“Worst Ever” Attack by Invaders in Calais

French police have reported the “worst ever” attack last night by nonwhite invaders in Calais, as authorities attempted to prevent more than 200 from blocking a major road leading to the channel port. At least 26 policemen were injured in clashes with the invaders, hurt by rocks and other items thrown by the nonwhite hordes.


The attack took place near the appropriately-named “Jungle” invader camp outside Calais, which is now home to thousands of invaders from Eritrea, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The trouble began last night at around 11 p.m., when gangs of invaders blockaded the roads leading to the port and the Channel Tunnel, according to police.

The attempt to blockade the road was done to slow traffic so that forced entry could be made into trucks and other vehicles passing through to Britain.

“These attempts went on until 1 a.m., requiring security forces to adapt their set-up as they faced migrants who threw various objects onto the ring road,” a police spokesman was quoted as saying. Police responded by firing “almost 300” tear gas grenades to push the nonwhites back.

“It’s the first time that it’s been this violent and that we’ve unfortunately had so many colleagues injured,” said Gilles Debove of the SGP Police Force Ouvrière union in Calais. “We’re worried that if one day we have a revolt inside the camp, it will be pandemonium.”

He added that officers were concerned about the potential “madness” if there was ever any kind of revolt from those inside the camp.

“The problem is you can’t predict what will happen here. We work from day to day,” Debove said.

“In all honesty we just don’t know what the solution is to this crisis. There are 6,000 people living in this camp. We will do our job and do it with courage but the officers are very downbeat. They have 26 injured colleagues.”

Calais Security in recent weeks has been hugely bolstered in and around Calais’ port and the Eurotunnel site where passenger and freight trains enter the Channel Tunnel.


French authorities have stepped up attempts to persuade the invaders to move to “welcome centers” around France, where they are offered housing and a fast-track asylum process. Only around 300 have agreed to take up this offer, and most wait for a chance to invade Britain.

Police in Calais have also ramped up the arrest of invaders caught trying to break into off-limits sites and dispatching them, sometimes via hired jet, to “administrative retention centers” around the country.

On October 12, another large group of invaders disrupted traffic in the Channel Tunnel after penetrating the secure area at the tunnel entrance, resulting in long delays for both trains and vehicles.


In July this year, at least 1,500 nonwhites stormed the Eurotunnel terminal in an attempt to force their way onto trains and vehicles going to England, prompting the building of extra fences and the drafting in of extra guards.

The mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, has consistently blamed Britain for the crowding of Calais, because of the highly attractive welfare benefits on offer to anyone who sets foot on UK soil, as well as the fact that Britain does not issue identity documents for the invaders.

As long as this remains the case, Bouchart said, the invaders will always try and get into Britain, creating a problem not just for the UK, but also for her town which has to bear the social, economic, and crime cost of having a sprawling Third World ghetto on its doorstep.


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  1. “In all honesty we just don’t know what the solution is to this crisis"

    Pretty simple, close the borders with armed forces and security and use live ammunition on anyone that opposes local law.

    Surely it's not that hard to understand.

  2. Don't forget to mention how the Australian government pays these so called illegal smugglers 'return home money'… to apparently stop them coming,
    Australia is as soft a joke as Europe BUT the only reason they have not had the invasion EU has is due to being so remote.

  3. The only way to stop the trouble in Calaise is to close the port and the tunnel for a period till things cool down. Simples innit..

  4. Exactly – those leftist losers will only radicalise national movements in Europe, esp. in Germany, Hungary, Czech Repulic, Slovakia and Poland being the most active nad since 9/11 attacks all Americans stand united against these parasites!

  5. They are violating our borders and pushing themselves on us and our countries, not the other way around. We are not invading their territory but they ours. They should be treated as invaders. Period.

  6. These people are not refugees, they are in europe illegally,. If the Mairie of Calais wants to lay blame for the getto she now has on her doorstep perhaps she should turn her attention to the idiots who let them onto european soil in the first place. I am English, I live in France, we do not want them here either. With luck, the western governments around the world, by forcing christians to integrate with muslem migrants, will have radicalised millions of christians who will retalliate and rid our country of these invaders.

  7. Every picture I see of these invaders are of all men. Looks like an army. I would be VERY worried if I lived in Europe!

  8. This has been happening behind our backs for decades. But with camera phones and social media the Bankers have lost key ingredient of their plan: the monopoly of media. I still firmly believe that bankers panicked in 2010 when it they realized their mass media monopoly is threatened. So refugee crisis was planned in 2010 and resulted in Arabic spring revolutions and flood of immigrants. But then White Genocide movement started to pick up in 2014, so they crafted this artificial non organic refugee crisis. They responded to White Genocide movement to FURTHER increase speed of immigration. Result is whole movement is now going viral and their counter plan is now to even further increase rate of immigration. This cannot end without war.
    Genocide of European nations is also known as Coudenhove-Kalergi plan. Google it up. Notice Angel Merkel received Coudenhove-Kalergi prize in 2010 for her contribution to the plan.

  9. Where have all the women and children gone?
    Great to see so many brain surgeons, engineers, scientists queuing up just to come and help us backward Britons?
    And not a thieving rapist murderer among them.

  10. Well said, British working class people,suffering because of EU immigration,our schools are full,NHS is bursting at the seems,fraud on a industrial scale on our benefits system,British people are second class citizens in our own country.My friend lost his job a few weeks ago,he as worked his whole life,while he is being bullied into a low payed job by his local job centre,he see;s 15 to 20 Romanian immigrants in the betting shop every day,chain smoking and on there I phones,my friend said to the job centre rep,what about them,in the betting office,does nobody tell them to get a job,he had no reply.

  11. Some time ago France was involved in a pissing contest with Italy over some 200 invaders when France was sending those "asylum seekers" back to Italy so in a way it's nothing new.
    This is however much more serious though – we're talking 6K of them and that's for sure not the end of this soap opera!

  12. And here is an examole of the Ozzie way to deal with such "guests":

    "Australia sends all intercepted asylum seekers to Christmas Island as well as Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and Nauru in the South Pacific.

    The government says the journey the asylum seekers make by sea to reach Australia is dangerous and controlled by criminal gangs and they have a duty to stop it."


  13. I hope these morrons stop comming! They should be shot!

    Offtopic: its different with ex communist countries (exept gipsys). Those were hard working people who had same EU values! This is…. something else…

  14. It's not Britain's fault that the EU will not allow us to stop or decline social security payments to any tom, Dick or Harry that sets foot on our green pastures. Britain was not the one who invited all the members of every third world country to come to Europe for the free for all, that was the idiotic idea of the EU fuhrer Merkel. Its not Britain's fault if every European country allows these invaders to just romp through their countries and head for northern Europe and Gt Britain instead of processing them in the first country they set foot in outside their original country of problem. Its also not Britain's fault that the whole of the French Government or the EU cannot deal with 6,000 lawless invaders even with their police forces and military forces. What on earth do you think will happen when the next million turn up and will not do as required but trash Europe unless their unreasonable demands are met? Time to grow up EU time to do what has to be done, TIME TO HONOUR YOUR SOVEREIGNTY AND PROTECT THE CITIZENS OF YOUR COUNTRIES.

  15. why are the French not rounding these parasites up and deporting them,if they do not say what there origins are,aint the French still got that place they used to call Devils Island, stick them on there,We in Britain should build a prison in the furthest north of Scotland,on one of them uninhabited islands,any illegal immigrants should be put there.We the British people are being bled dry,the crime being inflicted on the British people by immigrants is being hid by the media and politicians,enough is enough,these people and there Satanic religion are not fit to live with civilised human beings.

  16. They are poxy illegal immigrants and the French police and the mayoress of Calais should be forced to live in their camp and see if she like what gets done to her !!
    Shut the tunnel and the ports for a week or two and see if there are any real French politicians who have the balls to sort it out. Ditto for the usual suspects in the EU !!

  17. I strongly disagree that UK responsible for the problem. Many countries have solid immigration programs but ONLY for qualified people. I mean legal immigrants who apply and wait until they are admitted. Do you remember when several months ago Cameron tried to stop benefits for migrants' children living abroad? Idiots from Brussels couldn't stop criticizing him. Those benefits and tax credits alone claimed by European migrants for children who live in other countries cost the British ­taxpayers more than £1million a week – that's all due to Tony "Teflon" Blair who invited hundreds of thousands of migrants from Eastern Europe. Almost everybody knows that many gypsies even "borrowed" kids to claim bogus benefits and nothing was done for such a long time. Anyway, when the benefits stop the parasites will stop coming and that's the bottom line, so give them to those who deserve!

  18. “We’re worried that if one day we have a revolt inside the camp, it will be pandemonium” said Gilles Debove from the police union – damn right, monsieur! There are 6K very frustrated parasites ready to do almost anything. They most likely know that mayor of Calais, Natacha Bouchart, blames Britain for this mess because of the highly attractive welfare benefits offered in the – grotesque and pathetic!
    When Europe finally adopts the Ozzie way of dealing with these monkeys?

  19. I agree with you. Eventually the police will be in such danger from these hordes that there will be no other recourse to save their own lives but to open fire on them. When that does happen, it will cause such outrage (promoted by the media and demonizing police for not sacrificing themselves to extinction on the altar of diversity like all whites should) that other police will become so angry they will follow suit until the police are gunning down this invading army, because that's what it is. Europeans will be torn between liberal outrage for the "poor dear refugees" and others will say they damn well had it coming to their rape army. But what really matters is the way the media handle it – it will be so in-your-face to the people of Europe that the leaders not only don't care about their people but are more than willing to put them in danger of rape and murder that there will be situations where murders of government officials will begin to occur. Think vandalizing Von Sorcha's home was a good idea, AFA? Watching your own homes will eventually be keeping you busy in my opinion. The whole corrupt EU institution is a small bunch compared to the European people en mass. Don't forget that when the EU officials send in the army they just might remember that these are their brothers and sisters and they might pretend to push them back or may even stand down and throw in with them. Police and soldiers have opinions too. Viva La France! Viva Calais!

  20. Worst Ever Attack? Worst THUS FAR is a better way of putting it. This will NOT end until someone with the backbone to call for the removal of these invaders from Calais and from most of Europe steps up and does something. Yes the communists will squeal and protest, Yes the invaders will try every trick from attempts to make you feel sympathy for their false plight, dead children on the beaches and women on the railway tracks, then they will riot and cause even more damage than they are now, rape and pillage and show their true colours. Repatriation and deportation is all that is left or else Europe will be over run, over taken and well, just over. Stop this forced multicultural nonsense. They will not integrate, they will not assimilate, there is no socialist utopia on the horizon, only war and civil unrest.

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