World’s Nonwhite Cities Most Murderous

Nonwhite cities in Latin America, the United States, and South Africa are the most murderous places in the world, according to new statistics issued by Mexico’s Citizen’s Council for Public Security and Criminal Justice (CCSP-JP).

The figures, drawn from 2014 data, analyzed official statistics to create a list of the fifty most murderous cities in the world, and show unequivocally the link between high nonwhite populations and crime—including in the four US cities which made the ranking.

San Pedro Sula in the South American state of Honduras kept its title as the most murderous city on earth for the fourth year running, with a homicide rate of 171.20 per 100,000 inhabitants.

San Pedro Sula

Most murderous city in the world: San Pedro Sula, Honduras.

Close on its heels were the Venezuelan city of Caracas (115.98 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), the Mexican city of Acapulco (104.16 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), and João Pessoa in Brazil (79.41 murders per 100,000 inhabitants).

Of the top fifty cities listed, nineteen are in Brazil, ten in Mexico, five in Colombia, four in Venezuela, four in the United States, three in South Africa, and two in Honduras.

The one common theme of all these cities is that they are overwhelmingly nonwhite—a fact which, not surprisingly, is completely ignored in the CCSP-JP report.


Tijuana, Mexico, 45th most murderous city in the world.

South and Central America are, as the report shows, the most violent places on earth. This has great significance for the continued invasion of the US by natives of that region. The Third World population transfer from Latin America is rapidly transporting the criminality and violence from the south to the north of the Americas.

In addition, the large black areas of the cities of St. Louis, MO (49 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), Detroit, MI (44 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), New Orleans, LA (39 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), Detroit, MI (44 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), and Baltimore, MD (33 murders per 100,000 inhabitants), ensure that the US is also placed in the top fifty list.

St louis

St. Louis, Missouri: 19th most murderous city in the world.

It comes as no surprise to find three cities in South Africa making the top fifty list—but, contrary to what many may believe, the most murderous city in South Africa is not the blackest, but the majority-mixed race city of Cape Town.


Cape Town, 14th most murderous city in the world.

That city has a murder rate of 60 per 100,000 inhabitants, making it the fourteenth most murderous city in the world, five slots ahead of even the most murderous US city, St Louis.

The link between mixed race populations and high criminality is also confirmed by the high murder rate in South and Central America, where the populations are also largely of mixed race.

The top 50 cities listed are as follows, ordered by the homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants:

  1. San Pedro Sula (Honduras) 171.20
  2. Caracas (Venezuela) 115.98
  3. Acapulco (Mexico) 104.16
  4. João Pessoa (Brazil) 79.41
  5. Distrito Central (Honduras) 77.65
  6. Maceió (Brazil) 72.91
  7. Valencia (Venezuela) 71.08
  8. Fortaleza (Brazil) 66.55
  9. Cali (Columbia) 65.25
  10. São Luis (Brazil) 64.71
  11. Natal (Brazil) 63.68
  12. Ciudad Guayana (Venezuela) 62.13
  13. San Salvador (Honduras) 61.21
  14. Cape Town (South Africa) 60.00
  15. Vitoria (Brazil) 57.00
  16. Cuiabá (Brazil) 56.46
  17. Salvador (Brazil) 54.31
  18. Belém (Brazil) 53.06
  19. St. Louis (USA) 49.93
  20. Teresina (Brazil) 49.49
  21. Barquisimeto (Venezuela) 46.46
  22. Detroit (USA) 44.87
  23. Goiânia (Brazil) 44.82
  24. Culiacán (Mexico) 42.17
  25. Guatemala (Guatemala) 41.90
  26. Kingston (Jamaica) 40.59
  27. Juãrez (Mexico) 39.94
  28. New Orleans (USA) 39.61
  29. Recife (Brazil) 39.05
  30. Campina Grande (Brazil) 37.97
  31. Obregón (Mexico) 37.71
  32. Palmira (Columbia) 37.66
  33. Manaus (Brazil) 37.07
  34. Nuevo Laredo (Mexico) 34.92
  35. Nelson Mandela Bay (South Africa) 34.89
  36. Pereira (Columbia) 34.68
  37. Porto Alegre (Brazil) 34.65
  38. Durban (South Africa) 34.48
  39. Aracaju (Brazil) 34.19
  40. Baltimore (USA) 33.92
  41. Victoria (Mexico) 33.91
  42. Belo Horizonte (Brazil) 33.29
  43. Chihuahua (Mexico) 33.29
  44. Curitiba (Brazil) 31.48
  45. Tijuana (Mexico) 29.90
  46. Macapá (Brazil) 28.87
  47. Cúcuta (Columbia) 28.43
  48. Torreón (Mexico) 27.81
  49. Medellin (Columbia) 26.91
  50. Cuernavaca (Mexico) 25.45

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  1. Actually, this survey is misleading.

    Most of the third world is too incompetent, disorganised and just plain disinterested to compile credible, let alone comprehensive murder statistics.
    If sub Saharan Africa actually bothered to compile murder statistics, then the table would look very different.

  2. Combining St. Louis and East St. Louis…the USA is definitely in the top 10. The rate is only dropping because Blacks are leaving.
    According to FBI’s data of 2007, the murder rate of East St. Louis hit 101.9 per population of 100,000. FBI data shows East St. Louis’ rate of rape exceeded 250 per population of 100,000. In 2014 the murder rate of city of East St. Louis was higher than that of Honduras, the country with the highest murder rate in the world, at 90.4 per 100,000 people.

  3. Not surprised at all . Is there a rape, murder, robbery gene ? That is what human development has been all about. Some continents turned to farming some stayed with cannibalism (hunter/gatherers)

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