the fact that the world’s largest online retailer is making money from selling such material,” Singer wrote in his letter to Bezos.

“We are shocked and disgusted that Amazon has not yet removed these items, which came to light in news reports on October 14. Please remove these items forthwith.”

Reaction to the Jewish lobby’s demands for censorship, as reflected on the website of the UK’s Daily Mail report on the issue, were overwhelmingly hostile to the notion of censorship.

Commentator Albert Richardson from London wrote: “Why should Amazon comment. They sell books; these books are for sale; they sell them. They are not senses. I expect they also sell the Communist Manifesto and flattering biographies of Stalin and Mao, if you care to look.”

Commentator “creamy carl” from Phoenix, United States, wrote: “It’s freedom of speech, I wonder if any of you all realize how hypocritical you all are with comments. You all are talking about burning the books, and all this stuff. Just because Amazon supports freedom of speech? Get over yourself that other people don’t believe what you all do. You can buy Communist books that support revolutions, you can buy books on violence and all this stuff yet the one thing that offends you is a book that no one is forcing you to read? It’s not being shoved down your throats, it’s simply up for people to buy. How is it wrong for people to read at their choosing?”

Commentator “hoochpit” from Minneapolis wrote that “How is this shameful, what do you want to do, start burning books again? O’yeah, you are in the U.K. so you are not used to the same freedoms. It may be vile, but you can’t regulate morality. Get a clue.”

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  1. Is this for when the usual “getting a gaggle of Jews together and writing countless 1 star reviews on Amazon of books that were never read”, just isn’t enough?

  2. So, if $inger has a problem with Amazon making money on these books, will it be okay if Amazon acted as the middleman while authors of this book gave it away for free on Amazon? No money, no immorality, no more complaints? Or was that just a false argument? (Laughing out loud…)

    And now, why on earth do these Jews think that they FOREVER can be the ones deciding who’s hurt feelings shall have priority over others? By priority that of course means Jews and their feelings first, fornicate the rest. How about a general principle set down by people knowing how to organize healthy societies: I read what I want, so will you, then we argue which position makes more sense. Is it tempting for the Jew? Does the Jew instead want the Jew to decide what non-Jews should be allowed to read, whereas the Jew has unchallenged authority to decide what is right and what is wrong? I think so.

    I mean, seriously, this is the WORLD JEWISH CONGRESS and they are doing this in public. They might as well butcher Palestinian children for Passover while they’re at it, if they so clearly WANT to display for the whole world what their true nature is. THIS is how you ask for a pogrom. And sadly they will probably get it. And after the pogrom they take a deep breath and we know what’s next. History repeats itself. Hopefully some day for the last time…

    P.S Jews, the Holocaust fairy tale is crumbling as we speak, opening the gates for the Barbarian invasion is a temporary distraction and not a final solution, perhaps that is what you need. Or better yet, perhaps that is what WE need. Thanks for giving us ideas…

  3. Organized Jewry lie when they claim that their ever-increasing censorship is to protect Holocaust survivors. The real reason for this non-stop censorship by Jews is to silence those ever-increasing number of White patriots worldwide who have taken the time to do the research and refuse to be silent about (1) the nation-wrecking Marxist Jews in the USSR and their mass-murder of 100 million Russians, Ukrainians and others who refused to accept becoming the slaves of these evil Jew Marxists who controlled the USSR – and (2) those Talmud-inspired Jews who created the cancerous nation-wrecking Cultural Marxist ideology which is at present destroying our White nations and people.

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