Yemen: Supply Lines Cut to Saudi/Israeli/US-backed Forces

The Iranian-backed Houthis Houthis fighting both the Saudi Arabian/Israeli/US-backed coalition and Al Qaeda in the ongoing war in Yemen Houthis have scored what looks to be a dramatic victory in the western half of the country by cutting their enemies supply lines.

The Yemeni civil war has been raging since 2015, and is also known as the “West’s dirty war,” because America and Britain have been supplying weapons to the Saudis, who in turn have used them to bomb civilians, most notably during funeral processions.

The Saudi coalition had launched an offensive northwards up along the western Red Sea coast of Yemen, their objective being to capture the port of al-Hudaydah. This port is vital to supply food and medicine to much of the north west of the country and is a massive prize.

However, the Houthis, who are highly trained in guerrilla warfare, managed to breakthrough enemy lines and reach the Saudi Coalition’s supply routes, which were centered on the Teaf-al-Jah-Husseiniya crossroads. The Houthis then pushed further and eventually managed to reach the Red Sea coast.

Over the last few days the remaining Saudi Coalition forces in the area, which are surrounded with their backs to the sea, have made several attempts to breakout of their position but to no avail.

Israeli jets have reportedly been conducting reconnaissance missions over the al-Hudaydah front, and Israel’s intelligence services are widely believed to be helping the Saudi coalition’s operations.

Israel views the presence of Iran’s allies in the Arabian peninsula as a strategic threat, mainly because of their proximity to Israel’s Red Sea naval port of Eilat.

The United Arab Emirates, who are a key member of the Saudi Coalition, are currently lobbying the Trump Administration to directly intervene in order to capture al-Hudaydah.

This effort has been slammed by aid groups and strategic analysts alike, who say such intervention would only escalate an already out-of-control war.

Just yesterday, the Red Cross announced it was withdrawing much of its staff from the country due to the severity of the conflict, highlighting the fact that the fighting at al-Hudaydah is only worsening.

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