Yemen Deports 720 African Invaders

In more evidence that the “Somali refugee” invasion of Europe and North America is a hoax, the Arab state of Yemen has just deported 720 Africans back to their homeland.

The deportation follows last month’s decision by Kenya to expel 425,000 Somalis back to Somali—with the assistance of the United Nations.

The move by the Yemeni government—which is fighting its own war against a U.S. and U.K.-backed uprising—forms part of a United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) “Somali voluntary repatriation program” which was started in 2014.

On Monday this week, the Yemen government deported at least 220 illegal African immigrants—mainly Ethiopians—from the southern port city of Aden, AFP has reported.

The Africans were rounded up over the past two weeks and were put on a ship bound for Somalia, from where they came, an official in Aden said.

Hundreds of African invaders have arrived in south Yemen over the past few weeks. Yemen is located directly opposite the horn of Africa.

In Shabwa province, east of Aden, the AFP report continued, authorities have arrested more than 500 additional African invaders over the past two weeks, security chief Awad al-Dahboul was quoted as saying.

Officials in south Yemen have claimed that some of the Africans are being recruited by Huthi rebels to fight against government forces, a claim which AFP could not verify.

Although Somalis claim “asylum” all the time in Europe and North America (but never South America), in reality the UNHCR’s repatriation program to send Somalis back to their country has been underway since 2014.

An August 2105 article on the UNHCR’s official website, for example, details the “start of new chapter in voluntary return process” in which 116 Somalis went home from Kenya “after the Tripartite Commission formed by UNHCR and the Governments of Kenya and Somalia, agreed to step up support for voluntary repatriations of Somali refugees.”

In other words, Somalia is regarded as safe even by the UNHCR—and there is no justification for that nation’s citizens to claim “asylum” in Europe or anywhere else.

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